Cameroon’s Anglophone Separatists Turn to Infighting

YAOUNDE VOA | Clashes between separatist groups in Cameroon have killed at least six fighters, with one of the groups allegedly abducting close to 40 rebels of another camp. Separatist leaders have blamed the clashes on infiltration by Cameroon’s military. But the military says the clashes are an internal rivalry for power among the separatist groups.

Cameroonian rebel leader Chacha posted a video clip on social media Sunday calling for all separatists to unite under his Southern Cameroon Restoration Forces after clashes between rebel groups.

In the video, Chacha is dressed in a red suit, with a long black cross on the back, and standing with four supporters — all armed with rifles.

He says if anybody attempts to betray their struggle to gain independence, he Chacha will kill such a traitor as he is killing Cameroon soldiers that have been sent by President Biya to eliminate true separatist fighters.

Cameroon’s military says the self-proclaimed general posted the video after he killed several members of competing rebel groups.

Chacha admitted to killing other separatists. Villagers on Saturday found six bodies in Meluf village, in northwestern Cameroon.

Local media and the Catholic Church in Cameroon report that Chacha has abducted close to 40 rebel fighters who he accused of helping the military.

Tapang Ivo Tanku is the U.S.-based spokesperson of the Anglophone Defense Forces (ADF), another Cameroon rebel group. Speaking via a messaging app, he said the abducted and killed fighters were ADF.

Tanku said the clashes between rebel groups fighting to separate the English-speaking regions from the rest of French-speaking Cameroon played into the hands of the military.

“Our soldiers who were killed were initially kidnapped by Chacha and Chacha went on to kill them. So, it is a war crime and it is strictly a crime against humanity and the violation of the Geneva conventions. And this is exactly what the regime of neighboring Cameroon wants to see in Ambazonia. It violates the Geneva conventions for the respect of prisoners or war,” he said.

Separatists have been fighting to establish a state they call “Ambazonia” since 2016. Tanku accused Cameroon’s military of infiltrating rebel groups to instigate the separatists’ infighting.

But the military says the clashes represent a rivalry for power among the separatist groups.

Brigadier General Valere Nka is commander of Cameroon’s military forces fighting against the separatists.

“I want to issue a strong warning to the so-called generals, the fake generals, Chacha, Tiger, Field Marshal and all the rest,” he said. “We already know their hideouts, their whereabouts. We are going to step up military operations and, if they do not lay down their weapons, we are going to strike and crush them.”

Clashes between Cameroon’s rebel groups have intensified in the past two months, with a number of attacks reported in the northwest and southwest.

The Bamenda Center for Conflict Resolution’s Innocent Fomo says the infighting may mark the beginning of the end to the separatist conflict. He says many people in the two regions are losing faith in the struggle for independence.

“The whole issue now is very confusing,” he said. “They say they are fighting for the Anglophones. And now, they are fighting themselves and even the Anglophones. It is terrible. A lot of people are fleeing from the [English-speaking] regions because of the kidnappings and asking for ransom and there are the Amba[zonian] fighters kidnapping the people.”

Since December, several villages in Cameroon’s Anglophone west have launched assaults on rebel camps over attacks on civilians and looting villages.

The angry villagers say they do not know who to trust, as they say the military commits similar crimes against them.

The separatist conflict has killed about 3,000 people, many of them villagers caught up in the fighting.

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  1. These are the people who want to have their own country….the greatest blunder Anglos did was to have at first given ears to these lunatics disguised as angels—the same mistake Nordists did with Boko—until Boko could no longer hide their true colours…

    • if they can eradicated those bastards terrorists “ambasonia” long life to the Republic of Cameroon


  2. Father of LOVE ?

    This is just the beginning, may God keep on punishing and setting confusion in the midst of the enemies of our beloved country Cameroon ?? in Jesus Christ name.

  3. Father of LOVE ?

    This is just the beginning, may God keep on punishing and setting confusion in the midst of the enemies of our beloved country Cameroon ?? in Jesus Christ name.

  4. Say what you like but Field Marshal is the only one among all these groups with lots of experience and coordinates his camps well. They may cause harm easily in other parts but as for the area of Fiels Marshal, he’ll destroy them. If he was that weak, they will have killed him a long time ago

  5. The confusion, is the result of Biya`s ocultic action. Biya, is a good fighter, he must
    succeed at all cost. He spends money to do dubius things, to remain in power all
    his greedy life. And because the graffi, have seen a source of income, there must
    be infighting and killings to fill the pockets.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Says Joshua the dumb coward terrorist loser!
      Shame on all you ambafools!

      You were warned! You refused to losten now you are blaming your enemy for defeating you.

      How dumb are these ambafools? They are now blaming Paul Biya for crushing their delusional quest for independenxe for the delusional repubic of ambazombies!

      We told you that we will unleash sopbisti ated war te hniques on you if you do not drop your weapons. Now after a brief introduction of “Operation snake bite snake” you come here blaming us for winning against you.

      I hear Tapang and Ayaba were pla ning to reveng but jist foind out that Chacha’s odeshi is from the Black Legs. The strongest odeshi is Black leg odeshi!

      Chacha peme them, make sure you pemeTapang and Ayaba.
      General ngong dog say contender forces! Nyamfukah

      • @KumKum Pass Garri,

        You’re a dumb head like some of the people on the Amba side. Real Camer people don’t want violence and won’t support a dictator either. These are not mutually exclusive. You sound like Biya is a leader. Such a pinhead!!
        I won’t subscribe to Amba but never Popol.
        A smart leader would’ve put federation on the ballot to stop this chaos & bloodshed, then leave. He agreed to a two term mandate after increasing official term to 7 yrs. In 2011, he should have been gone and we would be talking about a different country but he refused, tore up the bill signed after ghost towns and bloodshed in 1997.
        A despot without scruples can’t complain when his behavior blazes a country.
        No Amba and never Popol.
        Stop the “terrorist” cry and get some brains. Mr. X was…, so you’re Popol?

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Joshua the dumbest ambazombie… Operation snake bite snake is the most effective millitary against the ambazombies.

      Chacha will kill all the ADF fighters and then surrender with his entire army! Chacha peme them! ChachabFollow the orders of Chris Anuz and Sako faithfully until Nambere gives you the signal to come to yaoumde!

      Now that you have ben reduced to a bunch of confused you come here to hail Paul Biya as relentles and strategic figjter who always wins! Shameless absolute stupidity on display!

      You said you will fight till the last man! Keep fighting and appreciating the strength and intelligence of proud ameroonia s and the government!
      You will be crushed like ngong dog Efang! Nyamfukah!

      Joshua, will become the new general and fight till the last man after Cha ha surrenders!

    • I knew it was a matter of minutes before this occultic devil called @Joshua shows up with this silliness. After killing 23 of those you call your brothers or country men you are still exonerating the devils ie Sako and Anu that gave the orders because they are from your SW zone. You still wonder why such idiocy you propagate creates more and more defected weak hearts like Nkongho and Nambere? Listen; there’s a new breed of Graffi people coming up to ensure that no nation called Ambazonia is borne out of pastorship evil. We will focus on getting Biya out and fixing the whole place so that every man can stay in their villages and preach their tribalism. Then you southern zone criminals can remain Biya’s slaves for ever with the agents like Anu and Sako Biya has recruited. Wicked dull devil.

      • Kumkum Pass Garri

        Ambazombie stupodoty on display!

        Operation snake bite snake at work!

        Anticolonialist peme Joshia! Peme Joshua make e peme!

        Chacja peme anticolonialist..peme e make e peme!

        Amba,ombie stupidity and comedy revolution revolution is dead! Operation snake bite snake is doimg wonders!

        Keep hanging on to your sinking ship and keep calling the wise and brave Success and Nambere weak hearts while you drown and die in shame.
        The.butter fly that refuses to fight a fighter jet is a very smart and brave butterfly.
        The butterfly that choses to fight a fighter jet is weak minded and stupid because we all know what the outcome will be.

        You will be crushed by Chacha before he surrenders!

        Where are the contender forces? Chacha single handedly destroyed the contemder forces!


        • Nkonda Titus aka Kum kum shet for dog.

          How did you get the video of Fon that was murdered by Chacha before the entire Ambazonia that is the question you should answer you moronic bastard. You and Paul Biya have infiltrated our struggle and bought over Sako Ikome and Chritopher Anu. but Ayaba Cho will overcome your evil from within. You monkeys have just helped him confirmed to the world that the weapons $2 million dollar Sako could not bought after embezzling, Ayaba has used only $93,000 to buy enough weapons Chacha has stolen from within not know even who he is working for. The support for Ayaba Cho and the ADF has just quintoupled. We can feel the drift and LRC will be pushed out faster. Start by convincing your own brother Ghislain Nkonda the overall widikukum commander to surrender.

        • Hahahhahaha, L’e-nemie—short Pinyin man!

          MKPD is kumkummizing your mov’t and you are still believing in that your madness.

          You are now making things easier for LRC, wuna ko finish each other witi wuna own develish fingers.

          Sef poh-poh CHINEKE dan deny for abide for wuna ngumbeness—ah bin dan tell you here many years ago, sep CHINEKE no fit ever gree for wuna agenda for di behead Anglo mami witi pickin dem—no forget sey CHINEKE ova dig mami witi njaka dem.

          Mek CHINEKE continue for di punish wuna mov’t, that’s why yi di organise phase 2 jes non—mek wuna use wuna own hands finish each other.

          Na so ma heart di turn-turn schweet soteyyyyy…

        • Kumkum Pass Garrri

          @ Terrorist L’enemie

          We are everywhere! Where them dey?

          We have not only infiltrated all your terrorist groups we have also taken over control of the brains of the bravest ambazombie terrorists like Chacha. We got the images first because the Black Legs now have control of Chacha’s brain. If that makes you angry you can go resurrect Fon.

          The SNWL general ngong dog Efang, commander of the contender forces was arrested like a ngong dog and kumkumised like a fowl! The ADF( Ambazombie Defeated Forces) can not frighten anyone in Cameroon anymore! The ADF has been terrorizing the unarmed people of the NW/SW for over 3 years now and we just found out that their SNWL general and 38 of his soldiers were arrested by Chacha alone using Black Leg odeshi!

          Operation snake bite snake! Oye!

        • Kumkum Pass Garrri

          L’enemie, you can be delusional all you want but rest assured that your delusion has no bearing on the reality!

          Ayaba and Tapand in their delirium claimed that ngong dog Efang was the commander of the strongest ambazombie terrorist group called contender forces. Tapang even threatened to take out Chacha!

          The reality is that snwl Chacha single handedly captured ayaba’s strongest general and 38 of his soldiers using a rubber catapult(rubber gun) even though the ngong dog efang had $93,000 worth of amunition!

          You can stay in your delirium and claim that Ayaba is more popular than Jesus Christ in the NW/SW but the reality is clear to all: Ayaba is the most hated ambazombie terrorist. Everyone knows that he rapes, tortures and decapitates innocent women like Ma Ayafor on a daily basis.

    • Stay quiet bro. What have you been expecting? Just be honest to yoursself and face facts and reality.
      At the beginning many were ignorant and i don’t blame them. Today, I don’t expect any Person to be ignorant again except of the dishonest ones.
      You can’t and will never build on fake or false premise. We with the exception of warlords are losers and you need to be blind not to see the state of misery of anglophones. The list of the negative effects is Long and Long and Long. It’s to think different and with much sensse and wisdom.

    • @joshua

      kikikikikkikiki chakaboom chakaboom chakaboom

      ADF VS IG power hungers

  6. Chai, I’m ashamed of my people. These are bushmen who envisioned to self-govern. At this point I think Cameroon military should leave NWSW and let these savages kill each other. There are no humanity left on them, no salvage value, pigs have more dignity!

    • Mbappe,

      Pull out your genocidal military because that is still our major objective. You criminals need to leave our land. corrupt bribe givers. The money that could have been used to resolve this conflict has been spent to bribe lobbyists in Washington and the UNSC offering the natural resources to sharks for free just to keep an old man in power to rot and die there. You call these genuine freedom fighters bushmen then what do you call your bush sons and daughters that go out to vote an 86 year old cancer patient in power since 1964 for the 7th term? Do you know how many wars Canada fought to get to where she is today that you cross your knock knees to consume other’s struggle with no knowledge of freedom? Curse the day France used your village kind to destroy that country. Bush pigs.

      • Kumkum Pass Garrri


        Who asked you to defend the people of the NW and SW? Who gave you that mandate? You are a terrorist coward. If you have half a ball behind your lame kanas you will be in Bui investigating why the Black Legs are the first to get videos of Ambazombie bad news!

        You can not protect the people of the NW/SW by abolishing education fro the poor!
        You don’t protect people by rape, torture and beheading of innocent women like Ma Ayafor Florence. Chris Anuz has evidence to proof that Ayaba Cho and Tapand are responsible.
        You don’t protect people through persistent kidnapping and extortion
        You don’t protect children by dismembering them for pursuing education
        You don’t protect people by cutting off their arms for fending for their families!

        I have kumkum reserved for you in NW/SW.

      • Asiahhh bro.
        Take some aspirin

  7. They will exterminate themselves! Just a matter of time.

    • @Bikutsi,

      Is that all your rotting lass can say? Smelly dirty lass woman. You monkey gorillas do not read African history in your smelly bushy refuse infested capital and villages that is why this is a strange and exciting news to you. Read history and see the rift that ensued between Mandela and Buthelezi in South Africa, the rift between Augustino Neto of MPLA and Jonas Savimbi of UNITA in Angola with Mobutu supporting the former like Buhari is supporting your cancer ridden testicles uncle of Etoudi today, in Liberia Johnson and Taylor could not get along but they were all aiming towards the capital to uproot Doe and of course in South Sudan, Riek Machar and Savar Kiir are still bleeding each other but they will not still fall for the North. Go back to school rotting lass and learn.

      • Kikikiki, short man…no be na only you one sabi history?

        At least Savimbi bin abandon yi studies for Portugal then turn back for jungle, Mandela, Riek, Neto, Taylor, Prince…dem bin all turn back for centre of action—dem no bin hide for white man country then send arda pipo for go ndomoh for bush.

        Langa man liké you ! You go lef mimbo for wusai? You go lef achu soup for wusai?

        Name me one langa throat and mimbo eye wey yi dan ever orchestrate some revolution sotey yi work all man see’am.

        Nambere witi Success dem bin really read wuna minds and then act b4 yi be too late.

        Loss sense pipo…

        • ZamZam,

          You this corrupt bastard. do you know the Castro Brothers started in Mexico for so long, the Ayatollah remote controlled the Iranian Revolution from Paris, Muhammed Fethullah Gülen in the USA almost took Erdogan out of power only 2 years ago, Mugabe send shock waves in the spine of Cecile Rhodes right outside of Zimbabwe? Where was Mandela heading before he got arrested you dullard? You are just an idiot for claiming to know gibberish when actually your head is as empty as the sky.Did you get any message from the beatings Nambere got from prison today? I hope he dies in his beatings and if not he will learn a hard lesson not to call himself general of Ambaland because he is nothing. His handlers should cook a new scheme because they will only have our land by killing us all.

        • Kumkum Pass Garrri

          Terrorit L’enemie

          Chris Anuz just ordered snwl General Chacha to peme you! Chacha peme l’enemie. Peme l’enemie make e peme!

          Operation Snake bite snake is a strategy developed by the black Legs which involves taking over and remote controlling the brains of ambazombie terrorists to kill each other using the most violent means.

          All ambazombie terrorists (snakes) have been injected with a small dose of snake bite snake and the results are there for you to see.

          Given the effectiveness of the small dose that led to the annihilation of Tapang/Ayaba contender forces, we have decided to triple the dose of snake bite snake so that the ambazombies in the diaspora can start taking down each other like Mad Brekete aka smelling pig announced 3 days ago.
          We will be the first to get the video!

      • @L’enemie
        This is definitely out of Frustration and lack of Options. You are now seeing what the honest minds use to tell you and your followers. Weti you don see. Sad.

        • shot your mami pima big mouth idiot. The gorila baboon cross you are keep sniffing my butt. I am out to handle Kumkum shet for dog before I put you in a casket. dirty for rice.

        • Kumkum Pass Garrri


          Each time this terrorist l’enemie says “ya mami pima” that is confirmation that he is a dumb terrorist loser with nothing to offer to the world!

          L’enemi, even a chicken is not cared of you! You can not put an ant in a casket!

          We are kumkumising your best terrorists like ngong dogs and you think that we are scared of dumb key board warriors like you?

          I know that you are extremely scared of me! I know that you are a coward because you hide each time you see my shadow!

          Every threat you make here is considered a sign of defeat from a coward terrorist! Stop the threats and come put me in a casket! Please come now, I am at home!

          Chacha just kumkumised ngong dog efang and his 38 boys, are you going to revenge or keep making a fool of yourself with empty threats?

          Snake bite snake

      • Kumkum Pass Garrri

        L’enemie, you are jobless because you are dumb and not because you did not go to school! You are wretched in life because you are lazy and dumb not because you did not go to school!

        We all know the history of Angola and Cabinda! You claim to have read the story but you failed to learn anything from the story! Below are clear lessons from the history of Angola for the Ambazombies:
        1) The Delusional Republic of Ambazombies will never have any physical realm.
        2) The Ambazombie terrorists will continue to commit atrocities like rape, torture and beheading of innocent women like Ma Ayafor Florence
        3) The Republic of Cameroon will remain one and indivisible for ever

        So terrorist L’enemie, reading does not mean understanding. You are too dumb to understand basic English.


        • Kuk-kum piss for swine thief.

          When will you be kumkumiziing your own big brother Nkonda Ghislain, the overall widikum GZ commander? I mean your own brother from the same mother who has driven out all LRC criminal terrorist soldier and DOs from your widikum homeland? When will you be going to widikum to campaign for Paul Biya so that the citizens of that brave Palm oil producing region give you the same Kumkum the brave boys in Kondengui gave to Nambere? Your infiltration has only helped to make the ADF stronger and be recognized as the sole principal force to uproot and remove Biya from Ambazonia. Mark Bareta, Eric Tataw and Tapang Ivo hosted individual shows today and raised almost a 100,000 USD money to replenish the weapons. What is coming will kumkum and gari all of you idiots.

        • Kumkum Pass Garrri

          L’enemie the coward terrorist!

          Our kumkum factory is in Cameroon. Our kumkum is reserved for any terrorist who dares to roam the streets of our cities.

          So you can hide in in the diaspora but if I see you in the city, I will kumkumise you.

          If you hide in the forest I will use my remote control to get Chacha or another snake to kumkumise you like ngong dog efang. You will be kumkumised like that arata efang who was so dumb that he thought he was the king of the jungle!

          So if any of you terrorists want to taste my kumkumisation just give me an appointment anywhere in the city or in the forests of Cameroon and I will come give you kumkum to take to Ayaba and Anuz!

      • @ L’enemie

        I thought you won

        chakaboom chakaboom chakaboom

  8. There has hardly ever been a struggle without infighting. Even the demonic Biya regime has its droves of dissenters in Kondengui. Charles Taylor and Prince Johnson were rivals and yet had the same goals. Common sense should be guiding the discussion because the divisiveness possesses a problem to the Biya regime because they are dealing with a hydra with many heads, cut one and are left with many to identify and cut. Secondly rivalry also means that a filtering process is in place which will naturally select for those who are strong enough to lead the struggle. So these handclappers and Biya diehards need to know that the problem is not Ambazonia or infighting, the problem is the dictator you are protecting. Many of us will live to see his end and SC will find its voice in the end.

    • Nice to have a breath of fresh air on a brooding polluted city street.

      A war zone is a messy place even when professionally trained actors are at work. Casualties unfortunately must occur as part of the game. Who could have believed that Iran’s Qasen Souleiman would be killed? But he was!!!! And many more Iranians died during his funeral processes.

    • “So these handclappers and Biya diehards need to know that the problem is not Ambazonia or infighting, the problem is the dictator you are protecting. Many of us will live to see his end and SC will find its voice in the end.”

      You are too lazy to have your own country. Here you are peddling that manipulative device from your cult’s inner sanctum. I pity the idiots that brainwashes your lot to assume anyone against your barbarism, wickedness and sheer cowardice is a supporter of the regime in power.

      If i had the time to waste, i will offer you a free course in persuasive writing so you can generate better arguments to advocate for your cause.

      Slogans, threats, name calling and endless rants on social media will not take you to Buea.

      H2O na H2O

      • Oh this Bameta disease again called BrothaJosephus,

        Why is it alwasy Meta people working overtime to sell their people and homeland to Biya just for CPDM recognition. When will you be cured of this CPDM disease that has infested your entire grey matter? The jittery ride of the ADF over the rough Nso terrain will not stop the momentum. What is coming will sweep you all along if you don’t shut the fvck up and crawl back into your tight red oil smoke filled windowless basement.

        • @L’enemi-e,

          ah don tell you ever since—hang godas then see how wey you fit join Kamto—na witi sense wey we reclaim back wa contri.

          We are going nowhere witi loss sense charging…

        • Enemir,

          You’re too mentally unstable to be engaged with on a regular basis. But when I remember that you’re part of a cult that decapitated women, buries people alive and squander the money of ignorant followers, I find it hard to even consider your opinion.

          Whatever you get from the blood, fingers and heads of innocent Africans will haunt you until your last days.

          If demonstrate this level of insanity on an anonymous forum, I can only imagine how you are in person-a sick and demented self hating African.

          Your cult will be crushed by the Biya regime whether you like it or not. You are no match.

          It’s just a matter of time before the people rise and repay you for your wickedness.

          Wata na wata…kikikikikikikik

  9. All liberation struggles experience infighting.

    1. MPLA fought against UNITA in Angola
    2. FRELIMO fought against RENAMO in Mozambique
    3. ZANU fought against ZAPU in Zimbabwe
    4. SPLM fought against SPLM-IO
    5. etc

    However, in the end, the colonised people always liberate their countries from the colonisers.

    Simply put, the infighting in the struggle to liberate SC from the evil hands of LRC is the norm.
    In the end, SC will be liberated from the evil hands of LRC.
    Any person rejoicing that the infighting can stop the present UNSTOPPABLE momentum is either ignorant of history or is someone who resists the truth and denies reality.

    Believe me or not, SC will be liberated this time around “Koste es was es wolle”

    • **** LRC = ISLAND OF VIOLENCE ****

      “There is widespread anger following an incident between a Divisional Officer and teacher of Government Bilingual High School, GBHS Ayos in the Centre region.
      The DO, Mbey Sandrine who was on tour at the school flared up after the teacher asked her to hold on for students to complete their test before she visits the classroom.

      Declaring she was “chef terre” of the area, the DO whose visit was unannounced ordered for the brutalization of the teacher in the presence of his students. The teacher was then taken away by the gendarmes that accompanied her, eventually spending the night behind bars”.

      * MY TAKE *

      The teachers urging the government to protect them and reinstate corporal punishment should better think twice.

    • **** BREAKING NEWS ****

      “Anglophone Detainees Beat Up Nambere
      “General” Nambere a so called former separatist fighter is said to have cheated death at the Yaoundé central prison in Kondengui. Reports say Nambere paid a visit to the Maximum security prison, when he was held by Anglophone detainees and severely beaten.
      He managed to escape with serious injuries, thanks to the intervention of prison officials.
      Nembere reports say is accused by the detainees of betraying the Anglophone independence struggle in Cameroon”.

      * MY TAKE *

      Nambere ain’t seen nothing yet

    • Kumkum Pass Garrri

      Unstoppable liar and Wonderful international idiot terrorist!

      There are no parallels between the ambazombie terrorist movement and the MPLA. The MPLA fought aginst the Portuguese army in the Angolan war for independence.

      The ambazombie terrorist movement has parallels with The Front for the Liberation of the State of Cabinda!
      Please tell us about the The Front for the Liberation of the State of Cabinda. Did they succeed to secede from Angola?

      I keep saying that these ambazombies are the most foolish people from Cameroon. This idiot instead of using the example of the FLEC which had the same objective as the ambazombie terrorists he chose to use the example of the MPLA. Well the MPLA can only be likened to the movement for the independence of Cameroon!

      Foolish idiot! Nyamfukah!

      • Garri man why have you quoted only one case.Why didn’t you mention Eritrea,South Sudan etc. Our case is very very different from others.We were two Nations which came together. We are not a mere tribe which want to secede. Our case is supposed to be decided by the UN,though they have given a blind eye to it.

        • Kumkum Pass Garrri

          @ Gentlemanity

          I did not mention South Sudan because everyone knows the story of South Sudan and the lessons to be learned are clear:

          They fought to the point were birds started eating malnourished children from Sudan and after they got independence the fighting intensified between them.

          The Southern Sudanese fought amongst themselves to the point were Omar Bashir of Sudan had to organize peace talks between them. So if that is what you want for Cameroon, we the Black Legs will not let that happen:

          Can you imagine Paul Biya in Bamenda 5 years from today for peace talks between Tapang/Ayaba terrorists and Sako/Anu terrorist?

          Now, can you explain the parallels between the Eritrean struggle and ambazombie terrorism?

  10. Where dem dey? Where dem dey? Ndiba na ndiba oh! Ndiba na ndiba oh! Kikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikik

    Like many cults before you, you will all self destruct and run around the village or cities like mad people. It has started on this forum where grown up cowards with small balls spend their time wishing death on innocent people they claim to want to liberate.

    We have seen the madness on this forum. Grown men with small balls assuming people are from this and that just because they are not part of their head chopping cult. If no be madness na weti? KIkikikikikikiki

    We have seen madness on this forum oh. Grown men with small balls afraid to go fight for their fake republik! Madness oh! Kikikikiki

    Hahahahahaha if no be madness

  11. For those who spend time on this forum villifying those who have dared to stand up against the Biya Francophone-lead machinery set to decimate the values and principles of SC, whose energy goes into condemning the Ambazonian quest for self-determination-silly or reasonable-it would be productive of your time to direct your wrath at Biya. His policies turned Ambazonians against your precious Cameroon. Question how we got to this point, the cause. No one bites the finger that feeds them or jeopardises the peace that brings them prosperity. The Ambazonian trouble is a symptom of failed leadership. So direct your efforts towards removing the source of the misery not the consequence of the misery. The right leadership in Cameroon could quickly bring an end to the present mess.

    • Kumkum Pass Garrri


      Anyone who praises a motorcycle rider who tried to run over a 61ft trailer truck is an absolute fool!

      We do not praise people for being stupid! Why would I praise someone for abolishing education for the poor for 3 years?
      Why would I praise Ayaba and Tapang for raping, torturing and beheading innocent women like Ma Ayafor Florence?
      Why would I praise people for kidnapping and extorting from my friends and family members?

      Who gave these idiots the mandate to stand up for the people of the NW/SW!

      Ernest, you may hate the government of Cameroon but your love and support for the most barbaric terrorist group that has ever existed, has completely diminished any moral authority you had.

      Most would have respected the terrorists if they followed the example of Bloc Quebecois!

  12. @L`enemie and Eyallow, you are matture brains and i thank you both, afterall. Even the
    so revered Cardinal, can not measure up with you two, at this point of the genocide on
    the peoples of Abazonia. So cruel an act, from Biya / co regime and the cpdm party. But
    it took the wondering God`s own people in the desert, 40 years before it all settled down.
    The truth of the matter, is that whatever is happening will pass away, and AMBAZONIA,
    shall be a sovereign state. Mark my words, pals.

    • Will you hold the same persuation when I tell you I am a blue blood Graffi you hate so much or you will cook up another scheme to link me to the money making machinery of wicked and Evil Biya’s CPDM? If you think I have mature brains then you must take it from me that Chris Anu, John Egyawan, Fabian Fomenki, Samuel Sako Ikome and lots of your IG kingpins are working for Paul Biya. Sako, Fomenki and Anu know it well but the rest may be following like sheep to serve the hand they are running from.

      • Kumkum Pass Garrri



        Snake L’enemie is biting Snake Joshua!

        When I say that the ambazombies are the most foolish people from Cameroon, I am just stating a fact and not insulting anyone.

        Snake L’enemie and Snake Joshua absolutely hate each other . In fact their hate for each other is more than their combined hate for the government of the one and indivisible Cameroon.

        However, out of absolute stupidity the two of them embarked on a mission to split the NW/SW from the government of Cameroon! How stupid were they not to realise that their hatred for each other is more than their combined hatred for Biya.

        Now that we have activated snake bite snake, the idiots have suspended their revolution and are now focused on annihilating each other!

        I order Snake Joshua to bite snake l’enemie back now!

      • Kumkum Pass Garrri

        L’enemie the terrorist loser

        L’enemie/tapang /Ayaba put together the contender forces to rape torture and behead innocent women from the NW/SW like Ma Ayafor Florence and to kidnap for ransom.

        Chris Anu, John Egyawan, Fabian Fomenki, Samuel Sako Ikome put together the restoration forces to kidnap for ransom and behead teachers and children who attempt to go to school and to also behead ordinary citizens from the NW/SW for attempting to fend for their families!

        Due to the awareness created by MKPD donations to these terrorists have dried up leaving them to rely on kidnapping for ransom.

        The Chris Anu group got mad that the ayaba contenders who are kidnap experts were getting more funds from kidnapping than them and decided to eliminate them!

        Snake bite snake

  13. Wuna don bring war for Balla e house? Abel wuna fight like general big number and cha-cha make man try laugh here!


    What is blue blood graffi? Abeg wuna leave pipo rest. I have told you, the blood of those innocent dead will follow you to the mad house. Kikikikikikikikikiki

    Where dem dey? Ndiba na ndiba…


    • Blue blood graffi means you have no links or recognition to the Bameta treachery orchestrated by their traitor in chief Solomon Tandeng Muna and inherited by BrotherJosephus. Idiot!
      Which one be Balla yi house sef? Or you are now sharing in the spoils of special status you this weak mudafvker.

      • Short Pinyin man,

        History you no know, revolution no be ya best, kuraj no dey for hol tcha’vem…ah even sure sey sep da mimbo, you no fit drink 2 without raising dust. Talk less of ntuma, da ya contri woman fit di really hear bad.

        Sako dan wipe all ya contribution money—you go die for BUSH…

  14. Ambazonia comedy revolution part 2. I have been looking for this movie. let the fools continue sending their money to scammers in USA. As for me i better send mine to Biya. he is better. hahaha

  15. Chicken have come home to roost.

    What we have been saying for the last 3 years.
    Idiots thanks to the idiots in the diaspora

  16. With every responsibility there is a judgment. The greater the responsibility, the greater the judgment. Those in the diaspora who order foot soldiers on GZ to go and kill fellow villagers or burn their homes are taking on a responsibility. So also are the foot soldiers on GZ who obey like robots without asking themselves the wisdom of such acts. Any soldier who fails to identify and go after the real enemy of a war is a cursed being; he cannot and will not be honored on prize-giving day for targeting his own people!

  17. `if graffi does not stand ahead or have power in hand, it is better it all should fail`.
    Banyangis, follow suit.

    • Dull Joshua? Them curse you with foolishness? Your mami be grind foolishness for calabash give you tp drink or you be just fall with your head as a new borny? Chai dullness ho. Graffi this Graffi that even after wuna don kill all Graffi you want make Graffi corpses beg pardon for you? Them need for exorcise you from dullness demon wey take over your soul. The Swiss cheese Ayaba throw sand sand for inside di really hot you mola. I know say Mola di miss yi expensive hotel trips with intermitent hot baths, bed and breakfast restaurant plus brown envelope wey switzerland be promise you na yi the thing di hot you so. If you think say Switzerland go give you all this bribe and then let go their interest for run Cameroon port to your independence then your own foolishness na guiness record.

      • Hmmm, Mabanda Boy!

        So tribe-kosh fit hot you too hein?

        When wuna di spend time for kosh beti witi bami dem, no be yi di schweet?

        Krish pipo…dis one comot for dis village, dat wuna comot dat village…as if some CMR be different….all trabalists.

        Ah no know why World health O nova consider racism/tribalism liké mental illness.

        Jes non wuna di wonder why Biya go meng for chair, no be so?…sep poh-poh Yesus cristi no fit topple yi, daso forsika sey man just need for tok sey Yesus na bami, eg, all man go abide no matter Yesus yi vision for wa contri.

        Eske Joshua di tok some new ting?

        Na Joshua cause Graffi Vs Sawa antagonism?

        Wuna di surely mimba sey na Biya di block wuna krish-Rep hein!

        Mal chance…

    • Kumkum Pass Garrri

      Operation snake bite snake at work!

      I order the graffi terrorist snakes to bite the non graffi terrorists snakes and vice versa.

      Terorists snake Joshua peme them because na njangi!

  18. All the noise making to end up with a FREE Ambazonia.

    Stay focused, the real and genuine people of the Southern Cameroons.

    Nothing shall alter our strong and very firm determination to achieve the obvious.


    • Kumkum Pass Garrri

      Delusional Terrorist Wendy Marc

      That is exactly what we want you terrorists to do. Please stay focused on your delusional thoughts while we the Black Legs focus on implementing strategies like “operation snake bite snake”.

      Please keep looking away while we annihilate the terrorists. No amount of focus on the struggle or lies will resurrect ngong dog efang and his 38 scout girls disguised as soldiers! Mo amount of focus on your delusional thoughts will stop “operation snake bite snake”.

      Focus on your delirious determination while we focus on annihilating you. The score is clear. ChrisAnuz/Sako Terrorists snakes won 39 Bites to 0 bites for Tapang/Ayaba terrorists!

      Chacha is waiting for Tapang/Ayaba to peme them now! Where are the ngong dogs and scout girls of Tapang/Ayaba now?

  19. Nothing shall alter our strong and very firm determination to achieve the obvious.


    • Ah…the one who said we could do nothing but get stroked by her contriman Mbiya. So she still lives? I hope you find our response satisfactory?
      We will never yield.
      Amba for life.
      Besides the fact that 4 years on we are have this discussion is a sign that our people have risen.

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