Cameroon’s authorities deny killing civilians in English-speaking region

APAnews | The Cameroonian Ministry of Defense, on Monday denied “allegations” attributing the massacre of civilian populations on February 15 in the village Ngarbuh (North West) located in the country’s English-speaking area, some 450 kilometers from the capital, Yaoundé.

In this document signed by the head of the communication division, Captain Atonfack Guemo, the government talks about “an unfortunate accident, a collateral consequence of the security operations underway in the region.” He also denounces “an act of inhuman cruelty which certain propagandist activists attribute to the armed groups and the defense forces,” and which “is said to have resulted in the death of several people, including women and children.”

According to the Ministry, it is a group of six elements of the army who, on Friday, informed by repentant secessionists, carried out a night reconnaissance on a residence “transformed into a fortified camp, a real logistical base of illicit goods, receiving arms and ammunition of all calibers, and stockpiling and reselling narcotics.” Caught by heavy fire from secessionists hiding in the shelter, the patrol’s response resulted in the “disarming of seven terrorists.”

The battle thus ended, Atonfack Guemo said, after the explosion of several fuel containers, followed by a violent fire, which affected some nearby houses,” killing five people, mainly woman and children.” This statement is very far from what is said in social networks and which, for the sake of this gruesome staging, publishes old images of the neutralization, during 2019, of four terrorists in the North West, including a woman.”

The government also announces the immediate opening of an investigation on the subject by the gendarmerie and military security, the conclusions of which will be widely disseminated.

A few hours prior to this official reaction, both the main organizers of social networks on the English-speaking crisis and the privately-owned media, were undecided as to the origin and the perpetrators of the Ngarbuh-Ntumbaw massacre, during which, according to some sources, between 20 and 35 people were killed.

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  1. The government denied executing women and children in the north of Cameroon. They even created a falsehood that it was in Mali.
    The DNA of a tribal army that executes women and children can’t be whitewashed.
    The army executed 35 women and children in Ngarbuh in the“ North West “ Anglophone Cameroon.
    The army is tribal, Francophone, rogue, carryout daily execution of unarmed civilians, burning of villages, schools, hospitals, markets, extortion and blackmail of civilians.
    The genocide of Minority Anglophones in predominantly Francophone Cameroon.
    30,000 killed
    1million displaced
    900,000 children no school
    400 villages burnt
    200,000 refugees in Nigeria
    5million affected
    The reason for the Genocide is forced Francophonization of black Africans in their ancestral home.
    Low IQ

  2. The crime syndicate ruling the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC think they can always take the International Criminal Court ( ICC ) for a ride with FABRICATED stories.
    They will surely pay for their crimes. It is only a question of WHEN and not IF.

    BTW, ex-convict Atanga Nji’s application for an entry visa to the US was REJECTED last week


      FAKE NEWS #1

      “The situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing, and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus be able to delve into the crux of the problem;” (Biya, 2018)

      FAKE NEWS #2 :

      “The security situation in the troubled English-speaking region of the country has improved since a national dialogue to end the conflict took place last year” (Biya, 2020)

      YOU BE THE JUDGE !!!

    • ! It is common knowledge and a celebrated fact that the so-called Special Slave Status ( SSS ) was already dead on arrival. That is the reason the fighting has intensified.
      After slaughtering more than 20.000 Southern Cameroonians and burning down more than 400 villages in SC, Nyamoto Kpwatolo” Biya had the effrontery to propose his so-called SSS. He thought that he could still deceive the present EVER AGAIN GENERATION. Unfortunately for him, Dr Foncha is no longer around.
      Believe me or not, RC terrorists can NEVER EVER defeat the invincible Amba boys. Simply put, the war is OPENENDED. It will continue until the Anglophone Question is TOTALLY, COMPLETELY, irreversibly and UNCONDITIONALLY resolved.


    • There are only 2 ( two ) options for resolving the impasse:

      Option #1:

      a federation of two states EQUAL IN STATUS ( cf. UNGA Resolution 1608 )
      It is worth mentioning that a federation of 10, 99 or 1000b states is NOT a solution to the impasse. This is so because SC and LRC are considered as two ” one and indivisible” states with clearly defined boundaries.

      Option #2:

      SEPARATION of SC and LRC from the INFORMAL Union

      There is ZERO third option.

      Simply put, Dictator Biya’s SH*THOLE, FOOLISH and UNWINNABLE war can NEVER EVER resolve the impasse. He should, therefore, stop BEGGING Amba boys to drop weapons because our boys will never ever, I repeat NEVER EVER surrender weapons.


    • **** BREAKING NEWS ****

      President Kagame has officially invited Kamto to visit Rwanda.

      “I decided to invite Maurice Kamto in September in Rwanda because for me he is an inspiration and worthy of being listened to … Cameroon is fortunate to have a man like Maurice Kamto. I know the man mainly by his brilliance … If he had been Rwandan, I would have ceded my seat to him without hesitation” Paul Kagame is quoted saying.

      * MY TAKE *

      This is another crystal clear proof that Kagame like other leaders will prefer a regime change in Cameroon.
      LRC foreign minister has already summoned the Rwandan Ambassador in Yaounde as a protest.

      As a corollary, the french foreign minister has confirmed that LRC terrorists were responsible
      for the massacre.

      Dictator Biya’s future is very pregnant

    • **** BREAKING NEWS ****

      Caught Pants-on-the-knees: Atanga Nji faking a video with some boys to claim responsibility for the Donga-Mantung Massacre.
      French Cameroon is a state that sponsors terrorism. There’s backlash due to the slaying of our innocent kids and moms in Donga-Mantung by French Cameroon terrorist soldiers. Pressure from the world has reached fever height. Amnesty International has officially said French Cameroon committed the barbaric act.
      The terrorist state is hatching a lie. Our Intel has gathered that convict Atanga Nji is currently acting a drama with some selected boys who, on video, will claim they are Ambazonia Restoration Forces faking confession. And then their lying CRTV will run with the news and images.”

  3. Since the start of this conflict, there is no evidence anywhere suggesting seccessionists ever carried out mass extermination of civilians, other than kidnappings, demand for ransom and eliminating authorities whom they see as the enemy. However, lrc millitary has a reputation for mass murder, arson, rape, killing of women with babies strapped to their backs & pathological lying. It isn’t new that they hide behind the cover of snuffing out seccessionists to carry out mass killing of civilians. We all grew up under that evil dictator. Decades of existence and he is the only president I really know. A state of anarchy run by exconvicts and an old deluded tyrant. They can fool some people some times but not all the people all the time. Rise and kick these evil people out of your lives!

    • What about Ma Ayafor and/or all those women and children buried alive?

      I stole a car, you only stole an egg…who is the thief among us?…

  4. It took a long time, years after, for gov`t to accept there is an Anglophone problem.
    It took this same gov`t a long time, under Tchiroma to accept the women / kids killed
    in the north, was the handywork of the cameroon army. It is from one cooked up lie
    to another. Staying in y`de and making a statement without eye witness account, only
    pleases the international community. We, shall see them again at Etoudi, for another
    round of gift safari. After that, they will prescribe decentralization and praise the
    national dialogue with it`s special status, the result being more babaric killings, burning
    of humans / property, flooding of soldiers in the NW / SW etc. The mastermind
    of it all, being Minister Atanga Nji. The other accomplices: Elvis Ngole Ngole, Chief Mukete,
    Dion Ngute etc etc etc.

  5. @Zam-Zam ”’What about Ma Ayafor and/or all those women and children buried alive?
    I stole a car, you only stole an egg…who is the thief among us?”…Keep spending your time,searching for the side to be blamed the most.Does this blame game solve the crisis.Instead of blaming the gov’t for not solving the crisis,u are passing your time telling us what bad Amba oys have done,compared to the military.Are u really in support that this crisis should be solved? If yes,then u should focus your energy,blaming the gov’t for not solving the crisis till now.

    • @kongosa,

      rather than spend time crying foul it would be better to start envisaging climbing down those horses horses and think about the collateral damages the population is enduring due to the foolishness of Etoudi and your movement.

      And, without any hypocrisy, your movement should know that the partition of CMR is a utopia that will never happen.

      Like I have always said, only the truth shall put a final end to this madness, where none is INNOCENT….

  6. This is a genocide sanctioned by the United Nations Organization ,France and the UK.If not why have these big powers not been able to contain Mr Paul Biya?When Antonio Guteres came to Cameroun he received a gift from President Paul Biya and he turned a blind eye to the killings.There are mass graves everywhere in the English speaking regions of North West and South west.Thousands have been killed .Thousands of houses burnt and ,hundreds of villages erased and hundreds of thousands displaced.The government has been enboldened because the international community has turned a blind eye.The problem we are facing today was imposed on us by the Uk and the United Nations.Today our people are dying and they dont care.

  7. @Zam-Zam U keep justifying the killings of innocent pregnant women and children by saying that they deserve to die becos they refused to hand over the amba boys to the military.Let me ask u a question.When Biya declared war,did he consult the anglophones in north west and south west?Why should they be the ones to help the miliatry by showing where Amba boys are? DID BIYA EVEN CONSULTED THE PARLIAMENT BEFORE DECLARING THIS USELESS WAR THAT IS COSTING THE LIVES OF SO MANY CAMEROONIANS? The population in NW and SW want Biya to resolve the crisis.They don’t want Biya to send the military to come and ”protect” them.The anglophones are the elites.And from the best of my knowledge,majority of them are on exile in French Cameroon.

    • What does solving the crisis mean exactly? Govt signing a separation agreement? Or two state federation? If this is solving the crisis for you be prepared to 100 years war in which you will ended up loosing. Once biya is replaced we will implement a 10 states federation. Full ?

    • What does solving the crisis mean exactly? Govt signing a separation agreement? Or two state federation? If this is solving the crisis for you be prepared to 100 years war in which you will ended up loosing. Once biya is replaced we will implement a 10 states federation. Full ?

  8. The anglophone elites are the ones that ned protection.And from the best of my knowledge,a majority of them are now residing in French Cameroon.Far away from danger.

  9. Thanks To the Borroroman in Nigeria -General Buhari, Biya is confident with Nka who spent years in Nigeria as a military attache that he can win this war. Never , and he would never win a war against a people who are determined to fight for their survival. Sooner the ambas would take the war closer to Yde. Those who remember how Boko Haram started in Nigeria should be thinking twice!


    Les forces de défense et de sécurité du Cameroun ont incendié des maisons et des magasins en AMBAZONIE. Nous avons la liste de ce qu’ils font en plus de leurs actes barbares.

    Ils pillent, ils brûlent, ils tuent, ils mangent des chiens, volent du bétail
    Pour se faire passer pour des Ambazoniens.
    Ils s’habillent en clochards dans les rues et cachent des armes.Ils infiltrent pour écouter ce qui se dit.
    Les fonctionnaires vivent dans le chantage permanent
    Ils volent les pc, les téléphones et tout ce qu’ils trouvent.

    LA RIPOUBLIQUE thief our ressources, buy weapons with the money then come and kill us with the weapons from the money of our ressources way dem thiefam.La Ripoublique Voleur. Assassin. Bandit. NoBoDy can Accept slavery.

  11. What a disgrace! How can we call be proud of our country? Met a lady from Congo today and was ashamed to say I was from Cameroon! Anyway during my morning readings I found some comfort in this article in Business in Cameroon. ” lrc records its first poor performance on BEAC’s public securities market…unable to raise XAF 20 billion only raise XAF 5.2 billion. The good news is that lrc cannot borrow to fund the war, pay civil servants, pay fund CHAN, AFCON, Sonora, Camair, XAF 63 billion ENO electric bill. By Christmas this house of cards will crumble. As a banker when your creditors shut you down and you have no savings, you bite the dust!!!!!

  12. Judges who sit over trials, some involving the death penalty, are not usually eye witnesses present at crime scenes. But they are well trained with special skills to put together the evidence presented and convict. All it takes is asking and answering the right questions.

    A Minister of Defence who sat in his home or office and produced very colorful, detailed account of happenings hundreds of miles away is known as “a person of interest”. It does not hurt taking another look at him.

  13. @Zam-Zam Becos of this conflict,so many teachers and other civil servants that were residing in the NW and SW are collecting salaries without working for almost three years now.Who is losing?Amba Boys or the government?

  14. @James ”What does solving the crisis mean exactly? Govt signing a separation agreement?”….. Sorry if i touched a nerve…..

    • How can you possibly touch my nerve? My family back home is safe and sound in la république. In fact they don’t even know what’s happening in the NWSW. You terrorist are destroying your own people, depriving them from education. You are raising a generation of criminals, killers. Even if this war stops today these blood thirsty killers you are raisin will not stop killing ANGLOPHONES. So please don’t be under the impression that hurting the country, because you are hurting yourself

      • Batumu Sylvester

        The United States of America has not labeled Ambazonia freedom fighters as terrorists.Which moral standing do you have to call Ambazonians as terrorists?Did you follow President Biya’s interview in France?Biya told Mo Ibrahim that they have been trying to assimilate the Anglophones but it cannot work.That was a good forum for Biya to call Ambazonians terrorists but he didn’t because he knew he could have raised many questions.So if you are trying by force to assimilate me and I don’t want it would you call me a terrorist for defending my rights?Some of you just use words without knowing their meaning.The sympathy that the Anglophones are receiving around the world should teach people like you that you are on the wrong side of history.

  15. Before the leadership of Ambazonia / the Ambaboys, know that it is high time to
    cooperate with Boko Haram and fight back to win, it will be too late. Time for quick
    action, is only now. Six countries, joint forces etc to fight BH. But they can not be
    defeated. I pray the Ambazonians feel the pain in losing one more person and go
    for the best option. It will pay off.

  16. The last stage of genocide is denial by the perpetrator.In this particular matter of the killings in Ntumbaw I have watched this on more than 20 international TV channels.No matter how far the government refuses the international community already knows they did the killings.The government always likes to downplay facts and think since they are in power they are above the law and the world.But the fact is these killings going on in the North West and South West regions will and are already triggering the fall of the Biya regime.I am currently in Mumbai ,India and I could watch this news in more than 20 news outlets.This is serious.Biya’s image has been tarnished around the globe and if the regime fails to recognize this then they are basking in self deception.Find this out on YouTube

  17. Les francophones hypocrites. Vous parlez quelle langue ? La décentralisation, c’est pourles NULS. Vous assumez bien votre francophonie, la preuve, 98 pourcent de tout ce qui se fait au Cameroun est en français et vous osez parler de quoi ? Bolloré est un Américain ? N’est-ce pas BIYA qui se dit le meilleur élève de la France. N’applique-t-il pas les méthodes françaises de la seconde république?

    Le CFA de *m.e.r.d.e* et tous vos expressions sont dans quelle langue ? Vous payez les français pour tout faire chez vous. Bande de paresseux. Vous calquez tout sur les francais et vous n’avez pas honte ? Vous croyez que les anglophones vous lisent et vous comprennent ? Bande d’égocentriques. Ambazonia says BYE BYE TO YOU.

  18. Frogs are lazy, ignorant, awkward criminals and crooks.
    Les pays francophones sont les derniers de la planète. Ce sont des fainéants du CFA.

    May force and wisdom always guide the people of Southern Cameroons, AMBAZONIA. Freedom is a human right. Together we stand to win, separated, we may easily lose. We shall prevail against all odds. AMBAZONIA shall be free amidst all thorns.

    FREE our leaders

  19. One and indivisible killings of Southern Cameroonians! Any anglofool who speaks in favour of the satanic regime would rotten before dying. Even if Southern Cameroonians committed what ever crime, the mere fact that old man Biya and his wife have not even send word of sympathy to the victims of this crime against children and old men, women and pregnant mothers speak volumes of how we could never ever live together again!

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