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Cameroon’s BIR takes delivery of Panthera T6 vehicles

IHS Jane’s 360 | The Cameroonian military has received new Panthera T6 armoured personnel carriers (APCs) from Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles (MSPV), sources in the Cameroonian Defence Forces (CDF) confirmed to Jane’s.

A Cameroonian military source said the new vehicles were delivered to the elite Rapid Intervention Battalions (BIR) for use in urban environments as part of Operation ‘Chacal’ (Jackal): the BIR’s counter-insurgency deployment in the southwest and northwest regions.

Photographs posted on social media in September showed two Panthera T6s with protected weapon stations being unloaded from shipping containers under the supervision of BIR officers, but it is likely the total number is higher.

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  1. What’s this for to help beat the English?

    • I hope English what your native language moron kiki kikikkkiki

      • no French is YOUR native language which is why you are using our natural resources to buy guns that kill us. When we finally get the weapon assistance to protect ourselves don’t cry and make noise about imperialism.

  2. Where is MSPV situated – country?
    Biya is bent on crushing the SCs to any degree of wickedness. So more bloodshed
    in the coming days.
    Ambazonians, be very prepared for darker days. Your gov`t is weak and slow and
    that is your doom.
    No friends, no money good enough to counter the evil in biya / co minds.

    • We are ready for them. We prefer our Dane Guns though. It reaps through those Kevlar vests with such ease when we add sand particles inside the barrel. Homeland or Dead!

    • Long lives in lrc kikikkkiki ; I thought amba boys I had win the civil disobedience

    • @joshua

      You needs psych evaluation “baboon “

      Tells me where amba boys are crushing the army, they are waiting for you to sponsor them you can check them on YouTube hahahahahahahaha . Begging for money kikikkkiki

    • Joshua don’t worry, This Panthera is simply a Toyota landcruiser with a mounted gun turret.
      Notice that many of the countries which got supplies from Minerva a company situated in Dubai have experienced regime changing revolutions larepublique will not be different.Egypt Lybia etc…
      In any case A Landcruiser remains a Landcruiser, they should bring it on, our boys can handle it, that is assuming Maurice Kamto doesn’t finish them off first.
      Ambazonia for life

  3. The cost of the war will be so high on lrc

  4. God punish the devil Southern Cameroon is free
    Let him fight his LRC brother Kamto

  5. $6billion dollars in Chinese debt.
    Nothing to show for but military and more weapons.
    This is how Africans emerge from poverty, borrow money and weapons, kill others whom you believe are less French than you, stay in power until your death, then turn around and blame Europeans for being imperialist.
    Meanwhile the Chinese, Indians etc are working like termites to build their nation
    Who is fooling who?
    To build or to destroy arrogantly? There is a cost to the lack of wisdom from this regime.


    “ When the people shall rise even if you take the French military and add to yours, you will not stop them” (Wirba, j., 2016)

    1000 T6 armoured personnel carriers (APCs) will NEVER EVER stop the present momentum.

    Amba boys will use fire to roast LRC terrorists inside the armoured personnel carriers (APCs).

    The momentum remains UNSTOPPABLE, the war UNWINNABLE.

  7. Kill all those rats

  8. We warned you.
    Elections are almost over.
    A sunami is coming your way.
    Terrorists have to flushed out of that land

    • This is the same warning you gave us 2 years ago. that we would be crushed in days, at most weeks.
      we will repeat what we told you then…we will never yield.
      where will those matchboxes you call Panthera APC pass? there are no roads. stop fooling yourself and read widely.
      if you had any rudimentary training in strategy you would know that nobody can force a people to be part of a nation they abhor.
      Ambazonia is free forever

  9. Cameroon why are we led by people who do not use their minds! That is my judgement of our leaders. Why did all this start? Some would trace the root cause to independence and reunification, and they are right to do so. But I trace it to the hierarchy of needs, most especially basic needs of food, housing, clothing. That is welfare. I am sure if most Anglophones could provide for their needs based on the conditions on the ground, there wouldn’t have been any crisis in the first place. Now there is a crisis what do our leaders do? Spend money to by weapons to crush dissenters. I will tell them this for free, that will not solve the problem. It will plunge Cameroon into insecurity, lawlessness, poverty and destruction. Why use this money to fund projects that are beneficial to the people!