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Cameroon’s Biya Declared Election Winner

YAOUNDE — VOA | Cameroon’s longtime leader Paul Biya has been declared the winner of the country’s October 7 presidential poll. Opposition parties are rejecting the results, but the Constitutional Council has already thrown out petitions to nullify the election.

This is the voice of Clement Atangana, president of Cameroon’s constitutional council, reading election results on Monday.

According to the results, incumbent President Paul Biya won a landslide victory with 71 percent of the vote. His strongest challenger, Maurice Kamto, was a distant second with 14 percent. Seven other candidates scored vote percentages in the single digits.

Voter turnout was 53 percent nationwide but much lower in the volatile northwest and southwest regions, where government forces have been fighting separatist movements. Biya won more than 80 percent of the votes cast in those regions.

Dion Ngute, Biya’s close aide and minister in charge of special duties, said he is not surprised at the president’s victory. He said Cameroonians are aware that Biya has done much for them, and is ready to do more for the country’s development.

“Paul Biya, we know the man who is very persevering, the person who is very patient, the one who is very honest and who is candid and who tells Cameroonians what can be done and what is not possible to be done. The man who is peace-loving, and the one who wants good for Cameroon,” he said.

Angry protesters came out singing that Biya had stolen Maurica Kamto’s victory but were quickly dispersed by heavily armed troops.

Augusta Bate supports Kamto.

“We want justice. We should not only preach democracy, we should practice it, as well. The presidential elections, even Biya knows Kamto won this presidential election, so he should just let him take over power,” said Bate.

Joshua Osih of the main opposition Social Democratic Front, who finished fourth in the election, said he does not recognize the election results.

“History holds it that one head of state is using the entire government, army police and state resources to maintain himself in power. History holds it that what happened on the 7th of October 2018 was worse than anything witnessed before. It was everything except an election,” he said.

Last week, Cameroon’s Constitutional Council threw out 18 petitions filed by Kamto, Osih and others demanding the election be nullified.

The opposition parties allege widespread irregularities, insecurity and low turnout, especially in the restive Anglophone regions, but the court ruled there was not enough evidence to throw out the results.

Biya has been in power for over 40 years in Cameroon, seven as prime minister, 36 as president. In 2008, he removed term limits from the constitution, allowing him to serve indefinitely.

He is now the second oldest president in sub-Saharan Africa. When his new term is finished, he will be 93 years old.

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  1. if you do not want to regret in 10 20 30 years,then take your hoe and cultlass,and join me in the farm for potatoes,corn,and soybeans production. our own voting is in the farm where all hope depends on what we can do everyday.once we have raised money working with a hoe and cutlass,we shall buy tractors to enlarge our production base.with more money generated using tarctors,we shall import machines install turbines and start producing finished products.with this we have something real to pass onto to our decerndants to enable them compit and do better than us.
    is this not better than putting ones hope in ficticious politicians who make empty promises without telling us where they will take money to bring to reality what they say?

  2. Ambazpnia no even get army sef


    The phoney elections have come and gone. Dictator Biya has “won” the rigged elections.

    Amba boys are therefore waiting for the so-called:

    1. After the elections, Biya will do that THIS…
    2. After the elections, Biya will do THAT…

    Dictator Biya has until the 31st of December 2018 to DEFEAT Amba boys and force his Decentralisation and Bilingualism agendas down the throats of Southern Cameroonians. The workers of the Ministry of Decentralisation and the Commission on Bilingualism are earning money for no work done. Dictator Biya has to use his “FORCE OF EXPERIENCE” to keep those people busy by stopping the UNSTOPPABLE momentum and winning the UNWINNABLE war

    Failure to do so, he will be considered as a paper tiger.

    The countdown has therefore been activated TIC TAC TIC


      Southern Cameroonians are prepared to lay down their lives to ensure their children do not experience the marginalization they have gone through.
      Thanks to the blood of the Anglophones, there is multipartyism, the BAC Board and many state universities in the country.
      Francophones are cowards. The mere sight of a police officer sends them into fear. Their leaders understand this and they always use fear to steal elections.
      Citizens of LRC must muster courage if they must defend their victory. Prof. Kamto is the legitimate president. He won the election. However, running away from soldiers stationed by the government will not take Prof. Kamto to Unity Palace. If the Francophones need change, they must do the right thing by fighting for it. It never comes on a platter of gold.


      The Francophones should not always beg the Anglophones to join their struggle. They should be prepared to fight for themselves. Anglophones are not their cannon fodder.
      Francophones are cowards. They can easily be intimidated. They are also easily corruptible. That is the reason the CPDM always use bread and sardine to corrupt the minds of Francophones during elections. The Francophones are noisemakers. They bark but do not bite. Kamto and company swore to defend their votes. However, the presence of a few police and Gendarmes on the streets sent them running away to their homes. Dictator Biya will surely hand over the baton to his son, his son will hand over the baton to his son and nothing will happen in the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC. Biya knows that they are all COWARDS.

  4. As the civilized world watches passively, the justice that sustains it is seamlessly making way for jungle justice. Just watch!

  5. Everything is moving according to plans.

    Um, Oaundjié, Osende, Ntumazah, Mumié…enter into our spiri-ts, and let’s not continue to kill each other.

    Make the Anglo problem priority number one…

    • I hope the anglophone issues get resolved and stability returns. I don’t support the president because he is a despot and he rigs elections but I hope he can take the few years he has left to rethink his strategy for peace and governance. He needs to open up dialogue, visit the regions and start a genuine process of federalism.
      It is uncivil to delight in killings whether by Amba or the military. At the end of the day, no one is safe whether a Biya enthusiast or Amba adherent. That was my message to one of my hometown girls in Limbe who called me from California stating that it’s time to kill more simply because my disagreement with shutting down schools made her think I support Biya. She lost her head.
      Biya in the twilight of his years must think of his legacy.

      • Hihihihi kredel,

        yours is even better that it is only after making that statement that you were tagged a Biyaiste.

        I have been tagged a Biyaiste for close to 10years today in this secteur.

        When I am no Biyaiste, I am a Bami, when no Bami, I am a sell-out, and on and on.

        Opposition leaders were caught in a web, they can never dare call for disorder after results simply coz they know Amba boys would seize that opportunity to create real chaos.

        The only reasonable option is to let Biya win his thing and pray that he starts that federation stuff for Anglos to know that they too have been heard.

        That is all what our pple want…

  6. A lazy people are very deserving of their leadership.
    Congratulations to Biya even in his grave, the inertia that has taken hold of the bread and sardine masses will continue.
    What logical explanation is there to support the theory that we are equal?
    Greed, treachery, exploitation, brutality, cruelty, laziness, tribalism, corruption, banditry, visionless etc are the hallmarks of most leaders in Black Africa no wonder the whiteman made you into a commodity like coffee, cocoa, etc and sold you at auctions.
    You kill and sell your children and grandchildren so you can eat, cannibalization of your young!
    Your descendents shall remain rejected immigrants in Europe, in Asia, in America, in the Middle East etc
    When your collective IQ is very low you shall remain a commodity to other humans

  7. Don’t bother.
    Dem eye co
    shine wen
    Bahams co buy
    all Beti lands from
    Vaindeurs des terrain.
    Na dere weh we co
    see say Kamto been
    be na dier Messiah.


    • You are very stupid and evil. Life is not always about vendetta. Doing right and using your intuition to follow logical reasoning is a moral roadmap that are even forged into laws to protect society. What will you gain against the Kamto supporters when your tribesman sit tight in power for 43 years as your people die before 50 because of poor living standard? What do you gain when you steal all the money and hide them in foreign vaults and the national debt exceeds 3 national lifetimes GDP? I know you’ll come back with those foolish excuses where you derive answers from my handle name. It’s a Beti/Bulu phenomenon on this forum anyway. You idiots should stop holding your race back with foolish tribalism as young Africans continue to drown in the Mediterranean escaping tribal tyranny.

  9. La force de l expérience

  10. Bia bo aya alors?!

  11. Mystery elections! Those who hail the president know he is a despot and somehow because of what they benefit and who they dislike, support his regime. A 71% victory has never been attained in modern times except for despots. Those who support Amba have no real sense of where they’re going or have any plan to challenge a regime whose highest paid civilians are the least educated, least productive & feral-minded soldiers and police.
    Depend on America or the West and you fail big time. Why would or should they care? Were you not enslaved & colonized by them for labor and raw materials? Has that motive changed? As long as your leaders give them the resources, they’ll support any regime. So, Amba or LRC supporters, only a good Cameroonian will care about you. Diouf loved Senegal & left office.

  12. Honestly, I lack words to express how disheartened l am. How possible can Biya win an election with a total of over 70% of voates casted for him in this present Cameroon? Another 7 years of moving back to the 18th century. This man does not mean any good for Cameroon and Cameroonians. He has outlived his useful years as a person as well as someone who can oversee the affairs of a country, especially at this particular time where the country needs a a new leader with fresh ideas and full of zeal.