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Cameroon’s Biya Pledges More Powers for Anglophone Regions

Bloomberg | Cameroon’s President Paul Biya pledged to give more powers to the central African nation’s regions, starting his seventh term in office with a call to separatist groups in the country’s English-speaking areas to end a bloody insurgency.

The speech to lawmakers marked only the second time that Biya, 85, publicly addressed the conflict that has left at least 400 people dead since it began two years ago. “I understand your problems, I know them and will do well to solve them,” Biya said Tuesday in the capital, Yaounde. “Government will accelerate the decentralization process in response to the desire of the population to manage their own affairs.”

Africa’s second-longest serving head of state easily won presidential elections last month that were overshadowed by the insurgency and a security clampdown that hindered voting in the two Anglophone regions. Cameroon is divided into 10 semi-autonomous regions, which are headed by governors appointed by Biya.

Biya didn’t mention the apparent kidnapping of 79 pupils and three staff members of a secondary school on Sunday near Bamenda, the capital of the Northwest. While details of the incident remain sketchy and responsibility for the kidnapping hasn’t been claimed, army spokesman Didier Badjeck said that military operations are underway to free them.

The unrest started with peaceful protests by teachers and lawyers in the English-speaking areas against the dominance of the French language. While initial protests focused on calls for decentralization, a majority of the population in the restive Northwest and Southwest regions is now believed to support separatism.

Opposition Arrests

Maurice Kamto, one of Biya’s opponents in the October polls, and some of his supporters were arrested Tuesday when they protested in the capital against the outcome of vote, according to a party official.

“Our president was also arrested but quickly released,” Ndong Christopher, secretary general of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, said by phone.

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  1. Cameroonese leader is not our president. Give him a hundred years he will never solve a problem. He can’t even solve his family problem s. Illigitimate leader Ambalanders don’t expect anything from this man. He must pull back his colonial troops from our land.

  2. Leader of the Cameroonese republic

  3. Brown Sugar (Abuja)

    Promise, promise and promises. The senile president is at it again.

    Power is sweet, it is very difficult for Africa president to share it. Biya should not be trusted, he can’t keep his word, he is a true reflections of a chameleon.

    • Go away, impostor!

      • Brown Sugar (Abuja)

        Rat-Tug, this is a public space. Stay on your lane.

        I thought you said, you will schooled me on Nigeria history, you this pig, sniffing around people’s comment with nothing upstairs.

        Mumu sef go wan yahn.

      • ‘Geographically, Biafra is a landlocked entity’! This is coming from a supposed Nigerian who has gone to school! Pitiful.

        Rasclaaat gate-crasher, you are not welcome to dinner!

        • Brown Sugar (Abuja)

          You keep exposing your ignorance here on public space Mr. Rat-Tug,

          I thought you have something upstairs to school me on, you this weed infested moron.

          What you do not know is that, the Biafra of 1966, 1967-1970, When regional system of government is in place is long dead.

          Today, under federalism, where we have states. Most of the coaster states of ( Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta State and Edo State) that where once mislead to die for a course the do not understand, are still feeling the pains today.

          Being a former enclaves under the eastern region of Nigeria before the war, they play a very key roles in the fight for the actualization of Biafra.

          Today the South South States as the are called, dissociate themselves from the current agitation for biafra.

        • Brown Sugar (Abuja)

          The Igbos are alone in this fight.

          Today, Biafra is inside Nigeria and do not have access to the sea and port. Also, the do not have the might to control the southern states and their resources unlike when the whole region is under regional system.

          I guess by now, you understand better why the biafra course is a fluke compared to that of Ambazonia.

          Put that into your weed infested skull, Mr. Rat-Tug the Moron in this platform.

        • What is long dead, huh, gate-crasher? Did you go to school? Biafra is well alive, and it is even extending to Benin once again, loser!

          There is nothing like Ambazombie in Cameroon. I am from the Southwest and I reject that identity of thieves you are struggling to pin on me. You know nothing about Cameroon… Go away!

        • Brown Sugar (Abuja)

          You see why I call you moron.

          You read, but find it hard to understand.

          I told you that, the biafra of 1966, 1967-1970 when regional system of government is in place is long dead.

          Meaning, the system that favours and made it possible for biafra to stand the test of time against the gov’t died long ago , with the advent of state creation by Yakubu Gowon.

          What we have today as Biafra, is only a shadow of it self, now comprising just the 5 Igbo states and a fragment of them around Asaba, and PH a landlocked region inside 9ja.

          Edo State, capital Benin just issue a warning to IPOB not to include them in their map. Same with Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta and Benue State.

          I wonder where this moron got his info. from that, Biafra is entering Binin.

        • Brown Sugar (Abuja)

          This states I just mention above, no longer see themselves as Biafrans even though, the were once misled by Ojukwu during the regional system that placed them together with the Ibos, to fight against the Nigeria gov’t.

          Today, these states are thriving more better economically and socially than the Biafran states of Imo, Enugu, Anambra, Abia and Ebonyi state.

          You claim to know much about Nigeria on the pages of news paper and Google, poor you Rat-Tug.

          The day you will stop smoking your brain out with weed, that is when you will be reasonable in this forum.

          Keep living in self denial that, there’s nothing like Ambazonia in Cameroon, grow up man and stop spewing your ignorance on public space, the activities of Amba boys is glaring for all to see.

          U ‘re just an educated fool

      • This king of imposters Rat-Tug resurfaced? Go away and never come back. You are officially warned!


    There are only two options for Dictator Biya:

    1. Defeat the Anglophones on the battlefield and impose whatsoever OR
    2. NEGOTIATE with the leaders of the Anglophones

    There is no other option.

    • ofcourse there is no option than talk with all cameroonians if that old diapers half death man really love the country as he claims..
      In history , people have always talked over problems to bring peace ..
      Even Afghanistan want to talk with the taliban, a group all westerners call terrorist..
      In palestine- the HAMAS is also taking part in the politics, but seen by many as a terrorist group..
      In Columbia, the president decided to talk with the rebels because he love his country and had to open a dialogue with all factions..
      In cameroon, sick brains, retarded und unprofessional brutal fools will claim and make noise they dont want to talk to southern cameroonians yet there is no peace and many are being killed..
      Wake up and talk foolish old folks..


      Dictator Biya stole the victory of Prof. Kamto. The Francophones were afraid to defend their votes.
      Dictator Biya is now dreaming of imposing his so-called DECENTRALISATION down the throats of the Anglophones. He will surely have a rude awakening. The Anglophones know what they want and they are determined to get it. Thank God they are not cowards like the Francophones.


      **** PROPHECY FULFILLED ****

      The writer prophesied that the 78 students abducted by LRC terrorists will be “rescued” by the same LRC terrorists.

      This prophecy has been fulfilled in toto. The students are now free.

      The dirty trick of LRC has backfired.


      The US Government says Cameroun Government should stop burning homes of Southern Cameroonians, targeting civilians indiscriminately. She went on to order that in the name of their citizen Wesco murdered and all others died in the course of this crisis, both sides must enter into a broad-based dialogue now WITHOUT PRECONDITIONS.

      The US did not ask Dictator Biya to give the Anglophones “more power”.
      The US did not advise Dictor Biya to defeat the so-called “secessionists”. Vietnam, Afghanistan, Irak has taught the US that ASYMMETRICAL warfares are UNWINNABLE.
      The US knows that only an inclusive dialogue (negotiation) can resolve the impasse.


      WITHOUT PRECONDITIONS means that Dictator Biya cannot claim that:

      1. the FORM OF THE STATE is a NO-GO-AREA
      2. the Anglophones MUST accept DECENTRALISATION
      3. only he knows what the Anglophones want or should get
      4. LRC + SC = LRC + 0
      5. etc

      The Anglophones will NEVER accept any dialogue with preconditions. There are two countries in the informal union.

      LRC had her independence in 1960 WITHOUT SC. Her boundaries end east of the mungo. SC is not a colony of LRC. SC accepted in a REFERENDUM in 1961 to enter a FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON, made up of two states of equal status, i.e. SC and LRC as per UNGA Resolution 1608 of April 21, 1961.

      SC did not accept DECENTRALISATION or a unitary state. Any change of Resolution 1608 must be legalised by the Anglophones via a REFERENDUM

  5. Nnôm Ngii..
    Nkukuma ja Minkukuma.
    Comprenneurs comprennent.

  6. Let this man go to olds peoples home with his diapers and allow this country in the hands of young people..
    he is outdated..
    He is a very unpopular, sick , weak and not capable of taking the country forward..
    Unfortunate our politics back home is belly politics..
    People want to get their stomach full and care about the future of the country..
    How can this Old man now come out and start promising more powers for the Anglophone regions?

    Means he knows that something is not right?
    Why must Anglophones always fight bloody battles to get anything or in this country?..A country which is theirs with their resources?
    Its just two systems, and two people with different ways of thinking..We pretend a lot to be one and indivisible which is not true….A 2 state federation is the key .

  7. Hopefully he’s not talking about decentralization because that’s trash. His talk of decentralization for the last 2 years has never yielded any fruits. No Anglophone is has asked for decentralization. We had asked him to return to the 2 state federation which is what was signed before the two countries came together. Well, to me this great grandchildren can’t think straight anymore. They just write these speeches and give him to come and read. Anglophones won’t give up until a reasonable solution is found.


    • Africans For Donald Trump


      We (the reasonable people of the NW/SW) will never allow terrorists, child kidnappers and rapists to lead us! You will have to kidnap/kill all of us to establish your rule! You continue to slaughter kids who want to go to school! You continue to kidnap and rape students who want to go to school. You evil terrorist will never be our rulers! You do not represent the people of the NW/SW. You are fighting for yourself interests and not for the people!

  9. The likes of him who should be in jail for all the reasons we all know, are very very happy now.
    They are covered for another seven years by a stollen victory. But like any beginning, it shall
    again come to pass. If 36 wasted years came by gradually and victory was stollen,what makes
    just seven to bother anyone opposed to it, especially, that the dying horse`s days are numbered.
    Once again like i have always said, the foolish majority is to blame for the calamity, of supporting
    thieves, killers etc etc each time for from soya and beer, to dry bread and tins of sardines today.
    Let no deceitfull promises fool anyone, that biya and cpdm, can accomplish anything good and
    drive that country to prosperity. Sad enough.

  10. Since he was appointed to government in 1964 Biya has promoted nothing more than the retardation of Cameroonian progress.
    In 54yrs;
    South Africa abbolished apartheid and changed leaders
    Ghana changed at least 8 presidents and progressed
    China grew their economy to become the main bank for African beggars
    Dubai converted from a desert to an oasis for African migrants dying for employment.
    Why would Decentralization promised 25yrs ago happen now?
    “If you give a monkey a banana and money, he will choose a banana because he doesn’t know money can buy a whole lot of bananas”
    The people of Cameroon have been dancing with banana knowing it has no value to them for 54yrs. 7 more years will change nothing. Banana can never buy money!
    Who is fooling who?
    When the Collective IQ is Low!

  11. Since he came to power in 1982 President Biya has a long list of unfulfilled promises.The man is a real liar,

  12. There are a couple of folks who parade this forum looking at commentaries to attack instead of commenting.
    It amazes me each time a young individual willfully suppresses reasoning and common sense and subscribes to tribally tinged tendencies, cronyism and gerontocracy. I laugh each time I imagine how these fellas support a dictator and trade moral principles on such an industrial scale.
    I am generally apolitical, a pacifist, not a war mongering rabble-rouser but looking at the imagery of reverse ageism at play, nonagenarians holding hostage a young country for decades, I am bemused how a country with so many intellectuals can fall for this charade.
    Silence, complacency and complicity are culprits in evil. No other person can lead? Ahh, surely people need a mental floss. Ouch!

  13. You started the war and now you’re asking ambazonians to stop? How? How serious are you, Dr Biya?

  14. Paul Biya took a pledge without The Bible?

  15. Bloomberg did not understand the speech. Decentralization has been in the Cameroon constitution since 1996 and has never been implemented. The president just lied to please international community. Nothing is going to change. They will still be appointing colonial governors and “sub prefets”

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