Cameroon’s COVID-19 cases surpass 2,000

YAOUNDE, May 2 (Xinhua) — Nearly two months after Cameroon reported its first confirmed COVID-19 case, the total number registered in the central African country has surpassed 2,000, according to statistics updated Saturday by Africa CDC.

According to Africa CDC, 2,069 coronavirus cases have been detected in Cameroon, including 934 cured cases and 61 death. The fatality rate is about 2.95 percent, lower than the average in Africa (about 4,12 percent).

On Wednesday, Cameroon health authorities said all the 10 regions of the country have reported COVID-19 cases, with more than half of the cases detected in the central region where the capital Yaounde is located.

However, the government later decided on Thursday to ease some of social distancing restrictions by allowing bars and restaurants to run after 6 p.m., and lifting passenger number restriction in public transport.

These changes were based on the recommendation of a study on the socio-economic impact of the pandemic, according to Cameroon government.

Cameroon reported its first infection on March 6, an imported case from Europe, and has closed national borders and applied social distancing since March 18. Enditem

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  1. A covid-19 disaster is on its way to Cameroon. How on earth would any one, ease the measures that have helped to reduce the fast spread of this pandemic in Cameroon? It’s like our leaders have lost it.Can any one figure out how fast this deadly pandemic would spread like wild fire now that people would begin getting drunk and hogging bartenders without noticing? Has anyone thought how fast it is to contract this killer of an illness in a crowded cab in our towns? Did the so call authority take into cognizance the speed of which corona virus would use to spread in town to town transportation in which passengers dose on other passengers during their rides on these junks to other towns? Oh my lord, what kind of ill luck has befallen any one who calls him or herself a Cameroonian?

  2. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Lord Acton

    Those who wield power have no ideas; those with ideas have no power. Prof. P. L.O. Lumumba.

    See how Minister of Territorial Administration, minister of Higher Education, minister of public health and even prime minister are using their powers!

    Yesterday Kim Jong Un of North Korea finally emerged from three weeks of hiding. Won’t it be wonderful if Paul Biya does the same tomorrow? Someone has to step up and rescue Cameroon from COVID-19!!!!

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