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Cameroon’s English-Speaking Areas Becoming Deserted

KUMBO, CAMEROON VOA | Towns and villages in Cameroon’s restive Anglophone regions are being deserted as battles rage between separatists and the country’s military. The fighting intensified after President Paul Biya’s New Year’s message in which he insisted that his military would neutralize separatists who refuse to lay down their arms.

A senior Cameroon military official, who did not wish to be named, warns in a report that visiting the mostly deserted northwestern town of Kumbo he will need military protection.

He says separatist fighters have been launching heavy attacks in the area and may be among the few people left on the streets.

On a ride through the streets of Kumbo, under military protection, it’s clear that most houses, markets and public places are abandoned while some homes and schools have been torched.

But Kumbo resident Mbiybe Tatah says that many locals are fleeing because they are afraid – not of separatists but of the military. They accuse Cameroon troops of burning their houses and shops in retaliation for failing to inform on separatist fighters hiding in their villages, he says.

“These armed military men just shoot at random and they term (call) people in Kumbo terrorists,” he says.

Tatah says people began fleeing after President Paul Biya’s New Year’s speech.

Many observers had expected Biya to announce the release of some separatist leaders in a bid for peace. But, he instead repeated a vow to eliminate all those who refuse to stop fighting and lay down their weapons.

The governor of the English-speaking northwest region, Deben Tchoffo, refutes claims that the military retaliates against civilians.

But he says they cannot allow separatists to terrorize people and destroy what Cameroon has built since independence.

“The head of state is still asking those that were misdirected to lay down their weapons. If not, they will be neutralized. I am therefore launching an appeal to those of the northwest region to heed to the call of the head of state. If not, they will be neutralized.”

Tchoffo says there have been many casualties since fighting intensified after Biya’s speech but he did not give figures.

Abdoul Jinguil Mussa, a crisis management expert with the Lake Chad Basin Commission, says Cameroon needs an independent body to lead peace negotiations with the separatists.

“People have died on both sides of the conflict. A lot of families have been displaced, property has been destroyed. That is why we say the best solution is when both parties have agreed that they are both losing. We need both parties to sit together in good faith, let the mediator be someone neutral, someone who is going to be there for peace to reign,” Mussa said.

Cameroon’s unrest began in November 2016 when English-speaking teachers and lawyers demonstrated against the growing dominance of French in the officially bilingual country.

Separatists took over the movement and started demanding independence for the English-speaking North West and South West regions.

In October 2017, Cameroon’s separatists declared what they called the English-speaking Republic of Ambazonia and vowed no cooperation with the government in Yaounde.

Cameroon says over 1,000 people have been killed in fighting since, including 200 policemen and troops, while hundreds of thousands have fled to French-speaking regions.

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  1. Stupid modafokas, ghost towns are effectively imposed so don’t use those pictures to paint your diabolic plan of populating our homeland with Beti/Bulu/Bassa/Fulani forest gorillas. We may be hiding in the bushes from your terrorist army but our land belongs to us including the seas, lakes, mountains, grasslands, trees, animals, crickets, birds, waterfall and resources underneath the earth. We will stop at nothing getting to homeland even if we have to die to get this happen. Ambazonia shall see the light sooner than later.

    • There is no sea in the N.W

      • He spoke on Ambaland in General not only about Bamenda, Limbe, Idenau, Debunscha etc all have sea.

      • Ugly monkey Kunde still thinks it’s a NW fight. Ancient gorilla. Your ancestors fled to Limbe and settled as refugees running from Ahidjo and the French killing machine and today you want to remind us how to go about our business. Well there’s no sea in the Bassa/Beto/Fulani forest either and when Ambazonia shall finally lay claim on Hickory Town (Douala) as it should be, you monkeys will decimate each other at sandy Kribi estuary.

  2. Fake news.
    The population gets it now.
    You have to isolate the ambazombians by denying them hiding spots.
    Field marshal got lucky, but his end is near.
    Unfortunately there is going to be pain before all gets better.

    • @Mbappe, there is pain on both sides. There is pain in Yaounde because the famous statement by master Biya that when Yaounde is breathing Cameroon is alive, is no longer entirely true. Cameroon is now under the watchdog of the entire world, who now aware of the Anglophone struggle. The economy is suffering and will continue to. Anglo and Franco lives are being losts. You are advocating complete annihilation of the people of the NW and SW regions, many whom are hiding in the bushes as are the separatist fighters. How do you flush them out without costing the lives of ordinary civilians? The nature of the fight in Ambazonia where they are fighting block by block means that no one field marshal is required. The government has to stop the bloodshed and seek an inclusive political solution.

      • You have an old fool hiding in Etoudi, sending out young men whose futures are yet undecided in the name of neutralizing separatists, but what he doesn’t tell these young soldiers is that they too can be neutralized by those the government has long since termed enemies in the house. We can’t be speaking as if this war is only affecting one party only. Imagine the distress and hate that families in Francophone Cameroon now have accumulated with the arrival of corpses of their children and husbands from the embittered NW and SW? Yet, people are so blind that they don’t realise that the real terrorist is the one who sent their children to kill their brothers. Ambazonians didn’t fire the first shot in this struggle, Biya’s terrorists soldiers did, when they began killing peaceful protesters!

      • @eyallow

        Just shut up they are more pain in ambaland . Terrorists should be eradicated in the map.

    • What pain dying corrupt breed spreading diseases and poverty in tropical Africa. You monkeys are the disease plaguing the black man. Your kind lack every wit to organize yourselves and run your affairs without kissing the Frenchman’s butt. Simple African nations cup that tiny Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Burkina Faso, Mali or Ghana successfully hosted cannot be hosted by thieving gorillas passing for civil servants. May a catastrophy wipe out the Beti-Bulu recluse destroying central Equatorial Africa.

      • You are a confused troll and the poor kids dying on your behalf.
        You are a lost soul.you need to be fix and fixed you will be in due time.

      • @Agony

        search an idiot and moron

        Before you re coming here opened your bigggggg mami pima mouth go learn your history nyamfuka.

        Do you forget at the beginning of this civil disobedience 2016? it was you ” terrorists peoples ” who went to begging the Queen Elizabeth to assists you in this matters hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahha, please tell us what she says or answer?

  3. The Franco-colonial North-South Power alliance of Adhijo and Biya did not kill all Bamilekes and Bassas during their 1950’s genocide why do they think it will work now?
    You can’t kill all 8million Anglophones from their towns and villages.
    500,000 Anglophones displaced
    120,000 refugees in Nigeria
    20,000 killed
    210 villages burnt down
    10,000 missing or jailed in French Cameroon
    A simple structural reform to use English in classrooms and Courtrooms in Anglophone Cameroon in a constitutionally bilingual country resulted in war by the incompetent Yaoundé tribal government.
    People who speak only French in all government offices and communiques, dress like French people, pray in French are telling us that we have no right to use English in Cameroon so War is better.
    Very Low IQ

  4. All these destructions because some Anglo- Saxons ‘intellectuels ‘ Negreos want to use English in classrooms and courts, in a area where the majority speaks pidgin!
    Some black people do not deserve to be called Africans.
    Hej, the year is 2019!

    • Keep killing till they bend over to take French from behind. That’s the best solution to the crisis isn’t it? After all the year is 2019 and forest gorillas have finally evolved to gods.

    • It is only OK to dress like the thieving French, speak the colonial French language everywhere in a ‘supposedly’ Bilingual country? Is it your naivety or is it stupidity that is blinding you?

    • All the Scandinavian countries Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland etc teach English and all speak English.
      They are not anglosaxons but they know the benefit of the bilingual education.
      All economic refugees from the African Equatorial forest would rather die trying to go these countries than stay in the forest why? Because of Low IQ calamity leaders
      Competent leaders make decisions that benefit the people not kill the people for France!
      Since the entire government of East Cameroon speaks only French a borrowed European language, they will never have the moral ground to tell us Anglophones that we can’t speak English another more world friendly European language.
      Yes we Anglophones speak pidgin and were are very proud of it, how many Africans speak pidgin >200M hello!

      • In Sweden you must learn and speak Swedish if you want a place in the society,.
        In Denmark, you must learn and speak Danish..
        In Norway, you must speak Norwegian!
        You can’t NEVER function in these societies if you can’t learn and speak their NATIVE language properly!
        English is used as a tool to communicate with the rest of the world.
        Why can’t Africans promote and impose their own language in their own home???
        They prefare kill each other over some European language. Sad!
        Request PIDGIN in courts and classrooms.!

        That could made some sens.

        • Why should I an African, request from you another African to speak pidgin?
          Who died and made you king of language that you have the arrogance of thought and monopoly to think that I have to request from you what to speak.
          Yes we speak pidgin as a native language. You can function very well in Anglophone Cameroon with pidgin just like in Scandina with indigenous languages.
          Like Scandinavians we prefer English in this world for our children and selves.
          Until the government mandates all Cameroonians to speak pidgin, then French Cameroon government can’t force us to speak French only because they want to increase French colonization in Africa in 2019!
          Francophones will never be more African than Anglophones because they speak French.
          You have no moral on language, so Stop killing!

        • [email protected] Cameroonians do promote and speak their own native languages at home all 230 plus of them without too much trouble and neither english ,pidgin or french is in that equasion (?) and rightly so..its their freedom of choice .
          In having part of the country addering to schooling and justice in English you have extra possibilites for employment.In justice with english common law you have” innocent until proven guilty ” and the language of international contracts,cheaper understandable engineering books computor programmes, and a vastly superiour amount of free higher education on the web .In the French you have “guilty untiil proven innocent” ,high brow liturature, ,the CAF treasury in paris and very expensive unreadable engineering books, and limited places in higher education

    • Truth and Facts


      What happened to you my dear?
      This comment above seems so below your level.

      Happy new year by the way!

      I couldn’t find you in Limbe last month and now AFCON will not be hosted in Cameroon. We need another rendezvous.

      • Hihihi @Truth and Facts

        Nothing happened to me.
        I’m just very concerned about what is going on back home. The fact that some losts people want to destroy that beatiful place makes me sick!
        I spent the best days of my journey in Limbe last month….
        The place was fine sotey..Hihihi…
        The best place to escape from the cities with all the noises…and from the family with all their noises too..lol..

        I’ll go back very soon again…
        Happy New year to you.

    • it is part of us ,and we are proud of our heritage,so mind your business.what business can u do with fools and brainwashed people like us.so leave us alone in our foolishness

  5. Terrorists must lay their weapons down or will all be killed “for free “cause nobody is backing their claim internationally or locally running empty mouth on this platform won’t stop the army the worst is on the way.

    • At the onset it was said the struggle wasn’t to last a week before it was crushed by Biya’s superior terrorist soldiers. Two years on and still no end in sight. Nothing is stronger than the will and courage of a people. Now Biya resorts to empty threats. We’ve seen this beast manifest itself before. The Americans went into Vietnam with sophisticated weapons and army and came out losers. How can you shoot the children of a people and expect them to live in harmony with you ever again? As it stands now, Ambazonians will find it hard to trust Francophones. This was the test and they have failed, making it abundantly clear that we don’t belong together. The way things are going, anglophones will rather die than go back into the same diabolic arrangement of slave and master we had before.

      • Papa, although you will not have it the way we used to do it in Ambaland,
        ie go to an off licence for a bottle or two, i pray you have it spiritually, in
        Amba name. You said it all.

  6. 2019 is supposed to usher in the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel but so far Cameroonians continue to be treated with an end-of-year speech focusing on “l’entreprise de la Guerre”, the proverbial pot calling the kettle black.
    Are the “entrepreneurs” different from those of the failed CAF games??????

  7. CameroUn is isolated regional I it’s dictator can no longer attend meetings. The dictator is alone even his minister s are not trusted and are denied speaking in public. This pathetic old man is desperate and sick. Very soon sanctions will be pouring in.

  8. After the war Ambazonia will still be Independent. Why is CameroUn fighting a lost battle?

    • Brown Sugar (Abuja)

      Freedom has never been given freely, it is fought for. Go ask Eritrea, South Sudan Croatia and Kosovo. Ambazonia is doing the right thing at the right time. Fight the enemy till the back off from terrorizing you and their forcefully occupation of your land. I smell freedom from afar off, it is coming slowly, but steadily, it is on the right course.

      The world is aware of Biya atrocities on the people of Southern Cameroon, the Lord of the manor ‘France will soon back off, and Biya will be alone in this whole mess.


    After the elections, Biya will do THIS…
    After the elections, Biya will do THAT…

    EMPTY THREATS. Nothing more nothing less

    The momentum remains UNSTOPPABLE
    The war remains UNWINNABLE

    Believe me or not,

    1. Amba boys will NEVER EVER lay down weapons.
    2. The Anglophone Question will be resolved this time around come rain come shine
    3. The so-called Ministry of DECENTRALISATION will NEVER operate in SC
    4. SC remains a NO-GO-AREA for the so-called Commission on Disarmament

    Dictator Bilingualism made his end-of-year speech EXCLUSIVELY in French. His “one and indivisible” Anglophones had to look for the translated version in order to understand what Dictator Bilingualism said. The commission on Bilingualism is indeed a JOKE IN BAD TASTE. It remains banne in SC

  10. @Brown Sugar (Abuja) ”The world is aware of Biya atrocities on the people of Southern Cameroon, the Lord of the manor ‘France will soon back off, and Biya will be alone in this whole mess.”…Ha ha ha ha…France seems to have already backed off,since the world has become aware,to the extent that the issue have been raised at the UN security council,France don’t want to associate themselves with the attrocities Biya is committing on the minority anglophones.Biya is alone in now alone in this mess…ha ha ha ha ha…

    • Kongosa..has Tapang’s hearing started? He is now calling Nsahlai grand frère in his apology letter!

      By the time we in this forum will file in ur own lawsuit, you’ll surely be calling us DADDY.

      What u fail to understand is that your mov’t has given Biya the legitimacy to do whatever he wants with Amba boys. The whole world warned u against beheading, amputation, kidnapping of school children….but you never listened, since you think u monopolize madness.

      Your mov’t has now been classified as a terrorist organisation, even worse than Boko—at least Boko always protected its own members, not ur mov’t.

      Why is Human Right Watch not mentioning the matter again?

      Forget it. CMR has troops in Central A R—UN wants no wahala with Biya—that is geopolitics.

      Go drink mimbo gee chance…

      • @Zam-Zam,
        Sometimes you pass for a reasonable individual, but arrogance has blinded whatever reasoning faculty you have left.
        Nothing is going to come of the lawsuit, I don’t know if you know that, or you think this is LRC’s justice system.

        • Hear me this one….what are u talking about? The defendant has tendered in an apology, and here u are, buying the case…typical Amba boy…u fire before asking yourself why you even fired in the 1st place. I feel very sorry for some you. You have no idea of how this world turns around, neither are willing to sit down and be schooled on how and why it spins on its axis, intellectual Amba boys and illiterate ones alike.

          Know this ! There are lawsuits that once filed in there is no turning back, cos things like inciting genocide is taken over by state prosecutors. Even if the plaintiff wants to withdraw the case, no way. They would tell him to go back home and not to worry.

          If this ur madness stuff were feasible, you would have been taking orders from me. On the battle front of course…

        • @Zam-Zam,
          The talking head just validated what I’m saying…..incompetent arrogance.
          Let’s see what becomes of your so-called lawsuit.

  11. @ Bikutsi.
    You’ve summarised the folly in a nutshell.

    The Bamum people can trace their reigning dynasty since 1394, and here we have Africans willing to shed blood for an adopted identify which is barely 60 years old.

    • Idiotic monkey

    • Thank you @Limbe kid for understanding my point.
      These people have become so desperate so they don’t even know what they are fighting for anymore.
      As you can se, some trolls here must now hijack others forumits screen names because they can’t stand themselves anymore..
      Very stupid people!

  12. We shall overcome some day.

  13. @limbe kid Of course,the Africans are shedding blood becos they don’t want French to be imposed on them….Is that to difficult for u to understand? We should be allowed to choose our language.If we chooses English,that should be our business,not yours.But please,don’t impose French in our classrooms and courts.Rwanda just switched from French to English,as official language.It is what they have chosen.We don’t want your master’s language in our courts and schools….Is it too difficult to understand?

  14. @Bikutsi ”All these destructions because some Anglo- Saxons ‘intellectuels ‘ Negreos want to use English in classrooms and courts, in a area where the majority speaks pidgin!” …Yes,the destruction is becos some francofools ‘intellectuel’ Negroes in Yaounde wants to impose their masters language,French.In an area where the majority speaks pidgin!

  15. @Lum,
    Anglo-Saxons are not limited to to England. They are simply part of the Germanic group, of which the Scandinavians are the northern branch, therefore there is nothing particularly strange with the latter using English, which is a Germanic language. They are members of the same family.

    No one is forcing anybody do anything. You are clinging to straws. Prior to 1993 there was no anglophone university, yet no one took up arms. You now have options in Buea and Bamenda, yet claim to have no outlet for academic expression. The same people who make a big deal of French, have no qualms studying in eastern Europe or China.

    Stop wasting your energy trying to force a open door.

    • @ Limbe kid
      Your argument is that because it was accepted in the past to have no English university in Cameroon before 1993 forcing generation of Anglophones into higher educational exile we should not demand better?
      So a slave shall never have the right to leave a plantation because his forefathers did not fight to leave?
      Thousands of teachers and lawyers requested to use English in classrooms and Courtrooms in Anglophone Cameroon and after 60yrs of unification to create a bilingual nation you think militarization, killings and war is a competent strategy from the government?
      English is a much more versatile language in the world today, like Scandinavians, We have chosen English over French for our generations, Why should this turn into a war?
      Very Low IQ approach!

  16. AmbaBoys are up to any task. You just heard that after the Monster’s speech,fighting hs intensified,which means our Boys are not giving a damn to his useless speech. “For when you see a little bird dancing in the middle of the pathway,you know its drummer is in the nearby bush” Our Boyz,their drummer is drumming for them and they would dance the best dance. Our Boyz need this kind of infuriated speech to boost their momentum

    • Yes, once they start feeling the heat let them stay in Kumbo town and leave the populace alone in their refuge. They should face the army without running to hide where peace-loving people are temporarily seeking refuge, in order to create confusion.

      You hide in the West and send others to the slaughter house. You think you’re wise, don’t you?

      It’s a pity that late general Ivo figured out your true intents in the diaspora when it was already too late—his own boys could not accept that he is running away to Canada to surely meet his relatives and start a new and madnees-free life after he had enough of ur senseless war. Same with the guy in Batibo who had his etas visa and was about to tear track…

      • You this Humpty Dumpty. What kind of lie can you not invent? The old cliche..”hiding in the west and sending others to die “ is too old. Prepare a fresh concoction Beti child of a one night stand between a Mbalmayo park boy and a Beti hawker. Ivo was going to Canada this monkey says. Listen again pig head, arrest every diasporan supporting the boys, throw Tapang and co in prison, that will not take away the guns from the Amba fighters. Frightened monkeys that cannot defend their votes yet know every reason the crisis could be solved except pushing the Etoudi monster butcher to come to reason. Ambazonians will not yield! Siseku already told your Kangaroo court he isn’t Camerounese so your courts have no mandate to try him. 8 million of us are not Camerounese either so kidnapping is a crime.

        • You’re a genocidaire…go on YT and see what your baby-monsters are doing to Anglos on GZ. Even your own mad-club member, Capo, is now begging Amba boys to stop mutilating Anglos. But too late, mad dogs are already out.

          Capo dong see wehti?

          It seems it is only now that the barga is discovering your diaspora madness. When we were warning them in NGR to be very careful about people like Cho and Akwanga, they never listened. These are people who are being sustained by psychotropic substances for years, due to the very hard life in the West. Their reality perception is as good as zero. They malignly used the Franco-Anglo divide 2 lure some Anglos, who were hungry for revenge but not ready to go that far.

          Too late !

          No drug can heal them now—worse than Boko.

          Shame on u 4 sponsoring…

        • Yes I am a genocidaire as much as Paul Mvondo and his killing tribal army your parkboy father from Mbalnayo hailed from. What’s left now is to use the available evidence to see who to convict. You loud sounding gong gong head claim to know a lot but eventually flushes only garbage from your mouth and anus. Ayaba doesn’t command the ground forces. Benedict Koah does. After being dismissed from UB for challenging the corrupt status quo that erased the student union and introduced fees, up till this day, he has a 31 years tract record of fighting a system that has killed and frustrated many and still deserves the benefit of the doubt for being a former incorruptible classmate that broke Akwanga out of your Kondengui hell fire. Maybe you devils make Akwanga the monster he’s so deal with it.


    Tapang is 31 (thirty-one) years old.
    Simply put, he was born 5 years AFTER Dictator Biya was handed the presidency on a platter of gold.
    It is funny that the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC is wasting money from the “plan d’urgence” to drag Tapang to court in the US.

    This case is a blessing in disguise:

    1. Of course, the case will be dismissed.
    2. the atrocities of LRC in SC will be exposed to the world.

    Apologists of the evil Dictator will be disappointed that Tapang will NEVER EVER be repatriated to a country that perpetrates genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in SC.

  18. Emmanuel can file any law suit of his choice for all we care,we ready to go to any court of his choice, I hate underestimating anybody’s especially someone l di know my small bro friend in bali, he thinks can come against ivo tapang cause of age, money will be a mistake , surprised instead fight us collectively and don’t think will be up to the task with the nonsensical lawsuits,the only reason to the best of my judgement that clown Sailah is doing dis is cause his mother is beti ,thus he thinks can threatened us with law suit. Unfortunately we are plenty has practice law in the America judicial system thus I wondered who is threatening with a lawsuit what a joker, is a complete miscalculation on his part to think he can go after tapang cause is a small boy, I hate to fight an old friend

    • Please, please, please! The merits of a case are determined inside the court, not outside of it. And street-smart does not necessarily mean smart inside the court. Last but certainly not the least, any lawyer you underrate may come in fortified with a fraternity of colleagues.
      A better contribution is to wish the accused the best.

    • Is it Emma filing in the case, or his client?

      Emma has to be preparing Tataw’s file, that garri-man must be brought to book…

  19. Not only the best , but will part of the defense team of Ambazonia because dis suit is not only against tapang but the liberation movement as a whole in America, also like I said earlier the are many Ambazonia lawyers in America understand the judicial process well, and we’re ready to face Emmanuel and la republique in any court of their choice, even though I still have respect for my old friend Sailah , I think his judgement in dis instance stink because of his mother been beti and a brother to ismael bidoung tribalist clowns like the despotic Regime

  20. @Zam-Zam During war,we talk of war crimes and crimes against humanity,we don’t talk of terrorism.That your senseless case,just like the senseless war that your president declared,would be thrown out of court.

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