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Cameroon’s gov’t says ready to dialogue with separatists

YAOUNDE, May 10 Xinhua | — Cameroonian Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute said Thursday that his government is willing to dialogue with armed separatist on all demands excluding separation.

“Apart from the indivisibility of Cameroon, the president of the republic is ready to organize a formal dialogue to resolve the socio-political crisis in Northwest and Southwest. The president is ready to dialogue with the separatists,” Ngute told a press conference in Bamenda, the largest city in Cameroon’s Anglophone regions.

Government forces will be withdrawn from the two English-speaking regions of the country and dialogue will commence as soon as separatist fighters drop their weapons and get reintegrated into society, he said.

“I have come here to listen to you and ask you to intervene and get our children (armed separatists) out of the bushes so that we can return to normal life. Children have suffered enough,” Ngute said during his maiden peace mission to the troubled Northwest region.

On Tuesday, Cameroon’s National Committee on Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration said that in five months, 56 separatist fighters have “voluntarily” laid down their arms to “embrace normal life.”

Cameroon is facing serious security challenges in the two Anglophone regions of Northwest and Southwest where separatists want to create an independent nation they called “Ambazonia.”

According to the United Nations, more than 430,000 Cameroonians have been displaced internally and at least 30,000 others have fled to neighboring Nigeria since the conflict started in 2017.

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  1. For those with a thoughtful far sieghted strategic way of thinking.what do you think will be the end of the current crisis?

    • @BAH:
      we can write all sorts of things in this forum, pretend and use all sorts of names to call other cameroonians..
      We fool ourselves in this forum, use strange names or words to abuse others when they try to air uot their oppinions..
      This country is at war now for 3 years..Many lives lost and much property damaged..
      – Is there any cameroonian in this forum, who dont know the cause of this problem?
      -Is there any cameroonian in this forum who dont know this country is a unity of two different countries?
      – The problem starts when we want to run away from history and discuss a problem like FEH men..
      If we are honest, why should we be afraid to talk of words like seperation, federalism etc etc, why not..
      An honest man has nothing to hide..
      LRC are just FEH men and thats the problem..

      • You have spoken well my brother. An honest man has nothing to hide and not topic of discussion should be a tabu.

      • Good job !! @ Biko, a moderate, dynamic and reasonable contribution.

  2. Dear Ambazonians, Who biya fooling? , For any form of dialogue to take place,all Ambazonians in his prisons must be release first without any conditions, including all our leaders.The dialogue shall take place out of Cameroon and in the prsent of USA and the UNO.

    • Where are the Ambazonia thugs? Those are Biya’s people in plain sight in Bamenda. If you have any balls come out of your bushes and attack them. You are only good at kidnapping students from their schools. Mbut people.

  3. We and the french are already apart and shall never eat on the same table again. We have been killed and no amount of forgiveness can healed the wounds.
    If we could separate from Eastern Nigeria,Why not from from french Cameroon?
    Think of it

    • @ chitekuteku, I’m sure you are one of the so-called anglophones with tainted Biafra blood. You are speaking for yourself and not for the majority of us anglophones who love our brothers and sisters east of the mungo. Southern Cameroon was never ever a country. This was a brief fabrication by the colonial masters to evenly distribute Cameroon’s resources among themselves Kapish? The almighty God who created Cameroon in the first place brought us back together and what God has created nobody and I repeat nobody can put asunder. What the colonial masters did several centuries ago can never determine our boundaries. You separatists are fighting a lost cause.

      • Equally u are one of the french nonentities who does not know anything about the history of cameroon and probably have been brainwashed by the french.Allow us fight our course, send more of ur french brothers ,to fight. We are ready to tackle them.Just a matter of time.We left Nigeria in 1960, it is time for us now to path ways with guys.Freedom is fought for and we are exactly do so.Things will never be the same again.

        • Chitekuteku, You Biafrans can never separate from Nigeria now you want to cause problems in Cameroon. Read my lips, Cameroon will never ever separate. Cameroon history can never be determined by what the white man created for their national interest but by what God created for our national interest. I will repeat again what God created, nobody can put asunder. Let me remind you Biafra man. I am a free born of Santa in the NW province of Cameroon which is supposed to be in the so-called anglophone territory the colonial masters fabricated. We hate your ambazonia foolishness and each time you’ve sent your tugs to Santa, we’ve eaten their balls for breakfast with hot pepper. Southern Cameroon never left Nigeria for it is part of Cameroon that was separated by the colonial masters kapish?

  4. One and only GOAL,

    Total indpendence of Ambazonia

    • You talked of Abuem A. elsewhere, this is another opportunity you are going to give to Biya to make his case in front of the international community. Achoyi said it, Biya knows the Anglo prob more than any other CMR.

      That is why, Biya knows just too well that ur movement will surely run away from dialogue. And he will turn around and tell the inter-community that, “I no bin tok?”.

      The only persons benefiting from this organised chaos are Biya and Sako…the former secured another 7yrs without sweating, the latter is receiving 10K per month, for sleeping and waking up…

      • @zz don’t waste time arguing with a moron who don’t even know that the sovereignty of the so called southern cameroons was transferred to the president Ahidjo After the referendum making these territories part of the Republic of Cameroon that the only way forward is for these midgets to lay their weapons down and try to understand they will never ever succeed.

        • When the head is empty, the mouth is dirty. The limit of a person is expressed virtually and visibly in your words as some parazital element of the fake ripoublique des bananes du Cameroun, where feymania is a merit. Empty brains cannot think, something normal.

        • Who told you that sovereignty is transferred through an illegal referendum? Where are you from? French Cameroon voted in the referendum in 1972. Where have you seen the majority part of a union vote in a referendum to that changes the rights of the minority? When Quebec votes on whether to secede, do you see the entire Canada vote on the issue? When Puerto Rico votes to decided whether to become a U.S. State, do you see other U.S. States vote on the matter? Even when the U.S. states decided to come into the Union, each individual State voted on its own and decided to be formally part of the USA. When you don’t know how things work, take two seats and inquire how it works.

    • Strangely, you are too short sighted to see that the only person Biya is afraid to talk to is just beside him.

      The chosen one, AYUK SISIKU. The person chosen by GOD to guide the people out the the kingdom of slavery of la ripoublique where crime, tribalism, incompetence, treason, treachery, stealing, killing, embezzlement and feymania are the champions.

      The destiny of the chosen is set to be accomplished as it was stated in the book of the birth of nations.


      Il est fort possible que peinez à le comprendre, mais c’est un fait et son peuple est dans l’attente de la consécration de la victoire de tout un peuple. Le peuple des rejetée. Le peuple de la souffrance. Le peuple de la douleur. C’est l’image que vous nous avez aidé à dispatcher dans le monde. Merci.

      • A goat remains a goat goats of your kind were the ones who lied to the so called Anglophones that Ayuk tablet was elected only in the mindset of people like you that he exists your are amongst people who are still thinking that the Cameroon dialogue will be held on an unknown area so that you come and labeled yourself a representative of the Anglophones but let me tell you something we have identified all of you and will never ever step your paws in cameroon anymore.

        • A sheep is always running after a goat, despite he foolishness.

          Un azoupeb complexé qui se retrouve en manque d’affection vient chercher à tapiner vers des Bamendas.

          You are soon going to hang yourself as the UN is crucifying your criminal, rapist, feyman, embezzlers, crooks, thieves and ultimate bandits system. You are doomed to pay for the crimes you are commuting against the BRAVE people of Ambazonia.
          Colby, the Anglo caniche go soon rot on the fire to be eaten by the thugs of Biya. Espèce de KAPO.

        • Before anything, make sure that you are also behind a tripple firewall + a shadowed DNS couppled with a reverse server. Kengué, you think say ya small brain fit attend the vision of the future of AMBAZONIA ? We are the never again generation. We outmart you in all aspects. We are LIGHT YEARS ahead of your nano brains.

          Le kengué pense que coller deux trois textes lui suiffisent pour le faire passer pour un productif, or, c’est un autre tonneau vide de la ripoublique qui ne pige rien dans le complexe qui se batit pour les engloutir comme des vermines. Petite cervelle, when you go attend a certain level of decryption, you go get the hash phrase for a simplified method. Small brain à l’image des lèches bottes de la ripoublique perdue dans le néant.

  5. Every leader has his conscience and his inner circle of trusted persons to guide him in decision making. Some venture to listen to outside critics too.
    US President, Lyndon Baynes Johnson listened carefully to CBS news anchor, Walker Cronkite, an outsider and went on to withdraw American troops from Vietnam, saving a lot of lives that would have been wasted.
    Across the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and plenty of land mass, Saddam Hussein ignored all calls to ask his troops to lay down their weapons. He stuck to his guns, listened to his inner worshippers and praise singers. The end result was his disgraceful capture, torture, murder and an end to his dream.

    President Paul Biya at the crossroads of history, is toying with his ego, his sycophants’ utterances and plenty of outside appeals

    • Good perspective. I like going down the memory lane, giving others an idea of what history upholds and what time inexorably delivers. There are those willing to ignore the ills of Biya and are willing to support him through hell and highwater, and present all sorts of odd ball theories about how we got here with barefaced childlike ignorance. It is really jarring.

  6. The government is ready to dialogue with the separatists,but is not ready to talk about separation,that calls to question what do the separatists really want the most?your answer is as good as mine.

  7. So why are you locking up Mancho, Siseku et al, Ndangoh, Awa, etc..? Lying piece of filth.

    • Kamto nko?

      He could be vital to make the Anglo case in front of the book during negotiations…

    • @Dot Cause they have decided to bury Cameroon as the corrupted government paved the way with destruction their place is where they are unless otherwise .

  8. This GUY(PM) j\has been in those areas for few days now.
    Not even a single shot from amba boys. That tells us the “fight” is winding down.
    And that is the main reason the GOC is talking about “talks”; but talks to leaders non involved with ambazozos.
    This thing will be over by year end.
    ambazozos will be history and we really feel sorry for the brainwashed boys.
    Very sad for the “rates”in the west. Their dream for oil is kaput.
    Kaamerun is ONE and will remain so.

  9. Its very naiv to get up and think this problem is between the thieves and corrupt failed LRC government and Ambazonia..
    Its extremely naiv to think that the war is over and the brutal, retarded and primitive so call BIR drunkards of a soldiers have won..
    Again, its about a union of two states that many things went wrong. A civilized nation with smart patriots can solve such a problem without any killings , rapings and burning of houses of innocent people..
    These strange brutal ary have helped to radicalize many people ….
    Now the failed Gorilas from the tropical rain forest heading this government want to talk to all even the Separatist. Why now?..
    Seems like the pressure on the MVOG MEKA THUGS is increasing daily .

  10. “Biya will withdraw his troops when we lay down our arms…” Ha ha ha. Lay down your arms so that his genocidal soldiers can complete the job.
    At some point if the LRC terrorists will not stop killing Ambazonians, we will have no choice but to start going into offices in Ambazonia where LRC citizens work and taking them down.

    • The Bamilekes are cowards–go back to your dirty, muddy, stinking villages, NOW.

    • Amour Mezam buses must be burnt down. Mr. Amour Mezam and Fokou go back to Bamilekeland.

    • No more Dschang quarters in Kumba.

    • ALL Bassas in Tiko go back to LRC.

  11. All LRC students and lecturers in Bamenda and Buea Universities must go. Chase them out of our neighborhoods.

    • If there are any LRC citizens in your neighborhood, inform Amba boys and they will take care of the bastards.

    • Start killing LRC citizens in Ambazonia, immediately. PLEASE. Do it NOW.

    • We are at war. They kill us, we kill them. No Mercy

    Please, spread this message around.

  12. The government is very good at organizing clown shows with Anglophone protagonist like Atanga Nji, Dion Ngute, Yang, Musonge etc
    Intra CPDM dialogue
    8MILLION Anglophones in 2016 requested from the majority Francophone Yaoundé government to use English in classrooms and Courtrooms in a constitutionally bilingual country, why?
    The government refused, arrested Anglophones, labeled them terrorist, cut Internet to Anglophones for 100days, militarize Anglophone territory and declared war.
    Today 300 villages burnt a la Rhoyingya
    120,000 refugees in Nigeria
    550,000 internal refugees
    20,000 killed
    10,000 missing or jailed in French Cameroon
    130,000 children no school
    4million Anglophones affected by the war
    Meanwhile CPDM to CPDM dialogue continues
    Who is fooling who?
    Low IQ

    • LRC is fooling itself and a dying dog.A day is coming that they will have to apply for a visa to enter our country just for two days visit.We have advanced more than the french pple think and are already on a course. The road to victory is long but possible.

  13. This LRP guys dont want to eave us because they know what they are benefiting from our resources. They know if they go out of Ambaland, SONARA would be gone and that is the Heart Beat of the nation, couple with CDC,Timber etc. They should have thought of that before declaring war on Ambazonians. Now its too late. No going back. We are no longer united .They kill our people,burnt houses,kill our animals and destroy our crops. We can’t go back to live together with them.

  14. Does it make any sense ? Has any country ever win a war against its own people ? All this people dying are Cameroonians too wether they stand for a Unitary state or a Federated union , they too deserve their own opinion. The Youande Regim has exacerbated this matter and stunningly refused to listen to all sides without prejudice. Look where the country is now? When the moderate voices were calling for dialogue, the administration rejected their call. Now radicalism has taken hold and there is no one to dialogue , that is when The prime minister is preaching dialogue. Start by releasing people in prisons and all those in solitary confinement.

  15. Who is LRC fooling?
    Go tell biya and his french nonentities that we shall dialogue at the UNO Headquarters and not in his banana Republic. Tell him that we shall revisit the history of cameroon between 1954-1960,before having the way forward.No dialogue in cameroon and no dialogue with our citizens in ur prisons.It seems french camerooun is insane and are not seeing the dangers of this revolution.Time shall tell.

  16. Who is LRC fooling? We have gone
    Go tell biya and his french nonentities that we shall dialogue at the UNO Headquarters and not in his banana Republic. Tell him that we shall revisit the history of cameroon between 1954-1960,before having the way forward.No dialogue in cameroon and no dialogue with our citizens in ur prisons.It seems french camerooun is insane and are not seeing the dangers of this revolution.Time shall tell.

  17. Epée Dipanda

    1 helicopter down, 3.more to go. Until another one comes their way, the people they were going to kill will live another day

leo Aliquam in Nullam Praesent id