Cameroon’s main opposition leader calls for protests

The Malaysian | MAURICE Kamto, chief opponent of Cameroonian President Paul Biya, yesterday called for mass protests next week to demand a ceasefire in the country’s insurgency hit English-speaking areas and electoral reform.

Kamto, who officially lost to Biya in 2018 elections, was arrested in January, 2019, following a march protesting the vote. Biya ordered him freed nine months later under international pressure.

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  1. Looks, like Fru Ndi is out of the way. Looks, like his fight today,
    is with the Ambaboys.

    • Ambaboys in the bush are the demon children of the etoudi cabal. They have the same tactics, tell the same lies and get their power from the blood and suffering of the innocent and weak.

  2. i am very dissappointed with frudi


    “Two persons have been killed and several others injured in the Far North region of Cameroon.

    The deadly Boko Haram terrorist sect left fear in the hearts of the people of Kassa, a locality in the Far North early this morning. The group stroke with an estimated 1200-member strong force.

    Reports say their huge numbers and fighting gear were no match for vigilante groups, most of whom were armed with just machetes.”

    *MY TAKE*

    All the BIRs have been sent to fight an UNWINNABLE war in SC, Towns inthe Far North are now being protected by vigilante groups armed with machetes.
    Boko Haram will surely destrox the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC


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