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Cameroon’s Main Opposition Party to Boycott February Elections

YAOUNDE (REUTERS) – Cameroon’s opposition leader said on Monday his party would boycott February’s legislative and local elections, hardening his standoff with the authorities, which are also grappling with a deadly separatist insurgency.

This is the latest sign that President Paul Biya’s attempts to foster national reconciliation have faltered, after peace talks in September were boycotted by separatists and opposition politicians.

Maurice Kamto, the head of the opposition Cameroon Renaissance Movement (MRC), called on other opposition parties, as well as civil society and religious groups, to join MRC in boycotting the elections on Feb. 9.

“The electoral code is tailored to allow the current regime to cheat and remain in power forever,” he told a news conference.

Kamto has been mobilising dissent against Biya since losing what he says was a fraudulent presidential election in October.

Biya, who has governed Cameroon for nearly four decades, is seeking to calm unrest stoked by the vote as well as a separatist crisis that has cost 2,000 lives over the past two years.

Kamto was arrested in January after leading protests which security forces dispersed with live bullets, and faced insurrection charges before a military court.

He was released last month in what the government said was a gesture of national reconciliation.

The separatist revolt, which began as peaceful protests by English speakers against what they see as their marginalisation by the French-speaking majority, now aims to create an independent state.

It has emerged as the biggest security challenge of Biya’s tenure, forcing half a million people from their homes.

(Reporting by Josiane Kouagheu, writing by Anna Pujol-Mazzini, editing by Alessandra Prentice and Gareth Jones)

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  1. What a lunatic.
    Realizing his party will lose if time, at the last minute he decide to jump ship.
    Is it now at 11hoir you just realized the laws are flawed or we have to “fix” the NOSO.
    Although never like the dude, I am really sorry as people like Ndoki we’re actually needed as MPs.
    This guy is a big time looser.
    One can be an academician, but a “piètre” a dums****t politician.

  2. Talk about shooting your self in the foot! Crazy people, same nonsense Ni John chairwoman use to do with SDF thereby giving Paul Biya a free pass!

  3. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Mbappe the dwarf tribalist. The conditions of election Biya has set through elecam is a mafia ring to be boycotted by any sane politician you this genocidaire sicko. The world camera lens is zooming in on your genocidal tribal bigot of a president as his heavy pissed filled diaper combined with fresh [email protected] was too heavy for his trouser to carry. You monkeys haven’t seen anything yet. Biya-Bulu-Beti republic is done. Where is your dirty rotting lass whore sister Bikutsi to come and give you back up. Monkeys. Anyways let me oil my guns in this foreign news. Amba for life!

  4. Kamto is a genius and not Fru ndi.Everything will lined up accordingly.

  5. In the manner in which Biya is now, it is more of a disgrace to the country, than anything
    else. Shameful, but good to a political scientist like Elvis Ngole Ngole etc.

  6. Boycotting the upcoming legislative elections may be fine but backing this up with the wrong reasons ( war declared on Anglophones) is very suspicious and hollow. The presidential elections of October 2018 took place in spite of the very war!!!

    • Kudos.
      sometimes you seem wise.

    • @Big John,
      I’m a bit disappointed with your reaction (one is entitled to his /her opinion of course including you). Kamto gave his reasons which you think are hollows. What are the reasons for not participating according to you then?

      • I am sorry if I upset you by not praising your chosen candidate. I would say the same if it were Akere Muna, John Fru Ndi, Joshua Osih or any of those vacillating and keeping the miserable citizens permanently in despondency. Do you challenge the idea that the presidential election of 2018 took place in spite of the war in the NW, SW or are you simply looking for where to spew your bike?
        Every party leader is of course all-powerful as long as there are sycophants to keep his Achilles’ heels concealed, which you seem quite determined to do by attacking my views

        • John,
          I have respect for you as a human, an African, a Cameroonian & as a bro if I may say.
          We share many things (the way we see things) even if you are not aware of it.
          You have you own way of saying things and defend your thoughts & way of thinking.
          My point was very simple: a) not a critic b) not a rebuke c) not an insult. I was just pointing that as a respectable and wise person that I think you are (unless you prove me otherwise), it was have been very constructive to say what you think of Kamto’s decision instead of just say it was hallow. Many other have gave their views below {without qualifying others of “sycophants”}. But remember I do not care what you think of my humble self. We all know only “stupid” do not change, I would appreciate if Kamto even only remember NOSO now.

    • Politics is like a chess game.Time will tell if the decision was hollow or not.It is too early

      • Wait and see, the SDF would soon be declaring that they too are throwing the towel in, without NW/SW/West SDF has zero chance.

        CPDM wuna go get da 100%, man no run…

  7. When election results are tabulated on a black board in chalk with no audit trail, the conclusion is foregone. This whole election nonsense is a joke like everything biya touches. You vote for Senators he appoints Senators. You vote for Council and Mayor he appoints as Government Delegate who controls the budget. Soon lrc will beg to be part of Gabon. Nothing has changed and this election will not move the needle.

  8. The dead SDF and its ever compromised Fru Ndi, now will be thinking it has a lee way
    to win. But this is still not in SC. Fru Ndi, will never support his own, because of material
    gains from the devil. If it were possible therefore, all his gains from 1992, should be put
    in flames and him left naked. He can not be that wicked to his people for 30 pieces of silver.

  9. What amazes me is not putting the real reasons why he cann’t go for election – no political base and funds. Instead of letting his sympathisers know these and ask for them to work to resolve this gaps, he chickens out with flimsy excuses. For those of you who think he is real he has no base even in the places he claims to sympathise with. Cameroon needs a leader not an orpportunist. If he cannot come out and ask his supporters for funding for a course he truly believes, then Cameroonians should be very lucky to not have somebody who is not courageous enough to speak the truth.
    Let us cut this blablabla until we start being sincere/truthfull we are going no where, even if Biya dies today we will be in thesame position, Gabon should give us some headache to think about.

    • We are Mr Mrs sabitou, even in the domain where we lack even an ounce of knowledge. Oh Cameroonians

  10. The gpal of Kamto was to ecpose electoral fraud and not to get a political job.Mission accomplished..If u r disappointed…go join another political parrty

    • Take one Amba Matango bottle for my bill. Good point even though it’s foreign news to me.

      • For once I agree with both of you, I hope this is the last time tho.

        CPDM has proven that they are in no way ready to save CMR and shame their egos. MRC was more than ready to give it a try and avoid another post-electoral crisis, but they had zero chance to complete their files as DO’s systematically went on leave—and it is not clear what’ll happen in NW/SW.

        By refusing to sign many opposition application docs, the CPDM was already the winner without the least fight.

        The CPDM has no choice now but to come out very clear with the special status stuff, or go ahead and win with 99% and watch MRC join forces with Anglos. What has been lingering in Kamto’s head.

        Kamto masters Etoudi, there is surely a well-thought strategy behind this boycott.

        Anyway, let’s wait and see…

        • Zam,

          Well said.

          I agree on the let’s wait & see…

          Madame Kah is the no wagon as Kamto, or should I say Kamto just join Kah wagon ===> no going to those “simulacres d’elections” ……

          From what I can gather (and everyone can) from Ngola (Yde), things might no be that negative for Kamto.

  11. why are u people surprise that KAMTO refused to take part in the elections?..You cannot compare a presidential election and local elections..Did Biya do any campaign ?..No but he won..With local elections you need to be on the field..Boycotting may be used as a form of political protest where MRC feels that electoral fraud is likely, or that the electoral system is biased against its candidates, which i think is true..CPDM is just a group of GANGSTERS that have taken Cameroon hostage, coupled with this lazy brainless ESSINGAN-BETI-BULU people who cant deliver..A people who see the white man as a semi God, drink wine, dance and have sex while their women lead in prostitution..
    The country is down, economy down, Biya brainless and obeys France and macron as cameroons Leader.
    Good luck KAMTO

  12. KAMTO- feels for the people of the NWP and SWP..For these dirty smelling BETI_BULU, they see us as a minority and dont really care how many people die everyday..Since the BIYA MONOLOGUE- called by thieves and GAngsters and grand Dialogue, more than 250 have been killed…
    Kamto , a smart lawyer and a man of the people was quick and smart to deny participation stressing on the importance of peace in the country..He sees as a priority that the thieves, Gangsters at Etoudi should first of all look for long lasting solutions to solve the political problem affecting the country..
    I Salut you mr KAMTO..I admire your courage and honesty as a cameroonians..You have a brain and can be the real one to take the country forward..i know u are hated in the BETI-BULU region because u are too intelligent.

  13. Prof. Kamto took the right decision to boycott the farce called an election. His WISE and PATRIOTIC decision immediately aced as a warning and a wakeup call to the Commonwealth, Francophonie and the AU to intervene.
    That was the reason the heads of those organisation jointly came to Yaounde to advise Dictator Biya to postpone the elections until AFTER:

    1.the electoral code has been revised
    2. the Anglophone Question has been resolved.

    The ball is now in the court of Dictator Biya:


    If he ignores the advice, he will be held responsible for the post-electoral chaos in the country. LRC might even be suspended by the Commonwealth and AU.


    If he accepts the advice, he might rescue the country from chaos and disintegration


    • **** MY PREDICTION ****

      The elections scheduled for the 9th of Feb. 2020 will be POSTPONED thanks to Prof. Kamto

    • As a corollary,

      1. Cabral Libih, National President of the CPNR is said to have requested ELECAM to add 15 more days for the compilation of documents for 2020 twin elections or his party PCRN pulls out

      2. SDF’s First Vice National President Joshua Osih on his part, will grants a press conference at 5 pm this evening in Yaounde. Rumours abound that he will announce that his party will boycott the farce called an election.


      The CPDM might be the only party taking part in that farce. The DOs and ELECAM have created an unlevel playing field for other parties.


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