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Cameroon’s National Refining Company finally recommissions new oil units

Business in Cameroon | Ibrahim Talba Malla, Managing Director of the national refining company (Sonara), announced the company has just successfully recommissioned its manufacturing units, after the scheduled shutdown that began in April 2018.

The MD says Sonara has thus completed the connection of the Phase I units of the extension and modernization project to existing facilities. Since November 30, 2018, the facilities have been in full production and the first ship for the delivery of refined products to the Cameroonian Oil Depot Company (SCDP) in Douala was loaded on December 15, 2018.

“This resumption now allows our company to ensure the constitution of the stock and the continued supply in quantity and quality of refined petroleum products on the national and export market,”  the MD said.

During the 2018 financial year, Sonara reported it had put on the local market a volume of 221,286 m3 of oil products from production before the refining units were shut down. This volume included 63,666 m3 of Super gasoline, 112,674 m3 of diesel, 30,570 m3 of Dual Purpose Kerosen (jet A1 and kerosene) and 14,376 m3 of 

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  1. one of the highest oil consumption countries in the world china,has announced from 2023 aryan calendar,no cars consuming patrol or gaz will be allowed to cerculate in the country.what are the economic consequences of this decesion on countries that export oil,and use the revenue to import thier needs?
    long term thinking enable countries to anticipate situations like this and find solutions before they imerge.let us not forget that it is impossible for a country to prosper on long term economically through export of raw materials.what creates wealth is industry through transformation of raw materials to finished and cemi finished products.this explains why south korea is richer than soudi arabia,but it does not have oil.

  2. China going to use electric car by 2023 and to use electric cars you need coltan and Cameroon has in its basement in the east of the country,in nkamouna half of the global reserves of Cobalt and with the DRC, these 2 African countries alone have the 80% of world known reserves Cobalt through which the batteries are manufactured here exposed.

    • The man @ true Cameroon should make a decent agreement with DRC ( which is the same size as Europe ,thus needs a decent income) to be incharge of its price ( like OPEC does for oil) and not let others do it for them ,since we are the majority holders.Lets look forward to this happening in 2019 ,with the Dodd Frank ruling concerning conflict minerals and most end customers ,beliving in it ,it will have to happen .

  3. Pyrne you are right but is not possible with this regime most of them the brain is not working but the brain can work to divert public money only a new leader can come in with a new vision to transformed Cameroon

    • the idea that a single leader can transform a country is the result of mental brainwash through ficticious words like democracy.one must be a christian or muslim to hold such conviction without prove.no country will ever be transformed by a leader,but hard working intelligent masses who know how to direct thier energy to high income generating activities.

      • how can a normal thinking african even dream that congo and cameroon which do not even have the common s300 anti messile defense system can monopolise the price of strategic raw materials like cobalt?in oder for others to pay,they must feel threatened to take it free,meaning we must be able to defend it.if not forget,this is the reality of the world today.no body respect weak nations governed by docile christians and muslims who do not trust science but put thier future in the hands of an inexistent lie called god.ngeh reh bong

  4. bah acho you need a good leader to channel all those energies you are talking about and Lee Kuan Yew transformed Singapore from a small town into a global financial hub

    • THE MAN,,,,the reality is that our education system which was never concieved to creat patriotic visionary leaders did not prepare our leaders to play such an important rule.so expecting that to happen is simply unrealistic.LEE KUAN YEW did not transform singapore he simply mobilised the people of singapore to work hard to creat a better future for themselves.the top down system that we saw take south korea,japan,singapore and china to industrialised countries will not work in africa.a bottom up system is what feets our situation best because it put our future in the hands of the masses.

  5. ” end customers are asking for it ” big differences to alot of other african resources…at the momment ,so if people want to still make their products , sell them afterwards and youve got majority holders in only 2 countries… Bah [email protected] you dont even need a rifle to fire over this one to get respect, to avoid the collatoral industrial damage (for others)that im writing about.