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Cameroon’s parliament convenes amid growing insecurity

YAOUNDE, March 12 Xinhua | Cameroon’s first parliamentary session of the year convened on Tuesday amid growing insecurity in the country.

With the increasing demand for a return to peace in the two war-torn English speaking regions, rampant kidnappings in the mountainous region of Adamawa and terror threats from Boko Haram in the Far North region, parliamentarians are under pressure to address the issues.

“The constituents want us to discuss about these issues and find a solution. We look forward to addressing security constraints especially in the Anglophone regions that are going through difficult times. This session gives us that opportunity.” parliament member Charles Mbella Moki told Xinhua.

“The continuous killings, arson acts, looting and abuse of human rights have caused sleepless nights to me, [it’s] reason why we decided to come out with a peace path. We hope that this session of parliament discusses about this and find a peaceful solution to the crisis,” according to parliament member Francis Enwe Abi who heads a civil movement to seek peace in troubled Anglophone regions.

The session, which will last till April 12, will also be marked by the election of a new executive bureau for the National Assembly and the Senate.

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  1. without money,it is impossible to recraft an administrative system that we can call ours.all this mimetism after the british and french will take us nowhere.no country will ever succeed with it.

  2. I thought the Anglophone crisis was never to be discussed in the parliament of lrc? Who is fooling who? There is never going to be peace in Cameroon without dialogue. There is never going to be peace without a clear cut outline of how the anglophone problem will be resolved. Even with federalism on the table, the country will still not know peace because separatists won’t give up on their quest for an Ambazonian state easily. These are the prophetic words of Wirba and Agbor Balla coming to pass. In a democracy, the people decide their fate, not some demented bureaucratic recluse living in a glass palace with his band of thieves being directed by the shameless French thieves.


    Cavaye Djibril vowed that the Anglophone Question will NEVER EVER be discussed in his KANGAROO parliament.
    He thought that LRC terrorist soldiers will crush the “secessionists”.
    However, now that it is clear to all and sundry that the military adventurism of Dictator Biya has failed PANTS ON FIRE, parliamentarians want to discuss the Anglophone Question. They know that elections can NEVER take place in SC if the impasse is not resolved.

    One thing is abundantly clear:

    Only a GENUINE and INCLUSIVE dialogue WITHOUT PRECONDITION can resolve the impasse. Not the BIR, not presidential decrees, not the kangaroo parliament, not decentralisation.

    The earlier Dictator Biya understands this statement of facts, the better for his so-called “one and indivisible” LRC.

  4. Guys,

    Don’t be fooled. The Assembly has no powers do make any change in LRC. This issue has been going on for almost three years,and (they) think by only sitting down until April 12, the issue will be solved…They damn good know that they are just there to eat and drink…

    Keep dreaming….. Parliamentarians

  5. How will anyone end the war, without even going close to the war monger – Paul Biya?
    This is where, all have failed.

  6. Rabbi MOTORINGA

    Funny to hear that Cameroun’ s rubber stamp parliament mentioned the.Anglophone problem.Did the old crook called.Cavaye.Djibril not say the Anglohone problem can never be.discussed in parliament?Self deception.carried to a.level of absurdity.These primitive and savage.old men rulling Cameroun.think they are.God.You think.Anglophones are.fools and cowards as your francophone citizens are?


    Rumours abound that parliament will create the post of VICE PRESIDENT in order to “appease” the Anglophone.
    Believe me or not, such a desperate decision will NEVER EVER stop the UNSTOPPABLE momentum or end the UNWINNABLE. It will be considered by the Anglophones and the international community as COSMETIC

    I repeat, only a GENUINE and INCLUSIVE dialogue WITHOUT PRECONDITION can resolve the impasse. Not the BIR, not presidential decrees, not the kangaroo parliament, not decentralisation, not the commission on disarmament, not the commission on bilingualism. Even a commission on Ndian oil will not stop the present momentum
    Dictator Biya made a fatal mistake to declare war on the peaceful people of SC. He cannot singlehandedly stop the war. The permission of the brave Amba boys must be sought



    As per UNGA RESOLUTION 1608 (xv) of APRIL 21, 1961:

    France, LRC and all former French colonies (excluding Guinea and Mali) REJECTED a “VIVRE ENSEMBLE” between SC and LRC. They thought that SC was very poor.
    However, when oil was discovered in SC, LRC suddenly discovered her “VIVRE ENSEMBLE LOVE” for SC.

    Paradoxically, LRC uses the revenue from the sales of the Ndian oil from SC to develop only towns in LRC.
    The irony is that LRC also uses the revenue from the oil in SC to buy the weapons LRC terrorists use to perpetrate genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in SC
    The truth of the matter is that LRC does not like SC. LRC likes only the oil in SC.
    Whenever the oil wells in SC will dry up, LRC will surely reject any “VIVRE ENSEMBLE” with SC.

  9. Nfon Victor Mukete and Enaw Tanjong provide the visible, condemnable face of the Anglophone that deserves opprobrium.
    From the floor of the National Assembly and the Senate they condemn foreign interference in the internal affairs of Cameroon, implying the views expressed by Human Rights Watch, EU, the US envoy to Africa. Did these same wise men consider it an interference in the internal affairs of the nation when a French envoy went about campaigning in the West/NW regions about propinquity( the concoction that persons in those regions should be fused into one because of their cultural and traditional affinities)?

  10. there is not a single back bone parliamentarian,they are all biya’s slave bitches, all are dummy fooling the ordinary people who gave over 50 years ago,they all listen and take orders from one old butcher of french Cameroon, those who go astray ends up dead or in kondengue, Ambzonians in this revolution take no orders or threats from these corrupt weak embezzlers,Ambazonian train left the station over +2 years ago, what ever they decide is worthless, Ambazonians will fight until they gain total Independence by force not even UN ,France, bombs, gunships,Macron can stop a determine patriotic people who have suffered for 58 years of subjugation,

  11. Why do these guys wear that ugly looking sash? Does it makes them more Cameroonian than others. Forget the looks and do your job as a check and balance of govt.

  12. How can anyone be a check in their boss?
    In larepublique the president is chef d’état, chef de la magistrature, chef du parti majoritaire à l’assemblée nationale.
    Forget it, there are no controls in the French state.
    We must part ways for the sake of our children.
    As soon as we do, we join ECOWAS because CEMaC is a disaster

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