Cameroon’s police operating new APCs

Defence Web | Cameroon’s police have taken delivery of at least six new armoured personnel carriers (APCs), which appear to be Panthera T6s from the United Arab Emirates’ MSPV.

Video recently emerged on social media showing six of the vehicles on Cameroon’s streets, and photos posted on Twitter show a similar number of vehicles in police markings.

The vehicles appear to be Panthera T6s, although they are very similar to the Mezcal Tygra armoured personnel carrier also manufactured in the United Arab Emirates.

Cameroon received at least two Panthera T6s in 2018, with Cameroonian military sources at the time telling Jane’s Defence Weekly that the new vehicles were for the Rapid Intervention Battalions (BIR) for use in urban environments.

Photographs posted on social media in September 2018 showed two Panthera T6s with protected weapon stations being unloaded from shipping containers under the supervision of BIR officers. They were painted in green base coat. The vehicles seen this year in police markings also have protected weapon stations.

In October 2019 MSPV said it had supplied armoured vehicles to Cameroon’s military for homeland security, counterterrorism and other duties but did not specify which vehicles were delivered.

According to Dubai-based Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles (MSPV), the Panthera T6 is powered by a 4 litre V6 petrol engine driving all four wheels through a five speed manual transmission. It seats two plus six, although other seating arrangements are available. Features include air conditioning, a remote controlled roof mounted search light and camera, optional gun ports and hatches.

The Panthera T6 is based on the Toyota Land Cruiser 79-series chassis. An optional mount on the roof can accommodate a machinegun. Protection is to CEN1063 and 1522 BR6/FB6 (7.62×51 mm bullet protection) or STANAG 4569-1 (7.62×51 mm, hand grenade, artillery fragments) levels.

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  1. This money could have been used to manufacture or purchase machines to plough and plant cassava and corn and make some garri. The Frenchman’s guile. How stupid can Africans especially dope heads like Biya be?
    Billions spent in African nations on warring factions at the behest of their emperors.

    The problems in Africa and designed and engineered by western powers to sell machines like these and keep such good-for-nothing industries in business-the business of destroying African lives and ensure population control so that the plundering or our resources can continue.

    Read the history folks.

  2. Getting ready for the riots that will erupt after Paul Biya’s death.

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