Cameroon’s political prisoners in distress [+video]

FRANCE 24 | As the world observes International Human Rights Day, Cameroon has come under heavy criticism for the detention of hundreds of opposition political prisoners.

Their lawyers denounce the “torture” they have allegedly suffered in the regime’s prisons, where some have been languishing for 15 months without trial. Since the aborted demonstrations of September 2020, which called for political reforms and an end to the conflict in the English-speaking regions, more than 500 people have been arrested by security forces. Fifteen months later, more than 100 are still behind bars.

Their families are demanding their release, while denouncing massive violations of their rights and a judicial system designed to crush freedoms. Through their mobilisation, they’re seeking to draw the attention of the international community to the ill-treatment of political prisoners in Cameroon.

Our correspondents Tony Menga, Claudia Nsono and Stéphane Noah report.

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  1. That’s French ?? dictatorship regime which do not care about democracy or human rights.Many English speaking education men were abducted from Abuja in 2018,kept incommunicado for 8 months,sentenced in a military court for secessionist to a maximum hellhole jail in Yaounde since 2018.their wives,children,families have not seen them since,many innocent English youths are detained since 2016 of this war because they are indigenous Southern Cameroonian by a dictator who will have no peace but revenge from anger,revenge and injustices

    • WHITE,,,, your mind has been dismantled and reassembled to make you think that you are an English person negating your originality. there is no difference between English indoctrinated and French indoctrinated people called intellectuals. All of them have been shaped to defend alien interests and this is exactly what they are doing. if not why was the fight not about substituting both alien languages with an African one? When this problem started, I said it was a grave strategic mistake to take up arms against younde. nearly every body here called me an idiot. Five years after what have they achieved? Nothing and they will achieve nothing even in ten years. as for France 24 they are doing what they were trained to do. Inslavers talking about human rights.

  2. If the masses really care about stopping gov`t excesses on her citizens, this
    will just stop. Many, especially the majority francophones, don`t care about this.
    It is a few who are affected, who dare to make even the slightest noice. Too bad
    for a people.
    Look at everything in that country – bad roads, no drinking water, poor school structures,
    war etc etc, but see how contented, they can be. Human live and welfare, no longer matter.
    But what did Cameroonians, expect after we kept one man and his cabal in power for so so