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Cameroon’s Rubber, Palm-Oil Output Slashed by Anglophone Revolt

Bloomberg | Cameroon top state-owned agribusiness said the Anglophone crisis in the country has had a “disastrous” effect on its operations, cutting output of palm-oil and rubber and leaving most of its banana plantations destroyed.

The majority of about 22,000 workers at the Cameroon Development Corp., the country’s biggest employer after the state, are no longer going to the company’s plantations and haven’t been paid for months, Director-General Franklin Ngoni Njie told reporters on Sunday. Sixteen workers have been killed by separatist fighters since the crisis erupted almost three years ago, and 98 others have been assaulted or maimed, he said.

The CDC grows and processes rubber, palm-oil and bananas on about 42,000 hectares (104,000 acres). Most of its plantations are in the Southwest and Northwest regions, where Cameroon’s minority English-speaking population lives. Economic activities in the two regions have been paralyzed by rebels who want to break away from the larger French-speaking area in the central African nation.

The unrest has left only four out of 11 rubber estates functional, halted operations at two palm-oil mills and slashed output to 2,100 metric tons, from an expected 17,400 tons, the CDC said. Agriculture Minister Gabriel Mbairobe said on July 5 that President Paul Biya would take “urgent measures” to ensure a resumption of activities at the company.

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  1. Make Ambazonia ungovernable, increase the occupational cost for the occupiers and drive the colonizers out of Ambaland. The Ambazonian Revolution is on track. Homeland or death.

    • Kikikikiki, L’enemie…”we need peace”, that is the message from my homeland. You are free to continue the war on FB, your own homeland.

      The earlier you buy your BAS ndang the better.

      No tok after sey dem no be tell you…

      • Zamzam

        You that shamelessly open your big mouth and declare you will give credit to Biya for his 42 years of tribalism should get the fock off. You are an enabler and a genocidaire not worthy of my time. Peace my sheethole. Go find peace in Mvogmeka.

        • L’enemie,

          come out of FB and face reality!
          You cannot win this fight solo, and killing and kidnapping our own pple can only scare pple away from such brutality.

          Have you heard BAS talk abt arms? Even Ni, refused to handle the barrel for us to claim our stolen victory in 1992. We didn’t understand Ni. In fact, personally, I was very angry. But with time I understand him.

          If you try Biya witi the barrel, da fight go last, wai! And the massacre would be unprecedented. Biafra war is a child’s play.

          The only weapon that can defeat Biya is mass demonstrations, from dawn to dusk.

          The army is conscious of Den Haag, they’ll sacrifice Biya and swap sides.

          Even, once those gangsters will see that demonstrators give a damn abt tribe, all rats would start jumping off the sinking ship.

        • It is only now that I am also beginning to understand why Kamto has never caressed the war option—he was in the system, he knows that with FR behind, Israel,mbrrrrr, you can forget it. You remember what Biya told François Holland when confronted that he has stayed for so long in Power? Imagine Biya daring Holland, the man propping him up. He knows on what he is counting—France cannot surrender our soil—their economy will crumble. O’boi, ifi some man tell you one day sey yi fit swallow banga, no ever argue yi! Yi get full nkong for yi shihol.

          Even, the father of Ambazonia, F. Dinka, said it. You cannot get Biya on his knees with the gun.

          So, conclusion, all forces must join hands and keep Biya very busy, and stress, at 86, will do the rest…

  2. More French plantations should be planted in la republic not in ambazonia. Zam zam is a camerounese writing in pidgin. Colonial mentality

  3. I wonder why Socapalm cannot replace CDC.
    They should stay by themselves

  4. Biya `s declaration of war, didn`t take consideration of repercussions. And he forgot,
    that stopping it, is not easy.
    He declared war and ihould solely, be held responsible for it. His cpdm sympathisers,
    are doing everthing, to shield him, but this is for today and rough days, are ahead.
    It will not be easy.

  5. Canada a bilingual nation , population 35M. 7M Canadians are Francophones living in peace in French predominant Quebec.
    Cameroon 24M population. 8M Anglophones are being massacred by a Francophone Government in collaboration with France to impose recolonization and Francophonization in the 21st century.
    Black on black apartheid, carried out by predominant Francophone government on other black Africans simply because of the unfortunate consequences of colonization that left them as minority Anglophones.
    War, destruction, loss of life etc .
    How did Canada find a way to live and protect its minority Francophone population and Cameroon is so unable to copy that model?
    When the IQ is very Low, you end up with a government killing its own people to prove its Francophoness to France!

    • The National Interest

      @Dumb i mean Lum what is the meaning of francophones? What is the meaning of Anglophones? I have been reading your comments in which you always end with “low IQ”

  6. Hahahaha some ask the meaning of Anglophone and Francophone. If they are true Cameroonians they know the difference.
    As an indicator, one refers to the other as Biafrais. If you know you know. Those who know also recall those referred to as 2 cubes of sugar. Yes those whose protections under the federal regime were destroyed. Those to whom Ahidjo’s victims came in the 1960s for protection. Those people and their descendants are the Anglophone…as if you needed clarification.

  7. @Epee D, good ridance to them all.

    • @ED thanks for such eloquent simplification.
      Their new argument is that there are no Anglophones or Francophones in Cameroon.
      So why do they keep harassing the people in Southern Cameroons with their Frenchness
      Why all the administrators in southern Cameroons from East/French/Francophone Cameroon?
      Self rule is our mantra, we will elect our own administrators and we will be in charge of our land not Franco- African administrators appointed by Paris/Yaounde to humiliate, denigrate our people on our land.
      We will not relent!
      @The National interest!
      When the IQ is low…. you spend 60yrs working for the interest of France and twisting yourself into a pretzel to deny our history.
      The are Anglophones in Cameroon just like there are Francophones in Canada!
      Low IQ!

  8. Anglophones are born, not made!!!!
    Spending six months to six years on transfer to Buea does not make one an Anglophone!

  9. The factual is nothing less than the Devil system of la Ripoublique of Cameroun where Dog Eaters kill children, rape kids, mass kill the population, burn their houses and steal their crops. Des charognards, des profiteurs. Ils n’ont pas honte. Des parasites qui se nourrissent sur le sang des Ambazoniens. Des esclavagistes.

    May force and wisdom always guide the people of Southern Cameroons (AMBAZONIA). Freedom is a human right.Together we stand to win, separated, we may easily lose. We shall prevail against all odds.

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