Cameroon’s ruling RDPC wins legislative by-polls in anglophone zone

APAnews | The ruling Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement (RDPC) has won the 13 parliamentary seats contested at stake in 11 constituencies in the country’s anglophone North-West and South-Western regions.

After the Constitutional Council closed Thursday’s electoral dispute, all the appeals lodged by the opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF) were rejected. The SDF now has five seats in the National Assembly, compared to 18 in the previous legislature.

On the other hand, President Paul Biya’s party will now occupy 152 seats in the Lower House, compared to 148 before the 9 February 2020 elections.

Apart from these two formations, six other parties will sit in the Parliament for the next five years, namely the National Union for Democracy and Progress (UNDP, 7 seats), the Cameroonian Party for National Reconciliation (PCRN, 5 seats), the Democratic Union of Cameroon (UDC, 4 seats), the Front for the National Salvation of Cameroon (FSNC, 3 seats), the Movement for the Defence of the Republic (MDR) and the Union of Socialist Movements (UMS), 2 seats each.

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  1. Osih, oya file in another appeal at the constitutional council.

    Those who boycotted that farce are now better off than Cabral and yourself.

    You are the ones that are politically dead, after we are done with Biya nobody can ever cast a ballot for you guys.

    So you better join Etoudi and be praying that Biya stays there for another 5yrs, enough time to complete the plumpness of jaws…

  2. Any one who saw the SDF, as a political party, was mistaken. As a pressure group,
    it helped Biya, now late, to stay in power, be counted as a formidable party and
    helped ruin that country. Fru Ndi, has no regrets for this. Afterall, he got a big name
    { main opposition party } and Ndi, benefited from envelops from Biya / his parliamentarians.
    At this point in time, Mr. Ndi, must continue to remain quiet wherever he is hiding and to
    enjoy his gains. He played his game well enough. Biya, must have thanked him for
    that. Osih, should think of playing the fast one also, before the final fall of the SDF.

    • And your idol Sako is still eating stolen $2 million and killing brave Ambazonian fighters refusing to follow his corrupt Bakweri big head. Latest victim is General Bush Rambo who destroyed the Amour Car in Oku killing 8 soldiers. Who is Sako and Basket Mouth Anu working for? Cpdm? Biya? Mussonge or Ngole Ngole?

  3. The SDF was humiliated PANTS ON FIRE.

    Prof. Kamto has been vindicated for boycotting the phoney elections. His Party could have been humiliated by the CPDM Organs, ELECAM and the CC

  4. SDF this is another blow from the CPDM .. please stop disgracing yourself follow dignity . Kamto is now looking better than you

  5. Shame and hypertension will finish pa fru,and they will call it covid 19.shameless egoistic old crooked idiot.
    Chairman with only buttocks and yam head.i beg Mbah Ndam join chairman without a chair wuna go quarantine,and if wuna survive then i go strongly advise make wuna start sell cabbage for Santa road.

  6. Biya has a better election record than Obama, Bush, Blair, Trump, Cameron and evening Clinton or Mandela yet his country has been retrograded to a swine house. Bulu curse. They are happy begging and destroying every order on their way.

Aliquam eget mi, neque. Nullam commodo fringilla ante. ipsum