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Cameroon’s Salatiel eyes global fame after ‘Lion King’ song [+vidéo]

Reuters | Singer, songerwriter, and producer Salatiel is well known on Cameroon’s urban music scene. His following has now grown beyond the country’s borders after his collaboration with superstar Beyonce. Serena Chaudhry reports.


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  1. Brown Sugar ( Abuja )

    This brother is a born star, keep winning bro. You did justice to the album just like the other African artist featured in the album too.

  2. Camer believer (Colby)

    I really like this guy he is so talented just keep it up.

  3. Hope he got exactly the same terms and conditions as the other two artists plus higher payment since it’s obviously his sound/ song/ style and they are the backing singers ,not the other way round ….

  4. This song would of been a lot more sensual if it was just mr salatiel and a female Cameroonian singer .

  5. Acha Ekeah Vincent

    Some good news. Let the star not be your limit. Keep rising bro. Congrats.

  6. Congratulations salatiel! Way to go. This some real talent and some star power. Not that King Kong or hih hoh that Stanley Enow screaming around causing noise pollution!

    • Brown Sugar ( Abuja )

      @ Oga Korak, u sabi cinq, Enow don pay im dues evin wit ol im shouti shouti.

      Dis na Salatiel time, jos gi am dey accolade wey im kpake, buh no yab Enow abegi.

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