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Cameroon’s security forces repel separatists’ attack on gov’t officials

YAOUNDE, Sept. 20 Xinhua | Cameroon’s government forces on Friday repelled coordinated attacks by armed separatists on government officials in Bamenda, the largest city of the country’s restive Anglophone region of Northwest, the army said.

A group of separatists attempted to infiltrate a hotel in the city where senior government officials were lodged, but were repelled by troops deployed to the area, according to local authorities.

“Some of the secessionist terrorists escaped with serious injuries,”

an army officer told Xinhua on condition of anonymity.

Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji also stayed in the hotel, the officer said.

The minister was on an official visit to the region to reiterate calls for the separatists to surrender so as to deradicalized and reintegrated into society.

Separatists in Cameroon’s two English-speaking regions, Northwest and Southwest, have been fighting government forces in an effort to establish a separate state. The rest of about 80 percent of the country is French-speaking.

Cameroonian President Paul Biya has called for a national dialogue by the end of September to end the separatist crisis and facilitate a “return to normal life” in the troubled regions. Enditem

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  1. Paul Bathelemie Mbi Mvondo Biya you haven’t seen anything yet. Keep sending Atanga Peter Nji to provoke us in Abakwa. The next to go down after SCDP will be Post Centrale. Ugly dirty baboons. Ambazonia must be free in this life or we will all die fighting. Holy wata Dey, we no go tire holy wata Dey…!

    • Mayor elect, Ekema, will drink that Satan water and spew it out on your face.

      Women and children killer…

      • you smelling dirty mouth like ekema yi shethole Bamilike Beti idiot. Take that your smelling mop like you mama yi pima commot for here idiot.

        • You go fool wukan man again?

          Amba boys dem eyes dem dong di shine.

          Pinyin man, you ko soon cross over to Bamboutos, then swear lick ground sey you be na bami.

          No be you bin want fall BUSH?

          You ko hear mwing for da BUSH…

  2. Biafrans said the same thing in the sixties. They were even more determined than you guys and had already gained recognition by a couple of countries, including some African countries. But look what happened to them? Can they ever carry arms to fight the Nigerian government? I doubt so. As the saying goes, it is always worth trying, afterall, who knows?

  3. Ye shall do ya monologue alone.

    Ambazonia shall be free

  4. Comparing the Biafran war with the Anglophone war of liberation is IMBECILE NONSENSE.
    The Biafrans fought CONVENTIONAL warfare using tanks, planes, etc. That was the reason they lost.

    Southern Cameroonians are fighting ASYMMETRICAL warfare.
    Asymmetrical warfare is OPEN-ENDED and UNWINNABLE.
    That was the reason the Soviet Union accepted defeat and left Afghanistan. Another superpower called the USA is BEGGING to negotiate with the Taliban in order to stop the asymmetrical war because they have also realised that they can NEVER EVER defeat the Taliban.

    The so-called “one and indivisible” LRC can NEVER EVER, I repeat NEVER EVER defeat the “secessionists”. The war will continue until the Anglophone Question is COMPLETELY, TOTALLY, IRREVERSIBLY and UNCONDITIONALLY resolve.


    • Believe me or not, CAMEROON remains ” TWO AND VERY DIVISIBLE” as long as the Anglophone Questions is unresolved.
      The so-called Grand National Dialogue, the BIR, the commission on disarmament, the commission on bilingualism, or translation the OHADA text can NEVER keep the country “one and indivisible”.

      The only way to keep the country “one and indivisible” is to resolve IN GOOD FAITH the Anglophone Question. The BIYALOGUE aka Grand National Dialogue is another example of the BAD FAITH to resolve the Anglophone Question by the BULU crime syndicate.
      It is a sheer waste of precious time, energy and scarce resources. It will only help to INCREASE the UNSTOPPABLE momentum and also INTENSIFY the UNWINNABLE war.


      MARK MY WORDS!!!!

    • The attack of Ayaba Hotel by the INVINCIBLE Amba boys was to prove to citizens of LRC and the world in general that there will be ZERO disarmament by the GENUINE Amba boys. The main target was ex-convict Atanga Nji. That criminal, conman and school dropout had been deceiving citizens of LRC and the world that the disarming of Amba boys was progressing excellently. The attack on Ayaba put an end to his lies. Now it is abundantly clear to Dictator Biya, Macron and other daydreamers that Amba boys have been upgrading their weapons rather than disarming. The lies of ex-convict Atanga Nji were debunked beyond the reasonable doubt. It is now evident to Dictator Biya and other daydreamers that the so-called commission on disarmament is a NON-ENTITY, a sheer waste of taxpayers money.

    • It’s true that asymmetrical warfare is unwinnable, by both sides though. Which means Amba boys are unlikely to get the independence that they are fighting for, at the same time the government is unlikely to maintain the form of state as a unitary one. That said, i can only add that the future is pregnant. Let’s wait and see what shall be the outcome.

      • LRC cannot sustain an OPEN-ENDED war due to financial constraints.
        The financial support to Amba boys by the diaspora is sustainable
        Simply put, LRC will give-up the UNWINNABLE war because of cash. Little wonder, LRC is begging Amba boys to surrender weapons. LRC wants to restore a FAKE PEACE. The peace is fake because there can NEVER be GENUINE peace without justice.

        Personally, I support the rule of law. Simply put, I will SUPPORT:

        1. a FEDERATION of TWO states EQUAL IN STATUS ( cf. UNGA Resolution 1608).
        Southern Cameroonians voted for this option.


        2. SEPARATION if the BULU crime syndicate does not want option #1

        I will NEVER EVER support:

        1. Decentralisation
        2. a FEDERATION of 3,4,5,10 or 99 states
        3. a unitary state

    • Victory,a saying goes that “when you see an old hag squatting you leave her alone,who knows how she breath” Leave Nimbo alone,what does he know. Biafra is a tribe in Nigeria. Southern Cameroons is a Country. So the two can’t be compared together. Ambazonia has already got its independence.we just want Biya to take his troops out of the land he still thinks belongs to Cameroon

  5. Quand on est stupide on croit n’importe quoi. J’ai vraiment pitié de toute personnne qui manque de cervelle pour comprendre le montage. Toutes les faussetés ont été désassemblés et décryptés. Demain vous allez vous cacher pour nous voir, les fiers Ambazoniens avancer en toute liberté. Il faut être encore plus qu’un mouton pour gober des âneries de ce genre. Tout ceci pour essayer de torpiller la REVOLUTION des BAMENDAS, mais échec lamentable.

    Au fait, pour info. Continuez vos insultes, car elles nous renforcent.

    Il ya des moutons qui osent utiliser les mots NOSO sans comprendre la signification.

    NOSO = Maladie, illness. Eh oui NOSO = pas comme celà. NOSO = SICK, ILLNESS

  6. The idea of joining forces for greater effect works elsewhere but when it comes to us it flops. America put together a number of states acquired over the years. Today, instead of the original 13, the USA has 50 states. EU is along the same lines.

    But when a number airlines joined together to produce AIR AFRIQUE, it flopped. When Senegal and Gambia fused into SENEGAMBIA, it flopped. The East African Community is no more. The fusion of West Cameroon and East Cameroon produced a monster that has progressively phagocytized once prominent CAT (Cameroon Air Transport), Tiko International Airport, Tiko Wharf, Bota Wharf, Public Works Department, Ombe Technical College, West Cameroon Electricity Corporation, and lots more. In their places,…?

  7. Why so many failures????? The answer is simple. A pervasive mindset that considers dialogue as “sans object”(pointless), a culture that raises strong persons to replace strong institutions, where hubris is sung like the national anthem ( We have no lessons to learn from anybody), etc. That is what crumbles an otherwise mighty tower.

  8. We need to cooperate and work with Boko Haram. It is getting too late.

  9. I heard their fictional south west chiefs (they dont represent the true gallant people of Fako) say they want 10 federal states instead of 2.
    I wonder why the number matters?
    Is “la forme de l’état ” no longer un et indivisible?
    Hahahahahaha. Atanga Nji missed death, he should come again! Nyaghaju!

  10. My people is that a life someone should be living? Living,traveling,walking in fear,that is bondage. Atanga Nji is not living a joyful life as a minster. He is being hunted. I wonder what would become of him when Ambaland would finally be free,when he no longer a minister?




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