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Cameroon’s senate president denounces foreign interference in internal affairs

YAOUNDE, March 14 Xinhua | Cameroon’s Senate President Marcel Niat Njifenji on Thursday denounced the interference in Cameroon’s internal affairs by some countries and international organizations.

Niat Njifenji

“Foreign countries must not draw hasty conclusions on the way in which Cameroon manages its domestic problems. This is wrong and must be denounced. Cameroon is an independent nation,” Njifenji said immediately after he was re-elected as Senate president with 92 votes out of 99 voters during an elective plenary session of the Senate in Yaounde.

He condemned acts of violence in the two English-speaking regions of the country and emphasized that they were caused by separatists who want to establish an independent nation in the regions.

“The Senate will spare no effort in giving President Paul Biya all his support for the maintenance of unity, security and development of Cameroon,” Njifenji said.

Njifenji has been president of Cameroon’s Senate since 2013 following his appointment by presidential decree. He is also a senior member of the ruling party Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement. Enditem

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  1. These octogenarians are stumbling blocks to any form of progress. Niat’s only role as president of the upper house is hand-clapping and the senate is as useless as the parliament. Both houses are forbidden to talk about crucial issues facing the country. They have no use at all.

    Niat in particular should be ashamed of himself. The cmr he grew up in gave him a scholarship to study engineering in France and offered him employment at SONEL upon his return. But today, he is collaborating with other schizophrenic octogenarians to deny his fellow camerounese of that same privilege.

  2. France to him is not a foreign country. Is this diaper wearing bag not the one who spent months in a foreign country on medical tourism? When USA comments on the fooly in the cameroons camerounese shoud foreign interference. Cameroons is a French farm

  3. Cameroon is an independent state when she wages an unwinnable war against her citizens, but is not when she goes begging for foreign aid; guns and intelligence to victimise her citizens. A slave country to France.

  4. Choice is great! A person has the choice to keep his mouth shut when others say he is stupid OR open his mouth and confirm so.
    His Excellency Most Njifenji just did that. An envoy from the French embassy can travel to Bafoussam, Bamenda and preach Union, oneness and the wonders of being yoked together into one region. That is not considered interference in Njifenji’s world; if an American does so, it is.


    Internal affairs?

    This school of thought is IMBECILE NONSENSE.


    Genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity are classified by the UN as INTERNATIONAL CRIMES.
    That was the reason the International Criminal Court (ICC) was created to take care of such crimes.

    LRC terrorists have perpetrated and are still perpetrating international crimes in SC.
    The international crimes perpetrated by LRC have therefore inadvertently invited the international community to LEGALLY intervene ( LRC ERRONEOUSLY refers to it as “interfere”).

    BTW, LRC is a member of the UN and by extension the international community. That was the reason the international court of justice helped LRC to recover Bakassi. LRC can therefore not SELECTIVE reject or welcome the intervention international community..



  7. malokoma bosangi

    France is present in all aspects of Cameroon .France is backing Psul Biya to kill English speaking Cameroonians.Is France not a foreign power?Why is France interfering in the internal affairs of Cameroun?Tchadian and French soldiers are also fighting against Ambazonia.WHY IS Tchad also permitted to meddle in the internal affairs of Cameroun?If Tchad and France can freely meddle in the internal affairs of Cameroun then big brother USA too must also intervene.


    ..therefore not SELECTIVELY reject or welcome the intervention of the international community.


    **** BREAKING NEWS ****

    Field Marshall, Lekeaka Oliver, of the Red Dragons has appeared PUBLICLY yesterday, 14.03.2019, in Lebialem. He appeared to pay homage to his late father.
    This is crystal clear proof that LRC terrorists did not kill the Red Dragons Commander.
    Field Marshal Leke is alive and leading military operations in the Lebialem County and even beyond.
    LRC was not able to confirm that Field Marshal was killed, although the army announced through its propaganda web site that Field Marshal was dead. The army even posted the photo of a grave with a three-year-old cross as proof of their “success story”.The same web site had reported SEVERALLY some years ago that the BIR had killed Abubakar Sheku the Boko Haram leader.


  10. Is he still alive?

  11. This old fool supposed to be at home spending his last days on earth here. He is there making useless allegations.What are French and Chadians troops doing in Ambazonia. No interference into internal affairs of Cameroon so that they can kill everyone in Ambaland. They would fail, and we would win

  12. Did they had to go that far to bring in foreign troops to fight for them? So they BIR couldn’t manage to defeat the ADF. It a shame that such a small and unskilled guys gave them so much trouble until they had to bring in foreign troops which killed and burnt houses without mercy. God is watching.

  13. Mr Senat president when you were sick you were taken to France for treatment.When your boss president Paul Biya is sick he goes to Switzerland.Why all this foreign intervention in the treatment of our leaders.Dont we have our good hospitals in DOuala ,Yaoundé ,Kumba and other cities of Cameroun that can cure you people?Why does the senate president permit this foreign intervention in his life?Is this not violating the territorial integrity of Cameroun?



    “One of Cameroon’s most respected Moslem Scholars Mr. Abdul Karim Ali has pressured Minister Paul Atanga Nji, to apologize for forcing people in the Northern parts of Cameroon to swear by the Holy Qur’an.
    The North West-based scholar said this Thursday on Equinoxe Television, that he has written a peaceful letter to the Minister of Territorial Administration, criticising his inappropriate use of the Holy Book, to force muslims in Cameroon’s Northern regions to swear never to collaborate with Boko Haram fighters, but with the government.
    Mr. Karim warned that if Paul Atanga Nji fails to apologise, then he should be ready to bear any consequences that may befall him, following his action”.

  15. Don`t blame the man, he was `appointed by presidential decree`. If Bamendayboy the unknown
    quantity, can keep supporting Biya to his last breath, why not Niat?

  16. The man is an embarrassment to his family and entire clan and tribe.
    This close to meeting his ancestors and he can still lie.
    It is why Ambazonia must leave

  17. Post colonial power grabbing generation of failures
    What is domestic about killing black Africans on the land of their ancestors because they reject Francophonization and a hypercentralized government.
    English in Courtrooms and classrooms in Anglophone Cameroon in a constitutionally bilingual country resulted in war?
    Why did Equatorial wannabe French Africans embark on re-colonization, Forced Francophonization , apartheid of Anglophones in Cameroon.
    The CFA money is France, France practically controls the seaports and airport in Cameroon, France orchestrated the rise of Adhijo to power, the change of power to Biya etc
    Killing innocent Anglophones and promoting France’s agenda how is that a domestic issue?
    Who is fooling who?
    Low IQ approach
    This generation will end this!

  18. NotAmba-NeverPopol

    Evil is something that infidels like Biya & Niat have mastered and can never find any measure of grace even in their last days. Of course, in a couple of years these two scourges will be extinguished by nature much to the elation of their persecuted citizens & stunning to the world.
    Money, power & the military; when a man has them & is not careful, he turns into a grotesque nincompoop and blood spilling becomes a normal affinity. Rigor & moralization for a nihilist Biya was a sing-song & a charade from an evildoer without any scruples. Rejected by his country in every election, Biya took on a path of destruction and lifelong despotism. He fears his arrest and persecution so he has to stay on. The hope is that Biya & cronies are infirm and in a couple of yrs these assholes will be gone.

  19. Says a man that violated his own constitutional laws and voted in a foreign country-FRANCE. Stop sojourning in these foreign countries if you want them to stay off your business. Old criminals.


    **** BREAKING NEWS ****

    «J’invite mes frères Camerounais à la sagesse et au dépassement en vue de ramener la quiétude dans les régions anglophones du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest en proie à des violences sur des bases de revendication sectaire et identitaire» Idriss Deby.


    1. Idris sent troops to massacre Southern Cameroonians.
    2. His troops massacred many Southern Cameroonians. Amba boys sent many of his soldiers to hell
    3. He has FINALLY realised that the momentum is UNSTOPP, the war is UNWINNABLE. hat is why he has started talking about the need for a peaceful resolution of the problem
    4. Will the GOC accuse him of interfering in the “internal affairs” of the so-called “one and indivisible”LRC?
    5. Only Biya and his Beti clan still hope of defeating the “secessionists”

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