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Cameroon’s traditional rulers hailed over appointment of female notables

YAOUNDE, July 10 Xinhua | Cameroon’s Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji on Wednesday praised traditional rulers in three northern regions of the country for appointing women for the first time ever to head important traditional positions.

“This is an innovation. Everybody knows that chieftaincy is a kind of conservative organization in Cameroon and even in Africa reserved for men. But for once some traditional leaders have agreed to appoint women to work with them, I think this is a very good example,” Nji said here during a ceremony to reward the rulers.

The occasion, attended by diplomatic representatives in Cameroon, was a chance to show Cameroon’s “unflinching” drive to enhance women empowerment and emancipation, he added.

“This is a clear sign that women are treated equally in Cameroon. The women notables should work hand in hand with their traditional leaders so that others who are still reticent can follow the same initiative,” Nji said.

According to officials, women’s rights and freedoms have been undermined over the years in the three northern regions of Far North, North, and Adamawa.

But the new move could be a game-changer, Nji said.

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  1. The so-called “one and indivisible” LRC is a country ruled by the following types of CRIMINALS:

    1. ex-convicts (e.g. Atanga Nji),
    2. murderers of men of God ( e.g. Belinga Eboutou),
    3. war criminals ( e.g. Beti Assomo),
    4. putschists (e.g. Tchiroma ),
    5. embezzlers of public funds ( e.g.Dictator Biya
    6. Xenophobes ( e.g. Okalia )
    7. Fraudsters ( e.g. Ekema )
    8. Sundry crooks ( e.g. Celine Dion Ngute )

    Little wonder, the country is now a de facto FAILED STATE

  2. Do foreign gov`ts recognize chieftaincy titles in their countries? They just
    attended it to save face and fool Atanga Nji and his out dated gov`t.

  3. Traditional rulers, like intellectuals, are used and tossed away like toilet tissue!

  4. we will get you atanga nji. I wish they can tell me when you will be in europe again and we will see you and me. I will grab you I swear and until they freed Kamto and Ayuk and all arrested in cameroon I will not let your throat free from what I will have in my hand.

    promise is promise I will do jail in europe better after I sort you out. Evil! Like I said soon we will look at your kids around

  5. The forces that killed pius njawe are hunting AT.

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