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Cameroon’s withdrawal from AGOA stems from “ignorance or deliberate desire to ignore” reality on the ground, minister Sadi says

Business in Cameroon | On November 18, 2019, René Emmanuel Sadi (photo), Cameroonian minister of communication, held a press conference in Yaoundé. During the press conference, the official reacted to the decision issued, on October 31, 2019, by Donald Trump, President of the United States of America, to exempt Cameroon from the facilities provided by the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) as of January 1, 2020. This withdrawal, according to the US president, is motivated by “persistent gross violations of internationally recognized human rights” by Cameroon.

“The Cameroonian government estimates that Cameroon’s eligibility for AGOA was a sovereign decision of the U.S. government, so much so that the government’s decision to withdraw Cameroon’s benefits from this law is an act of sovereignty that no one can dispute. However, what is questionable in our view are the pretexts and reasons given to explain or justify this desire of the United States government,” Sadi said.

According to the Minister of Communication, the Cameroonian government can say that these reasons put forward to justify the decision of American authorities hardly correspond to the reality on the ground. The reason provided stem, the Cameroonian government thinks, either from “ignorance or unawareness of the real situation, as it has prevailed and still prevails in the North-West and South-West; or from a deliberate desire to ignore this reality.”

In any case, says Emmanuel René Sadi, the main reasons that have forced the Government of the Republic of Cameroon to ensure a significant presence of defence and security forces in the North-West and South-West regions are to preserve Cameroon’s territorial integrity against separatists who took arms against the Republic. In addition, the Minister of Communication maintains that Cameroon is only ensuring the safety of people and property in the regions concerned.

“How can one accuse Cameroonian defence and security forces of human rights violations (…) but remain insensitive and silent in the face of the unspeakable atrocities committed on a daily basis by armed pro-independent groups in the North-West and South-West” regions of the country, the government spokesman questioned.

According to the official, the Cameroonian government cannot hide its astonishment due to the absence of any reference (let alone condemnation), in the US president’s release, to the “countless and innumerable” atrocities perpetrated by pro-independent armed gangs in the North-West and South-West, against defence forces and innocent populations, even though many images and videos, on media and social networks particularly, constantly testify to this

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  1. Life presents lots of choices. One typical choice is to keep one’s mouth SHUT and let those around guess that one is stupid, or OPEN it and confirm so.

  2. LRC should stop crying like a baby because of the loss of AGOA privileges.

    The US secret service knows that:

    1. LRC terrorists, not Malian soldiers massacred in cold blood two women and their children in the Far North
    2. LRC terrorists aka “professional” army have burnt down more than 400 villages in SC
    3. LRC terrorists have murdered more than ten thousand and counting Southern Cameroonians
    4. LRC terrorists killed a six months old baby in Muyuka
    5. LRC terrorists burnt down the Kumba Hospital
    6. etc.

    Simply put, LRC can NEVER deceive the US as they did with Dr Foncha.
    The US has used satellite imagery to document the burning down of more than 400 villages in SC.
    The AGOA exclusion should, therefore, be considered as a warning and wakeup call to LRC. More sanctions will follow.

  3. But the government said it does not matter why are they crying now?Arrogant for nothing government.

  4. The above gov`t revelation, comes from wicked minds. It is very unfortunate, that even
    the so learnt PM, a son of the soil, can accept and side with such lies and cruelty. Even
    if he has to secure his `garri`, it is not on a situation like this, when human blood and
    suffering is concerned. He can simply resign in the mist of all this, like Hon Awoudu.
    This is very shameful and unacceptable, Mr. Dion Ngute – a chief for that matter.
    Cameroon, is not an island and truth, should be allowed to thrive. One should also, be very
    disturbed, why the respected Cardinal, knowing that gov`t is guilty of lies telling, accepts
    to work with it. Is it that there is danger awaiting them if they refuse to comply?

  5. Comparisons are intended to serve a purpose. We do not compare just for the sake of doing so!!!

    Making the Indomitable Lions play with other teams is a type of comparison. It enables us to see whether we are behind (and therefore need to put more effort) or we are neck to neck (and so just stretch out our nose to win the trophy) or we are far ahead ( and so can take it easy or go to sleep). Which version does Minister Rene Emmanuel Sadi place LRC in?
    Currently the USA is undergoing a serious sanitization (some say purging) exercise to bring society’s actors to order. Would Minister Sadi recommend a similar exercise for LRC? That too is comparison.

  6. “If someone explains Cameroon to you, you understand then either the explanation was not clear or you surely have a problem”

    wheh mboa….

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