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Cameroun : 12 000 employés de la CDC en chômage

APAnews | Quelque douze mille employés de la Cameroon development corporation (CDC) sont en chômage technique du fait de la situation socio-politique tendue dans les régions anglophones du Nord-ouest et du Sud-ouest, a appris APA vendredi auprès de cette entreprise publique.

Dans une note au gouvernement dont APA a pu obtenir une copie, le directeur général de la CDC, Franklin Ngoni Ikome Njie a déclaré que « l’entreprise évolue en moins de 10% de ses capacités ».

Au regard de l’insécurité qui prévaut dans la région « 12 000 employés ont été mis en chômage », ce qui représente 60% des effectifs.

Plus grand employeur du pays avec 22 000 employés, la CDC fait les frais de la crise qui secoue la partie anglophone du pays, ses plantations et usines étant installées dans la région du Sud-ouest.

En début d’année, l’entreprise avait sollicité un appui de 29 milliards de francs CFA pour relancer ses activités, dont « sept milliards de FCFA sont nécessaires dans le secteur de l’hévéa, 14 milliards de FCFA pour les bananeraies, 7 milliards FCFA pour les palmeraies, le reste devrait servir à financer les arriérés de salaires », indiquait le directeur général dans une note au conseil d’administration.

En fin 2018, le gouvernement camerounais avait lancé un processus de restructuration avec l’accompagnement d’une firme canadienne, égyptienne et française pour un montant de 80 milliards de FCFA.

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  1. With foreign interest at the forefront to benefit from our resources than we do,
    CDC, shall never see another light of day. It should never resurrect.

  2. Make Ambazonia ungovernable and negotiate from a position of strength as a contender. Thanks contender forces especially the SOA operating in Tiko-Buea-Mutengene.

    • @Amba-Soldier

      Wehhhh hahahahahahahah we have a lot of ignorance people here “ambasonias “ so you re happy lol hahahahahahahah.




    • Clavier solder.

  3. The price of Frrdom

    Le Prix de LA Liberté

    We are smoothly gearing towards our target.
    Yes, my dear brave people of Ambazonia.

    We are heading to the unreversal. Freedom di come.

    • you better go learn a good English, fake british people ))) The stockholm syndrome is in your stupid slave minds. You fight your brothers for colonisation language reason??? No, it is the petrol interest inside, but not for you, just for those behind you.

      • valera, FAKE FRENCH. A parasite shall always be a charognard lost in the ripoublic of the FAKE. All ministers are thieves. All managers are thieves. You are a thief addicted to crimes as a living style.

        And you better learn to read and write your own personalized language. The

        ridiculous is a common word for a lost ape in the woods of LRC, the forsaken world where raping, torture, killings, stealing, embezzlement and feymania.

        A country where you have 98 percent of a very poor managerial system in French. All media is in French. All debates are in French. All is fake in your crumbling land of apes called la Ripoublique. 98 percent of all data concerning forsaken world is pure french. 60 years of exploitation of our resources and you even have the guts to open your clapet.

    • Wandy Marc

  4. Kumkum Pass Garri

    While the people of the NW?SW pay the price of freedom, the ambazonian scammer leaders in the diapora are getting the prize for their scams!

    Thanks to the dumb mugu amba supporters in the diaspora, Sako has moved out of the rat and cockroach infested apartment he was living in to a house bought with funds donated by ambafools and funds extorted from proud Cameroonians of the NW/SW.

    While 12,000 people of the NW/SW are paying what ambafools call the “price of freedom” the amba scammer leaders are enjoying the prize for their scam. While 12,000 people have no source of income, Sako and the other scammers are enjoying luxury with their new found wealth! While Akawnga and Sako are dancing malee and eating katikati in the US, 12,000 workers of the CDC can’t feed their children.


    • Lol. Bobe…
      I knew it. I knew it. I knew it.
      Been all along reading you with familiarity.

  5. Kumkum Pass Garri

    The ambazonians are the most foolish people from the NW/SW of Cameroon!

    How dumb do you have to be to sacrifice the future of your children so that Sako and Akwanga’s children can enjoy the prize of their parents 419 scam?

    12,000 CDC workers have been terrorized by the terrorists of Sako, Akwang, Ayaba, Baretta, Tapang not to go to work. The terrorists have killed hundreds of CDC workers and cut off the fingers of over 1000 CDC workers just to stop them from earning a living for their families.
    The terrorist have also levied a tax on these 12,000 jobless CDC workers. They collect the tax and send to Chris Anuz to pay the bills of his TV station and feed his family.

    While the 12000 workers have to endure suffering, Sako and Anuz are forced to endure a life of luxury and happiness.

  6. Kumkum Pass Garri

    The ambazombie scammer leaders are the most evil conmen that have ever walked on earth. How stupid does a human being have to be to support such evil.

    Sako is getting rich by the hour while 12,000 CDC workers cant feed their families?

    Lets do a logic test:

    If you are fighting for more autonomy why deprive 12,000 CDC workers from the NW/SW of a source of bread for their families?

    It is clear to the world that there is no logic to their behavior! You just have to go to Mark Baretta’s page to see the 27 most ridiculous and outrageous lies told by the amba leaders and believed by all the ambafool supporters.

    Read those lies and tell the world why all ambafools are not insane and delusional!

    These ambafools do not deserve oxygen. These oxygen thieves shall be neutralized.

  7. Kumkum Pass Garri

    Where them dey? Where them dey?

    The world is desperate to understand how depriving 12,000 families of their daily bread will lead to autonomy!

    Please explain your stupidity to the world!

    A big shout to all the ambafools in the house! Where them dey? Where them dey? H20=H20!

    The world is staring at your stupidity and desperate to understand how you got to this level of insanity and delusion!

    Are ambafools under a spell from Fake Pastors Ikome Sako and Criz Anuz? No ambafools are not under a spell. Ambafools are the most foolish people from the NW?SW of Cameroon.

    You have to be absolutely dumb, criminal, illiterate and/or a scammer to be an ambafool.

    The lives of 12000 families in the NW/SW is worthless to the ambafool terrorists!


    I will shine the light! on u cockroaches.

  8. Les forces de défense et de sécurité du Cameroun ont incendié des maisons et des magasins en AMBAZONIE. Nous avons la liste de ce qu’ils font en plus de leurs actes barbares.

    Ils pillent, ils brûlent, ils tuent, ils mangent des chiens,
    Pour se faire passer pour des Ambazoniens.
    Ils s’habillent en clochards dans les rues et cachent des armes.
    Ils infiltrent pour écouter ce qui se dit.
    Les fonctionnaires vivent dans le chantage permanent
    Ils volent les pc, les téléphones et tout ce qu’ils trouvent.

    LA RIPOUBLIQUE thief our ressources, buy weapons with the money then come and kill us with the weapons from the money of our ressources way dem thiefam.La Ripoublique Voleur. Assassin. Bandit. NoBoDy can Accept slavery.

  9. Soon Kumkum pass garri, will start behaving like Biya as at 20th may 2019. He is
    equally, too disturbed on this Biya`s unwinnable war.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @ Joshua the ambafool terrorist

      Joshua is more concerned about KumKum than the 12,000 families that he is depriving from a source of income.

      Joshua 12,000 families are without food water and medicine because of you and your terrorist friends! Joshua how evil do you have to be to deprive 12,000 families of income food water and medicine.

      Joshua how evil does one have to be to chop off the hands of over 1000 family heads just because they want to go earn a living for their family!

      Joshua the ambazombie comedy revolution is dead! The only way this comedy revolution will continue if Ayaba Cho, Sako, Tataw, Mark Brekete and yourself go to Cameroon clad yourself with amulets, drugs and dane guns and command the fight.

      The ambafool fighters are waking up to the truth!

  10. The imaginary republic of Ambazonia is made of greedy old and lost men and women in the diasporan, sending naive, lost and droged young boys to kill innocent children!
    Ambazonia is a legal fiction but has now become a bad dream, a horror reality show.

    • @Bikutsi

      Smelly dirty gray Biabia ashawo lass. Take that your smelly lass and go count the treasury money your Beti-Bulu uncles stole and hide in your Swedish account. We are putting things together to expose your smelly wowo lass to the rest of the world. Ebutu escaped, Biya is mad and doing 360 as he talk like a lonely soul in public, Chantal is half dead and her big head has no wig anymore. Karma is gradually catching up with your smelling lass clan and you genocidaires have not all the time anymore as Ambazonia is rising. The contender forces will push you smelly dirty lasses out of Ambaland before you know it. We will not blink. Go and tell!

  11. Nous avons des individus, paumés dans une ripoublique de merde.Nous avons des Esclavagistes, Segrégationistes, génocidaires qui nous promettent feu et sang tous les jours qui passent.

    Obama Ernest – il faut neutraliser ces terroristes. Un couvre feu permanent à parir de 18H
    Fame ndongo – Vous ne rprésenter que deux morceaux de sucres. Vous allez faire QUOI ?
    Didier Badjeck – On a tué 70 terroristes par ci ..
    Essomba Bengono – C’est Sodom et Gomorrah. God be kill all them.
    Dieudonné ESSOMBA – Il faut les erradiquer. Ils sont atteints d’un virus mortel

    Many many more pour ne citer que ceux là.

    The list is being fully implemented to expose you criminals of LRC. NEVER NEVER NEVER AGAIN.

    98% of all is in FRENCH. Fake UNION.

    who di want colonize who ?

    Ambazonia is going to be FREE.

    • Thanks for such timely reminders, Wandy Marc.

      Hopefully your analysis will enable the great therapists here to turn also to their own backyards. Charity is actually supposed to begin at home, n’est-ce pas?

      • Dieudonné ESSOMBA has always been to >80% for the Anglo cause. Even, he was 1 of those who was against the arrest of Ball-a and co.

        He is even for federation.

        Stop misleading Anglos. Federation or call it how you want would be a good starting point to bringing CMR together. That is why I have always respected Ba-lla and the Munzus…if governors and mayors are accountable to the people, SW/NW would have nothing to envy from other regions—Tiko airport, Limbe Seaport, Menchum Fall, Powercam, CDC, Sonara, Ndop rice…who is going to block these projects again in a federal kinda system?

        Rather than be whining, trustworthy Anglos have got 2 be given the mandate to start drafting points that are going 2 be put on the table during negotiations—give 1 take 2, give 2 take 4.

        War na craze…

        • Zam-Zam

          Did i say Federation or something similar ?

          Dieudonné Essomba : “On ne négocie pas avec la sécession : on l’assèche avec un Etat local”

          The problem is that, we are not regions of la Ripoublique. We are Southern Cameroonians.

          When you play the Gute’s game, you discover the treachery behind. I HAVE NO TRUST IN A FROG. Je les connais par coeur.

          We are not fighting for peanuts or bread and sardine.

          We are fighting for the future of AMBAZONIA.

      • You may go up or come down, negotiations are bound to take place. And it won’t happen with toads or tadpoles.

        The majority of Francos have now understood the Anglo prob, and that is what matters to some pple like us.

        Things can never be the same again…

        • ZamZam

          The Ugly gobbling smelly idiot. Nambere is out and exposing the conmen working with your shetty LRC collaborate with to kill our people. We will restrategise and annihilate you genocidaires including all your enablers. Btw, my promise to you criminal still stay; your neck is mine to severe from that your fat belly body and mount your up long head shiny on a spike.

        • L’enemie,

          Nambere is saying nothing new to us…sako has always been a thief…

  12. Kumkum Pass Garri

    The UNSC considers all Ambazonians to be insane.
    The US considers all Ambazonians to be unrealistic and delusional.

    The manipulated ambafool terrorists in Cameroon are dropping down their weapons in their numbers.

    The ambafool terrorist generals in Kumba have outlawed ghost towns. they say they are tired and are tired of waiing for the amba leaders in the diaspora to come and take over from them so they are dropping their weapons.

    Ayaba Cho, Sako, Anuz, Tatw, Baretta, the ambafool terrorist in Kumba have all dropped their guns. When are you going to take over the fight?

    Amba has fallen to rise no more! Amba has fallen fallen fallen amba has fallen to rise never!

    My kontri pipo dem wuna mash fire make we finish neutralize these ambafool cockroaches!

  13. Okada bi lie, did not see the chiefs. His next outing, will be more disatrous than
    this and he will again, blame it on his big grammer the people can not understand.
    Okada bi Lie, is your brother Ekema the mad dog, still breaking doors in the market?
    I wish he lives long enough, to see how dull he is.

  14. Une fois de plus, Biya vient d’être battu à son propre jeu.

    Il crée un contre-mouvement avec la complicité de quelques personnes pour saboter la révolution de l’Ambazonie.
    De faux Amba boys qui tuent, violent et terrorisent les populations ainsi pour créer le KO et amener les populations à rejeter la révolution, mais manque de chance, toutes les familles ont l’un des leurs tué par les militaires et ces militaires ne sont pas les bienvenus.(Gagner le coeur des populations = Échec). Voyant que la stratégie ne marche pas, il essaye de saboter avec l’achat de quelques guerriers pour semer le KO chez les combattants de la liberté.

    Ambazonia has digital addicts for the sake of the revolution and they are out to decrypt and expllicit everything to the world.


  15. Epée Dipanda

    I thought Dieudonné Essomba was a bit more balanced in his views too.
    In any case his preference will always be for their failed state and ways.
    In case there are people who still doubt our resolve, hear me. If in 48 years you have not killed our desire for freedom be notified that you will never succeed.
    3 to 4 years ago we began to invoke ancestral curses on you. Today, some are dead others have developed cancer and your Nkunkuma is alleged to be raving mad. Let my people go. Otherwise….

  16. Lets not be stupid here with all these strange names- Anglophone, seccessionist, terrorist, Ambazonians etc etc.One thing is clear here:
    – The old despot on diapers is not interested in solving this problem..
    – he is surrounded by clowns who just want to fill their stomach and dont care about cameroon..
    – People like MOMO are a disgrace to cameroon and should be hanged..
    – you can fool the people sometime but you cant fool them all the time..
    You dialogue with enemies and not friends to solve probles..
    – After the prime minister went to the problem regions,what happened?..Still killings, burning of houses and raping of innocent people..
    Wake up and stop this foolish blame game..
    Biya want to remain in power, die in power and is not interested in solving any problem..
    Wake up people.

  17. The victim can never become the criminal. Ambazonia must be free! We must be free to live in the manner that fits our purpose, style and values. French Cameroon and France will never again be given the chance to look pass us to our claim resources. An old retire Pa will never have to leave Akwaya, Frukangkang, Ngoketunja, Kikaikilaki, to go to Yaounde to chase retirement papers in French. We don’t tolerate despots who rule by decrees. Ambazonians must have a voice that equals any. People are crying unity, yet thugs of soldiers are disseminating families in the NW and SW everyday. You can’t wipe out my family and expect me to leave with you in peace and love you. For all the atrocities, we will gain authority over the evil that is Biya and the Francophone-led cabal in Yaounde. Never again!

    • Freedom comes at a cost, it is never free. You have to count the number of Southern Cameroonians who lost their jobs when Powercam, the marketing board, Cameroon bank, etc, was bankrupt by lrc. Ambazonians weren’t stupid when they picked up arms to protect themselves. They knew it was going to be tough. They knew people would die. They knew some will go jobless. Above all, they set out to make the entire region ungovernable by the lrc slave masters. So the CDC operating at 10% is not even enough. It should be at 0%. When the the Southern Cameroonian would have gained their voices, the future would hold a better promise for all. It is better to leave apart in respect than together in disrespect. It is better to live off the little we have than on the plentiful we do not have! Never again!

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