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Cameroun : 9 candidats retenus pour la présidentielle du 7 octobre (officiel)

Neuf candidats dont le président sortant, Paul Biya, ont été retenus pour l’élection présidentielle du 7 octobre prochain, selon un communiqué publié mardi en fin de matinée par le Conseil électoral d’Elections Cameroon (Elecam), l’institution en charge de la gestion des scrutins et opérations référendaires dans le pays.

Le chef de l’État sortant, Paul Biya (Rassemblement démocratique du peuple camerounais, RDPC, au pouvoir) aura ainsi comme challengers Adamou Ndam Njoya (Union démocratique du Cameroun, UDC), Akere Tabeng Muna (Front populaire pour le développement, FPD), Cabral Libii (Parti Univers), Garga Haman Adji (Alliance pour la démocratie et le développement, ADD), Joshua Osih (Front social démocratique, SDF), Maurice Kamto (Mouvement pour la renaissance du Cameroun, MRC), Njifor Afanwi (Mouvement citoyen national camerounais, MCNC) et Serges espoir Matomba (Peuple uni pour la rénovation sociale, PURS).

Elecam qui avait à se pencher sur 27 candidatures, a par ailleurs accueilli le désistement, au profit de Paul Biya, du candidat à la candidature Isaac Feuzeu (Parti Merci), alors que les autres dossiers étaient rejetés pour des raisons diverses, dont la plus avancée est la non-conformité.

Après la publication de cette liste définitive des candidats à la présidentielle, la campagne électorale débutera le 24 septembre 2018 jusqu’à la veille du jour du scrutin. Le 7 octobre, les bureaux de vote seront ouverts de 8 heures et fermés à 18 heures.

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    Amba boys will disrupt elections in SC. Plans have already been finalised.

    • Who cares? Then they will count the votes without SC and the result will be the same.


        You better redirect your opinion to the Flemish separatist Movement (Dutch: Vlaamse Beweging).

      • @Korup forest. Keep out of these you balded rejected scoundrel.

  2. Nonsense keeps smoking

  3. Well, apparently Joshua Osih’s Swiss passport issue was just a red herring then. Great. It could not have been otherwise since there are other candidates with a Swiss passport, n’est-ce pas? One obstacle out of the way.
    But where is Dakole Daissala? Out of the 258 political parties on record, what happened to the rest?

    Technically this could have been a very good setup except that one team is both competitor and referee! Whenever one candidate is closely allied to the umpires…….ELECAM today, COUR CONSTITUTIONELLE the next day…..how can the playing field be level with “tied hands

    We are not particularly good at innovation, otherwise the law should have provided for the post of Vice-President. Did LBJ not replace JFK when the unexpected happened? Well, good luck to the candidates.

  4. Only enslave Africans can believe this charade call elections in Cameroon.
    It is a staged Hollywood type event with the winner being Paul Biya by more than 90% of the votes.
    Who is fooling who?
    Why waste time and money, Anglophones in West Cameroon if you value your life then don’t let the rouge military killing you for trying to vote in a rigged election.
    Biya was 50yrs when he was appointed president of Cameroon, he will die as president of Cameroon be it at 120yrs.
    All these election propaganda is a hoax, they have Biya already as the winner. Do not become target practice for the rogue army as we see on their videos.

    • @ LUM
      Keep your eyes and ears open in the days ahead for the greatest minstrel show of Cameroon!!!!!!
      Campaigns have started. If you expect the real candidates or even the eventual winner to be present at the TV debates, think again. Ever heard campaign by proxy or surrogate?

      No SDF candidate, no UDC candidate, no MRC candidate, no Muna, no C. Libii. You can conveniently fill the gap with Jacques Fame Ndongo and Garga Haman Adji.

      Why Patrick Ekema was pulled off the debate platform at the last minute remains murky. The same goes for the Rep of Dr Adamou Ndam Njoya.

      The Elysee Palace has already sent candidate Paul Biya an invitation for a state visit. Vive le Cameroun!