Cameroun : des militaires en proie aux attaques [+vidéo]

africanews | Au Cameroun, dans le Sud-Ouest du pays, au moins 10 militaires ont été tués presque simultanément à l’attaque d’une gendarmerie.

Des morts qui interviennent alors que L’armée camerounaise vient de boucler l’opération baptisé ‘Bui Clean’. l ’attaque d’une gendarmerie dans le sud-ouest du pays a causé la mort d’au moins 10 militaires. Ces décès interviennent alors que L’armée camerounaise vient de boucler l’opération baptisée ‘Bui Clean’.

Démarrée le 15 mai dernier, l’opération a pour objectif de neutraliser les séparatistes qui sèment la terreur et tuent des militaires dans la zone.

Menée par la 5eme région militaire inter armée, elle aura mobilisé près de 300 soldats.

Les forces camerounaises ont refusé de donner un bilan mais indiquent avoir neutralisé de nombreux séparatistes.

« Je leur ai dit que la mission doit continuer dans la discipline, dans le respect d’engagement des règles et des comportements, dans le respect des droits humains car la population reste et demeure notre centre de gravité.» a déclaré Gen Nka Valère, Commandant de 5eme Region militaire.

Des habitants sont parallèlement accusés de connivence avec les rebelles. Selon les accusations de l’armée, les habitants, les élites, les chefs, les responsables d’églises ont épousés l’idéologie séparatiste dans toute les zones, ce qui rend leur lutte difficile.

Mais les avis de la population sont partagés au sujet de la tenue de ces opérations.

D’autres habitants estiment que la voix militaire a montré ses limites et qu’elle devrait être la dernière option. Des raids poussent les habitants à fuir dans les montagnes pour trouver refuge.

« Les opérations militaires dans nos villes et villages ne vont pas ramener la paix selon moi, car les populations souffrent actuellement. Et là plus part du temps quand ces populations voient des militaires, ils pensent que leur fils est mort, leur papa est mort, leur fille est morte à cause des militaires, et ils ont de fait très peurs. Donc je ne pense pas que l’option militaire soit la meilleure » s’est confié un habitant de Bamenda.

Pour les habitants il faut un autre moyen de résolution que les armes. Dans les grandes villes du Nord-Ouest par exemple, les kidnappings, les exactions, les demandes de rançons et les assassinats dictent la loi. Il s’agit selon les analystes des conséquences des raids militaires.

L’opération qui est la troisième du genre a duré un mois entier. 4 soldats ont été tués et plusieurs blessés.

Un reportage Joël Kouam, correspondant Africanews au Cameroun.

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  1. Dictator Biya is indeed a sadist. He has been told severally that there is ZERO military solution to the Anglophone Question. That notwithstanding he continues to send his terrorist soldiers to SC. Amba boys are slauthering those LRC terrorists day in day out. IEDs have turned out to be the GAME CHANGER of this sh*thole war.
    History will surely judge that BULU sadist harshly.


      “La situation fait dire à Dieudonné Essomba que l’Etat du Cameroun est en position de faiblesse. «Le Cameroun unitaire n’a pas les moyens politiques, économiques, financiers, diplomatiques, médiatiques et stratégiques pour venir à bout de la sécession anglophone; c’est impossible», a déclaré l’économiste ce dimanche 27 juin 2021 à l’émission ‘‘Club d’Elites’’ sur la chaîne privée Vision 4.

      «J’ai dit depuis quatre ans a-t-il poursuivi, que si le Cameroun persiste dans l’Etat unitaire, les Amba Boys vont vous battre à plate couture. Il y a quatre ans, qui pouvait croire que les sécessionnistes pouvaient tuer 24 militaires en une semaine ? Qui pouvait le croire ? ”


      • Kumkum Pass Garri


        The dumbest people to ever walk on earth are the Ambazombies!

        Alambi Walters Muma, and Edith Ngang are not UNSTOPPABLE as they have been indicted for illegal arms trafficking.

        If Alambi Walters and Ma Ngang were empty noise makes like you, they will also be UNSTOPPABLE like you.

        No matter how much noise you make; no matter how delusional you are; the fact remains Cameroon is one and indivisible and people like you, Ayaba Cho, Chris Anu, Ikome Sako, Akwanga will never walk like a freeman in the one and indivisible Cameroon again.

        We the Black Legs will rip out their organs from their bodies with our bear hands if they dare attempt to walk like freemen anywhere in our one and indivisible Cameroon.

        Thanks to MKPD for annihilating the Ambazombie FB nation.

        • Morocco…………..4 (1+1+1+1 = 4)
          LRC………………….0 (ZEROOOOOOO-hahahahihihihohoho)


          1. The ancestors of VICTORIA humiliated LRC PANTS ON FIRE for violating the territorial integrity of SC
          2. The ancestors of VICTORIA have vowed to humiliate LRC UNDERWEARS ON FIRE in 2022 if LRC dares to violate the territorial integrity of SC
          3. UNDERWEARS ON FIRE means 8 goals for the opponent to ZERO for LRC
          7, LRC is ruled by the most corrupt, dishonest, faithless, deceitful, arrogant, foolish, stupid, despicable, evil, demonic and insensitive CRIMINALS on planet earth.
          8. SC IS SC, LRC IS LRC
          10. Allahu Akbar !!!!

  2. Since Biya and his dumb military continue to kill innocent civilians called Ambazonians and
    his people of LRC are seating quiet, it means we are not the same people. Therefore,to settle
    this once and for all, we should be `let to go our way`. Period.

    • Armed “innocent civilians”
      You guys are just ennemis of the state.
      On the other hand, we the forest people do not really care about you folks.
      You guys keep fighting as this at the end will benefit all of us and specially the forest people.
      We will separate from the grassfielders at the end of all this and that is the end goal.
      We have our brothers in Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Congo etc.. we would like to form the great ekang state.
      We are not related to grassfielders and should have never been in the same country.
      Keep fighting if ups

      • Mbappe how ya tok dong change so nor pa ?

      • @Mpappe The Tribalist,

        Obiang is going to chase you out like a snake…fix your own villages and leave the Obiangs and Bongos out of your self-inflicted misery.

        School children attend classes in your backyard in the open air in mud houses when they are lucky.

        They are no roads in your village. Can you get to your village during the rainy season?

        You think Obiang doesn’t know your records? Obiang prefers to collaborate with Grassfielders than you. Inform yourself…

        • ZAM ZAM ,,,a new state is born,ekang state kikikiki
          without a single continental language to hold all africans togerther.we shall continue creating zoombies like mbappe,ambazonia blablabla

        • Your rubbish talk has no effet on us… the way we look at live is not as you folks. You are ready to kill, to poison you so-called compatriots with all kind of face médecines, food … just for the sake of money.
          Listen I iamb and our brothers on other countries are closing borders because of the bad luck of tribe like you. As I said we are not related to you folks.
          Btw we speak the same language, across all the 5 countries where my people are located. Unlike you where at every 5 kms there is a new language totally unknown by neighbors.
          We were never meant to share the same country.
          Keep killing and fight for ambazonia. You have our support.
          At the end of all that, we shall all separate and go our own ways
          I love it

        • We have to be honest with ourselves.
          Can you folks answer the following question?
          What is Cameroon?
          Something imposed on us by Europeans.
          I as ekang feel closer to people from guinee, Gabon, São Tomé, Congo Angola, part of Central African Republic as I speak the same language as them and I share the same culture.
          I do not feel any connection with grassfielders… we are not related and that’s the simple truth.
          You guys can masturbate as you want with “vivre ensemble” or Cameroon is indivisible or whatever… all depends on how people feel.
          You grassfields from the North west, please keep fighting and kill.
          You have all my support.
          At the end we will go our separate ways.
          Love it

        • @Bah Acho,

          don’t mind that equatorial eskimo with his ekang empire, existing only in his head.

          He thinks if he joins Central Africa rep. somebody is going to miss him.

          Go away Mpappe, you are a curse to our country! Only know how to sit and eat without sweating.

          Who wants to be with you?

          You think eating bobolo and pineapple for lunch is something worth missing?

          Go and check the news, your neighbour has just chopped off the leg of his wife because of spaghetti.

          Mal chance…

        • @zam-zam
          Why all the cries.
          You never see in your areas.
          The only people from my tribe that come over there are civil servants.
          So who needs who.
          You guys are like leeches … we do not want to be with you. We are not related. Do not force “vivre ensemble”.
          We are no connection to you folks
          So you grassfields from the North west with your cousins in the west province who are financing you war efforts, keep it up.
          You have all our support
          The wailing wall is not in the Ekang land but in Jérusalem.
          We have no relationship with you folks. We are not brothers:
          You can’t force love

        • @Zamzam I am on the floor, so an Ekang butchered the wife because of pasta?

        • @Mpappe,

          who wants a relationship with you?

          You are civil servants in other regions because you think your uncles and big bros shall be there in Y’dé forever. You think you can sit and eat CMR without the least sweat forever? One must be a fool to think that any condition is permanent.

          What do you have in common with eskimos? Why won’t you quit them and go back to your ekang land? Hypocrite!

          Are you in a haste?

          Grassfielders are going to buy all your land before quitting. you may either hang or stop selling.

          The choice is yours…

          his wife served the remaining pasta to their hungry children. Upon return back home the next, he couldn’t bear it and hat to chop off her leg.

          Just imagine if it were sardine…

        • @zam-zam
          I feel so sorry for your graffi ass.
          Begin to live with us.
          You have Elmo ressources to buy even 5% of the ekang land.
          When the time of community fédéralism, we take measures to kick all of you ilks out :
          Fiscal measures targeting only pigs will be enacted to send you packing.
          As I have said we are not related and do not force love.
          We are going to make your sorry live miserable.
          In my village we have put money together and kicked out 2 pigly families with their piglets and never to come again.
          A campaign is en route to clean all ekang villages from pigs… you can only stay in cities in the near future.
          You have shown ur faces and you are going to regret what you have done.
          Remember what I just said.
          A very bleak future is in front all pigs

        • @ Mpappe,

          who is the pig here?

          The one selling his land to drink and eat pork or the one buying the land?

          You even send your own sister to prostitution, just because she’ll return each night with a bottle of red wine and some mud fish.

          Graffis are going to buy all your land and marry your sisters!

          Go drink your H’aaa and cool your heart…

      • @zam-zam
        As a reminder and sorry for your illisible masturbation about having money.
        Most of your ilks lives in the “elobis” in our cities and most of you are very poor. Of course there are few that have made money outside the graffi land, but ne reassured, things are starting and it is going to be very hard for your ilks. Did you see what is starting to happen in Douala with the cleaning of pigs from their illegal occupations.
        It is going to be fire in Yaoundé very soon
        Your ilks are going to beg like kids
        Most of them live in illegal occupied plots.
        I just feel sorry for yours.
        It is better d’or you to really thing about the graffi areas as fédéralism as a minimum is on the horizon

        • Look at this tribalist!

          You think I don’t know what is itching your a##?

          There is just no way you can use illegal means to claim land that was legally bought. Blame yourself for selling land for a keg of H’aaa.

          And the irony is, you’ll still sell the land even if it is given back to you.

          And guess to whom you’ll sell it, the greatest bidders. Grassfielders.

          Mpappe, the only way to stop seeing this land-selling is to buy urself a rope at the nearest Fokou construction store.

          You now wonder why ekang girls runaway from ekang men and go in for Grassfielders, who treat them like queens?…

      • Epée Dipanda

        Mbappe who has stopped you?
        Before white men gave Cameroon its name we had no business with you, why force us to join you now?.
        We said return the country to the federation you said net. You think we are cool headed like our fathers?
        Return the country to a federation now before its too late.
        Our children are even more extremist than this never again generation.
        A word to the wise.
        If you do not learn anything learn from Ethiopian Tigray region.

    • KumKum Pas Garri

      “Whether you like it or not Ma Kontripipo is a force to reckon with. he is an enemy that is strong!”
      Eric Tataw.

      You have the permission of Eric Tataw to quote him any where ( Na yi Eric Tataw talkam).

      “There be no Ambazonia. I repeat there will not be Ambazonia. There will be not no Ambazonia”
      Joshua Carr ( the 237 teeth ambazombie idiot).

      “Ambazonia is dead. I wash ma hand.”
      Tapang the Pizzaboy Ivo

      ” This is the reality, people watch Kontripipo more than Ambazombie activists. This is the reality! People in Cameroon think Ayaba Cho is a stooge of La Republique du Cameroon. This is the realitythere will never be Ambazonia.Ambazonia wun just forget about independence. All the sacrifices have gone to nothing. This is the reality”
      Capo Daniel (aka Ngong Dog Emmanuel).

      Black Legs Oye!!!

      • On a personal level and most ekangs(out of government) do not give a rat about graffi.
        We are not related.
        Our brother are in guinea, Gabon, São Tomé etc but
        We have nothing in commun and should not be part of the same state
        I support you guys to keep killing and this at the end will bring about that separation.
        Colonial fédéralism élis out of the picture. At a minimum it will cultural fédéralism and we will not complain about each other anymore

    • @kintan,

      his wife served the remaining pasta to their hungry children. Upon return back home the next day, he couldn’t bear it and had to chop off her leg.

      Just imagine if it were sardine…

  3. Smart African nations are moving forward, building industries & agric establishments for local and overseas markets. Ghana’s GDP will double that of warring Cameroon. Whether it is Amba or La Repub, the gloom for Cameroon looms and chaos is ineluctable. Most Amba guys have little clue about Cameroon and African history, have not intellectual introspection and Biya is an insufferable moron. Abdou Diouf left office in 2000 when defeated in 2nd presidential elections by a former member of his party. His cronies encouraged him to rig and stay but like J. Rawlings, he stated that he didn’t want bloodshed for his compatriots down the road. SMART! The country is bigger than ONE man whose cronies are all in jail.
    Senegal has attracted investments from everywhere. Cameroon buys weapons from Spain.

  4. @MBAPPE:- I dont doubt your IQ- u dont have any-where should the IQ come from when you guys are known for laziness and as chop broke pot..You guys are of no good to cameroon- what have the EKANG brought to cameroon?..The laziest president on earth..A people who have power for over 40 years , stolen money but cant even build good houses nor roads for themselves..They only wear suits , dance, drink wine and have sex..
    Before you join your brothers in GAbon, EQ Guinea, many of your sons will die in Southern cameroons..

    You guys have a brain meant only to eat, drink and sleep.
    I dont think any group in cameroon will miss you guys if you go away…We will be happy to rebuild cameroon, make the country rich, and come and see you gorillas dance , drink and sleep on your trees as attraction.

    • @Biko

      Just will answer you because you are an idiot.
      By your logic, can you answer the following question:
      How can “hardworking people” be ruled by lazy people for over 40 years? I will even say for over 64 years as the first ruller in Cameroon was actually an Ekang. We have been ruling since 1958 and you are the hard working ones?

      Do you fell stupid to be ruled by lazy people?

      Like I said, for peace sake, you have to fight to cultural federalism.
      Peace will prevail for all