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Cameroun : fin de mission de soldats américains déployés contre Boko Haram

APAnews | Le ministère de la Défense a indiqué dimanche que le contingent constitué de 300 soldats américains déployés dans l’Extrême-nord du Cameroun depuis 2015 dans le cadre de la guerre contre la secte terroriste Boko Haram est arrivé à la fin de sa mission.

Leur mission ne « consistait pas à prendre part aux combats contre Boko Haram, mais à former des soldats camerounais dans certaines techniques de lutte contre le terrorisme », a précisé le ministère de la Défense dans un communiqué.

A ce volet formation, il faut ajouter « l’important apport logistique apporté à l’armée camerounaise » dans cette guerre contre les terroristes.

Toutefois, les 300 soldats Américains resteront au Cameroun pendant quelque temps pour «mieux peaufiner les mécanismes de passage du flambeau ».

Alors que la secte islamiste Boko Haram connaît un affaiblissement réel sur le plan militaire, sa capacité de nuisance ne faiblit pas pour autant, à travers la multiplication des attaques suicides, des prises d’otages et le rapt du cheptel.

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    “…. est arrivé à la fin de sa mission”????

    This is another FAT lie by the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC.

    The truth of the matter is that:

    **** THE US ABANDONED LRC ****

    because of the genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in SC

    1. Withdraws all (i.e. 100%) military personnel from LRC
    2. Warns LRC NEVER to deploy US military hardware in SC
    3. threatens to take the Anglophone Question before the Security Council
    4. Declares a number of LRC officials PNG (Personae Non-Gratae)

    • It seems like you forgot to take your medication.
      You are very confused

      • What medication you this pathetic liar? The US intended to create a permanent base in Northern Cameroon as per the AFRICOM specifications? Why will their mission come to a halt while Boko Haram is still terrorizing the sub region? You and your pathetic tribal government were warned not to use the donated weapons in your genocide plan. As stubborn and heartless as you all are you went ahead and violated the agreement. They are leaving because they cannot be in complicit with a genocide. But they will come back to correct the mistake Gutteres is helping his friend Biya adjudicate falsely. Chief Barrister Charles Taku has already updated your ICC files.

    • A.k.a mvomeka. You can twiste the news in your avantage as you like. It doesnt change fax. When have you ever said something accurate on this forum?
      You promised to leave this forum if sissiku was captured and sent to Cameroon, but all you do is to change screen names. Guess what, your poor vocabulary will not change.



        “Guess what, your poor vocabulary will not change.”????

        twiste = TWIST
        avantage = ADVANTAGE
        fax = FACTS

        • You wish it was me punk . I don’t need to hide and change monikers like you to address your putrid lies . Stop embarrassing yourself on a public forum you this old man . Anuofia


          If you let a paid agent of the rotten regime annoy you, you lose the respect of the voiceless who adore you!!!!!!!!!!

          The nation thrives on paid agents of this type to spread its terror coated with fake colors called PEACE. The NORTH was silenced (1984) through bloodletting in the same manner the LITTORAL/OUEST before it between 1958 and 1972.

          Right now the experiment is being tried out in the NW/SW. The resistance is palpable and only now are enlightened FRANCOPHONES waking up to the reality and admitting that their salvation lies in the window of opportunity created by this resistance from the NW/SW.
          The truth has always remained bitter!!!!!!


        @John Dinga,

        Dictator Biya and his Agents Provocateurs have become extremely desperate. They have tried everything possible to try to stop the momentum: genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, the use of Grandmasters, Ex-convict Atangana, Fraudster Ekema, the Commission on Bilingualism, translating the OHADA text, etc. However, the momentum remains UNSTOPPABLE.

        Boris Bertold has leaked the information of the contracting of thousand of Chadian troops to help stop the momentum of the struggle. Of course, most of the Chadian mercenaries will return to their country in body bags. Amba boys are already waiting for them. Southern Cameroonians in the diaspora will initiate a “plan d’urgence” to address the threat from the Chadian soldiers. The financial contribution to the struggle …


          ….will increase accordingly. Amba boys need AK47, IEDs, roadside bombs and other modern weapons to neutralise LRC terrorists and Chadian mercenaries.

          The FINAL SOLUTION to the Anglophone Question MUST be gotten this time around come rain come shine.
          Dictator Biya and “paid agents of the rotten regime” can NEVER EVER stop the present momentum of the struggle.

      • @ James. Before u check on others’ vocabulary, atleast make sure yours isn’t as questionable. What has ”fax” got to do with ur intent?

  2. I thought amba was free hahahahahhahahahaha water na water

    • Yes, if Amba was not free why would Larepublique need to import Chadian mercenaries?
      I have a feeling that many will drown in the Manyu River.