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Kluivert (D)

Cameroun : les deux ex-sélectionneurs Seedorf et Kluivert portent plainte !

Orange Football | Tous deux limogés suite à l’élimination humiliante de la Coupe d’Afrique des nations 2019, Clarence Seedorf et son adjoint Patrick Kluivert ont décidé de porter plainte contre le Cameroun, pour licenciement abusif.

Les deux anciens joueurs hollandais n’ont pas réalisé leur objectif d’aller loin en CAN 2019 avec le champion en titre. Fort de cet échec qui s’est matérialisé par des choix tactiques douteux, notamment lors du match face au Nigéria, les deux stars du ballon rond ont été remerciés par la Fécafoot.

Les deux hommes réclament aux autorités camerounaises la mirobolante somme de 5 milliards de francs CFA en guise d’indemnité de licenciement. Le Cameroun, comme pour les autres pays africains, doit dorénavant faire confiance aux entraîneurs locaux.

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  1. Perhaps Joseph Dion Ngute can nudge “Papa” to include this item on the agenda of the Grand National Dialogue? Or George Ewane might lend support to urge Cameroon’s Jesus Christ to order so? If both fail, they can use the trump card – turn to the Great People of the Grand South Region.
    Impossible est camerounais?????

    • Shut up old man. You and others are upset for the fact that the dialogue is going well, and is inclusive. The majority of Anglone leadership, including separatists are participating.

      • You don’t have to use vile language to make your point. Reading the two posts, the gentleman seems to have a calmer head than you irrespective of his position. We hope for good outcomes in the dialogue but when words like “the majority of Anglophone leadership..” are used it makes your point quite naïve and risible because these are appointees of the REGIME not elected officials.
        Hand-picked senators like Musonge and Mukete are not leaders. Until Cameroon learns from countries like Ghana, Nigeria, S. Leone, Liberia, Kenya, Tanzania etc., where democracy is surviving human greed and somewhat fair elections have been held, the country will stay in problems.
        I do not subscribe to the positions of separatists but the truth about Cameroon is embedded in lifetime-presidency & electoral fraud.

        • @Ekema
          You know, one way to hide ignoran e and feel good is to cover it with arrogance or some amount of boorish Ness.

        • Ekema, I repeat the majority is participating. Dr. Munzu, Balla, a wide variety of diaspora for US and Europ, cardinal Tumi, not to mention the general Capture and Destruction and co, Josiah Osih, John Fru Ndi and plenty others. That’s quite representative of anglophone.
          Now, I know that in your mind you are consider Con Man such as Ayaba and co to be leaders., I don’t, they will never step foot in Cameroon ever again, and the conflict WILL be resolve WITHOUT them.

        • Atah Takang,

          I refer to you as such because one of my parents is from Manyu & that’s my heritage too. Just a bit of humour.
          That aside, if you took the time to read my post you wouldn’t end up with the wrong conclusion. I do not follow the precepts of Ambazonia delegates, never would support school closures. I was not a part of their selection process and I do not align with anyone for whom I did not vote or a process I did not partake in. Same logic applies to Biya’s REGIME. I stand poised to speak the truth as a freethinker & a real patriot, not a flag-burning activist or stooges to a despot or movement.
          I recognize Anglophone marginalization, I suggest real solutions to helping Anglophones and practical measures to save Cameroon from cronyistic gerontocracy. Biya is the first culprit!

    • Hahaha i could not help but laugh at your response to @,Takang.That was bitter…haha

  2. Hahahahahahahaha.
    Mark my words we will never accept anything short of federation or complete separation.
    Dream all you want, we are committed to the struggle.
    Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!

  3. Let us close this chapter and turn to other matters. Our “image de marque” is not too good in sports.

    Our ladies lost to ALL other teams in Japan. That speaks poorly about our mastery of volleyball.
    And then the two dismissed coaches of the Indomitable Lions are suing FECAFOOT, claiming Bobdinaggian amounts for wrongful dismissal.

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