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Cameroun : les élections municipales reportées en 2020

Xinhua | Les élections municipales au Cameroun, initialement prévues en septembre 2019, sont désormais reportées en février 2020, selon un décret présidentiel publié lundi soir.

“Le mandat des conseillers municipaux, élus lors du scrutin du 30 septembre 2013, précédemment prorogé de douze mois (…) est prorogé jusqu’au 29 février 2020”, indique un décret signé par le président camerounais Paul Biya.

Ce report électoral n’est pas isolé. Début juillet, les députés de l’Assemblée nationale camerounaise ont voté favorablement à prolonger leur mandant de deux mois à compter du 29 octobre.

La situation sécuritaire dans la partie anglophone du Cameroun ravagée par une crise séparatiste pourrait être à l’origine de ces changements du calendrier électoral, selon certains observateurs locaux.

Représentant 20% de la population camerounaise qui est majoritairement francophone, la minorité anglophone s’estime marginalisée et francisée par le pouvoir central depuis des décennies et une mouvance sécessionniste armée est née dans la région en octobre 2017. F

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  1. les élections municipales reportées en 2020 , is that going to be after or Before Paul Biya’s Daparture from the Unity Palace?

  2. IS this old dirty , Despot, Africas Killer nr 1 still alive.??.
    He can only steal and sign papers..
    Its game over..
    Take your diapers from Etoudie and take to MVOG Meka..

  3. Make no mistake, even in 2020 nothing is going to happen.

    We want our country back, that’s all we want from you!

    Etoudi is yet to comprehend that the game is over, that’s why they are now making recourse to ethno-fascism, to fool the DULL and less witty to believe that we are Hutus and Tutsis.

    But CMRs are no mbut! The few elites from the presi’s+first lady’s village, who’re seeing the writings on the wall, think they can mask their intents and failures by churning the hearts of their people into believing that Kamto-Nganang is the cause of their imminent abyss.

    Ironically, Kamto even stands a better chance of improving the lives of such dullards that are being fooled that it is a fight b/w one tribe against the other—Kamtophobia—Bamiphobia—Anglophobia.

    For how long?…

    • my Prayers is that the majority of smart and young Cameroonians dont fall in this dirty TRAP:.
      It was the north, then the Anglos and today the BAmis..
      Some idiots just got up and thought they are the choosing people of God..They are the people to rule Cameroon..Make statements like a man eating Achu will never rule cameroon..
      When young people demonstrate from BAS they want to stigmatize the Bamis..
      When Frau Ndi won they said an Anglo cannot rule Cameroon..
      Kamto won, they say an achu eater cannot rule Cameroon..
      That divide and rule game is over..
      We weant to take our beautiful rich multi ethnic nation from these Gorillas..
      We want back our country – a place of patriotic and proud people not bread and sardine eaters..
      We the young people want back our nation..

  4. Dictator Biya is indeed living on another planet. He seems not to understand the gravity of the situation in SC.


    The evil Bulu Dictator can postpone the elections to 2035( i.e after LRC has emerged), there will still be ZERO elections in SC.

    Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for elections to take place in SC BEFORE the final resolution of the Anglophone Question.


  5. Truth and Facts

    CAMER up still have completely failed to understand that Paul Biya is no longer in charge. He does not fully know what is happening in CMR.
    This so call presidential decree was never signed by him and he is not even aware of its existence.
    If we could stop calling each other names and take time to listen, think and try to understand each other pain maybe we would have found a solution for the country.
    There will always be conflict of interest. That is how the world is. Those profiting from Biya will always support him.
    Unfortunately, the rest (majority) are busy fighting and calling each other names…

    • Truth and Facts

      … and therefore, Biya and his gang continue to suck the country dry.
      The 87 years old man must have been very intelligent to create and put such a system in place or maybe CAMER are just too stupid.
      If one should judge just from their ability to throw insult and make empty noise, one would be prone to think they are just plain stupid as a community.

  6. @ZAM ZAM: Kamtophobia—Bamiphobia—Anglophobia..will not work again..
    These people who dont have any plan for the country, fell the country is theirs have been playing with such words to fool the people of Centre and south..WHat KAmto can give these people , Biya and the whole BULU_:BETI plus Essingan will never give..They dont even build roads, no basic necessities..The country is broke..Nothing is happening but these thieves dont accept their failure and want to fool the people things are going wrong because of KAMTO and MRC..??..Who can buy that?..
    We cant be in a country where smart, intelligent and people to respect with a history like KAMTO are sent to Jail..Honest people are jailed..Patriots are jailed..But Thieves and FEH men like Biya and his Gang are free…

    • Kumpel Biko, Lapiro told them Etouidi gangsters to send 25 million CMRs to Kondengi, but it will not change their fate—paw-paw wey yi dong ripe musto fall for grong for gee chance for arda young paw-paw dem, ifi yi ova trong head for fall, clocki witi long tail dem go hellep yi for fall.

      Let’s not be fooled by tribalism rhetoric, this is the time for all tribes that sacrificed their blood in the early 90s for change to unite and face Etoudi. Any tribes that is going to stand on the way, would have to bear the consequences alone. From Mora to Eyoumojock, CMRs have to forget abt their differences and face the eternal common enemy, Etoudi.

      Etoudi gangsters are afraid that their whip will soon change hands. Let CMRs not be distracted, Etoudi must taste its own whip…

  7. Biya, this is just the beginning of postponement of your elections.No elections in Ambazonia till when we must have finally take over our country from ur colonial administration.Under the English system ,we shall put in place a system accountable to the people, were the people have the powers to hold leader accountable and not the blind french system were u are the god.
    Gone are does days in our land.Forward ever and backward never.Biya u will still carry our elections forward even after 2020.
    If french cameroonians are still sleeping, that is their personal problem,AMBAZONIANS HAVE GONE AND WILL NEVER BE PART OR YOUR ADMINISTRATION AGAIN.
    we wish you and your french brothers and sisters the best,but time against u already.watch out/////

  8. Is it really a solution to put for tomorrow what ought to be done today? Doesn’t it sound ridiculous that out of 25,000,000 citizens, only one is looked upon to solve the nation’s crucial problem?

    • [email protected] true municiple and regional votes are important ,should be given great individual voters consideration ,especially on past conduct ,results ,if contenders have already been in office ,these details should not be taken lightly by voting citizens.I wouldn’t even put it down to which party they belong to either at this point .

  9. This is the real owner, of the vine yard.

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