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Cameroun: multiplication des abandons de poste en zone anglophone

RFI | Le gouvernement camerounais est confronté au phénomène de désertion des fonctionnaires dans les régions anglophones en crise. Des abandons de postes se sont multipliés dans les deux régions du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest, alors que ces personnels de l’Etat font l’objet d’enlèvements et d’assassinats ciblés.

Si la note marquée du sceau confidentiel, signée du secrétaire général de la présidence de la République à l’attention du ministre de l’Administration territoriale, n’a fuité qu’hier sur les réseaux sociaux, elle n’en reste pas moins riche d’enseignements. Sur celle-ci, le secrétaire général de la présidence enjoignait son collègue sur instruction du président de la République de réinstaller au plus tard, le 10 septembre dernier, des fonctionnaires ayant déserté leur poste dans les régions anglophones en crise.

Six départements

Ces fonctionnaires sont en service dans six départements : deux dans le Nord-Ouest et quatre dans le Sud-Ouest, essentiellement des chefs d’unité administratifs, des sous-préfets d’arrondissement dont les identités sont par ailleurs révélées dans la note. Mais en plus de cette liste, un fonctionnaire en poste à Bamenda a confirmé – anonymement – à RFI que beaucoup d’autres chefs de services régionaux se trouvent dans le même cas. Des fonctionnaires qui estiment par ailleurs que l’administration ne fait pas assez pour garantir leur sécurité dans ces régions où ils sont sujets à des enlèvements.

Cas le plus symbolique

Le cas le plus symbolique est, à ce jour, l’enlèvement du sous-préfet de l’arrondissement de Batido le 11 février 2017 et dont on est toujours sans nouvelles.

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    LRC is using the people as CANNON FODDER by sending them to SC. Amba boys are already waiting for them


      Suicide mission. Nothing more nothing less

      Dictator Biya is indeed living in a fool’s paradise, refusing to accept that the situation in SC is now very dangerous for his proconsuls. That is the reason he is sending them on a suicide mission.

      Believe me or not, there will be ZERO ELECTION in SC. Dictator Biya will be voted only by citizens of LRC. This will prove that the country is not “one and indivisible”. There are two countries, SC and LRC. Biya and Atanga Nji know that. However, ELECAM will publish fabricated figures on the participation in SC in order to deceive the international community.


      “The situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing, and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus be able to delve into the crux of the problem;” (Biya, 2018)


  2. I thought they were strong. When the people had peace plants they used helicopter gunships to massacre them and now that the people have armed themselves and prepared to fight fire for fire, they put their tails behind their legs and took flight. Bunch of cowards. This fight can go for a hundred years and cameroun will never win. They should surrender and safe the lifes of not only our young men but their terrorist soldiers under Osama biyaden, because those soldiers are young men and women who also have their whole lives infront of them. Osama biyaden should call for a ceasefire immediately and stop this senseless slaughtering of innocent lives.

    • Just shut up I thought ambazonia can win too , with your fake ass propaganda. Tells me how many Nigeria join you for the fight lol .

      • At this difficult moment you still have the luxury of such reckless and abusive language that has landed an entire people where they find themselves today?

        • Ignorance is never out of style. How anyone with a brain advocates for 7 more years of a dictator is a mystery and you don’t have to be a secessionist to know that it’s wrong and there lies the problem.
          A few years back, I encountered a few relations of now jailed former PM celebrating a visit by whom they called second-lady. How sad!! They reveled and lavished praise on the despot. I encountered one of them recently and wondered if that same sentiment was still there and the criticism of Popol was remarkable.
          How is it that some only come to an understanding when it hits home? Strangely, the devotees of a dictator sojourn in democratic countries but feel their country deserves less. They say, let’s do it our own way, a tacit support of a regime, cronyism, gerontocracy and bloodshed.

  3. This report is not correct.

    “The situation is under control and they are only about 150 elements. We are clearing them out of the zone. ”

    When an irresponsible government plays ostrich and people celebrate irresponsibility, the truth has a certain way of disappointing them.

  4. The Fire Chief is asking the DO’s to go back into the burning house with the roof caved in. Sooner or later Cameroonians will come to realize like the DO’s; what is the fight for and for what? ENAM does not look good any no more. Shortcut to you death !!!!

  5. If they are quitting their jobs, then it is time for others to apply for those positions. A lot of people need jobs. Unfortunately, these ambazombie illiterate cockroaches are roaming the streets disturbing the peace. I think the government should start a national propaganda of “SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING”. Family members or friends harboring these terrorists will be held liable for crimes against the state.

  6. The colonial Do and other agents are right to run. MP s are running soon it will be the colonial governor and the likes of ekema. Bi mvondo should remove his diaper and come in to fight. Very soon any Cameroonese working in Ambazonia should as a matter of safety run home to LRC. Cameroonese Go Home!

  7. Fake news we have thousands of people waiting for job they can quick anytime they want and go join the ambazonia. We lrc will exterminate them like that former gendarme who join ambazonia.

    • and who are these thousands waiting for jobs Bamendaboy_?Ambazonians are the most unemployed in LRP. they are creating rooms for them. You be an anglophone yet you are blind supporting RLP.we shall fish you out after our victory and send you to the guillotine for not supporting the struggle.

      • @ Gentlemanity. Stop this your foolishness of calling the noble people of the SW and NW Ambazonians. We are not from Eastern Europe. You people and your colonial mentality want to divide our country along colonial lines. It will never ever happen. Keep on destroying the lives of the people of the SW and NW. We will soon rise against your terrorist group. The Mbororo have already started. When people will realize they can’t feed their kids anymore because of your madness then you will find out de quel bois on se chauffe. Cowards. Since you don’t have the balls to fight Biya who is enjoying himself in Europe and Asia, you go to anglophone villages to destabilize the lives of innocent villagers in the name of fighting for their freedom. Do you think Biya cares? Cowards.

        • BJ,

          don’t worry!

          Those murderers of Anglo youths that are hiding in USA, EU, SA…are going to pay for their human right crimes, heavily.

          This crisis is a staged one by a bevy of blood drinkers to make Biya win. Even Boh Herbert is now denying that what happened on Baf-Bamenda road was not the work of Amba Boys—that three-card game that some have naively endorsed and decided to sacrifice our youths is going to haunt them+generation, forever and ever.

          Anyway, some of them are beginning to figure out the game—youtube Mola Wonja Mbua—this is just the beginning—they’ll soon eat each other.

          Gentlemanity and Co are just on reconnaissance mission in here—small fishes…

        • You may youtube the latest Boh Herbert as well—all what visionaries of this forum have been saying ever since this madness began…


        • You will rise, you will rise, you will rise.
          That was two years ago. Demented people like you have been saying since the beginning of this struggle that your gendarmes will eliminate all the aggrieved Southern Cameroonians. What changed??
          Now, it is the same people who are fighting for their rights who will rise against themselves?? Privileged slaves like you and Atanga Nji are few and your numbers are dwindling.
          The people have risen, and there is no stopping them. Give us our freedom or give us death. Do your worst.

        • Kedioh,

          check this other one out; REV.KENEDY -He says stop the war but not the struggle ..PIGIN ENGLISH

          We have told you here, days of watching you in your madness would soon be over. We’ll have to fight you, fiercely. Only so can your madness be healed.

          “That was two years ago.” Youtube them according to upload date.

          We’re soon coming for you, no need for you to start eating each other…

        • Zam-Zam,
          You understand fully well, what this fight is about. Go back and look at what Wirba said. The whole French army put together and added to your gendarmes will not stop the people of Southern Cameroons. When people protested with peace plants, you brought helicopter gunships to kill them. Do you accept that the warlords have taken over? I would have loved that this thing be resolved peacefully. But the slave master mentality wouldn’t let the other side to reason.
          You stay out of it, they still kill you. My cousin who was mentally challenged was picked up by the gendarmes, and after realizing that he was not well, instead of letting him go, they shot him in the back. Tell me how do you deal with such animals?
          Remember, they brought this fight to us. The warlords are just responding.

        • @kedioh,

          why do you think some of us have never endorsed that gun option to make the Anglo case? Are we that stupid?

          What we’re seeing is still a child’s play, the worse is still to come. As of now those drugged youths are still relying on orders from IG. But for how long? They too are aware of the greed and wickedness of IG, who didn’t wait for too long before unveiling their true faces due to a few Dollar notes.

          Once those drugged youths start taking things into their own hands, forget it! They are going to be worse than BIR on their own pple, due to fierce positioning and internal battles. They’ll ravage entire villages simply cos they’ll want to settle internal scores among themselves.

          And, the Graffi Vs. Sawa (Northern Vs. Southern zone) folly is already resurfacing.


        • How come you’re this ignorant like Zam Zam ?

        • Well said!!!

          Trying to divide along colonial lines is fucking bullshit.
          The Economy of NW(especially) was and is based mainly on providing human services of which the main customer were students and pupils and educational institutions.

          You have succeeded in depriving the NW economy of its main customer. Pushing the youth in search of education into the so called french zone. What will eventually remain will be the old, sick and illitrates. Parents selling their goods at give away prices to be able to accomodate thier families in foriegn regions. Soon they will be selling their lands to do that.

          Should this continue some few more years, what do you think will become of this youths now getting their education in the so called french zone.

          Guys add the dotes.

  8. Ils ont deja vues quoi. Others should follow suit,let me see how they will function in our land. That is the beginning of victory for Ambaland. That ultimatum won’t scare those abscondees,infact they are making rooms Ambazonians to take what belongs to them. we are winning.

  9. Only a fool, will allow him/ her self, to die because of peanut pay from lrc.
    If farmers can survive in that country, anyother person, can survive without
    necessarily relying on`when y`de breaths`. Only weaklings and dull individuals,
    rely on gov`ts. Look at the Nigerians in Ambaland for example, are they any gov`t
    Your lives and happiness of your families, are more important than your serving
    the devil at Etoudi.

  10. @bobjazz U still have not told us what a majority of anglophones support.Is it Etat Unitaire Non-Decentralise?

    • @ Kongosa man. You must have been a C student at school. I gave you an assignment to show me any world map that shows a country called Southern Cameroons and it’s been a week now and you still can’t come up with an answer. I have told you severally that the majority of anglophones don’t support your Ambazonia madness and don’t support the ruthless Biya regime but your skull is too thick to absorb this tiny bit of information. We will use wisdom to liberate ourselves from the Biya regime without carrying any arms just as Martin Luther King did to liberate our African American brothers and sisters from the white supremacists. Kidnapping and beheading people has never ever worked. Ask the Talibans and ISIS.

  11. @bobjazz We have heard of the word war! war! war! for too long.Lets fight the war and settle this matter once and for all.What do u think?

    • @ Kongosa man. There you go again to proof my point that you were a C student. Biya declared war on Ambazonia terrorists and he is there enjoying himself with his daughter wife in Europe and Asia While your Ambazonia thugs are kidnapping and beheading anglophones in the name of fighting war against Biya. You guys are really really foolish people. Do you think Biya cares if you kill all the anglophones? In fact he will be very happy.

  12. Cameroonian saga swings like a pendulum from one end to the other ( and back???)
    #1. Pre-independence: Dictatorship drove refugees westward from East across the Mungo River divide.
    #2. Post-independence: Dictatorship is now driving refugees eastward from West across the Mungo River divide.

    One does not need to be a rocket scientist to see a pattern on the ground. In each case learned (elite???) helplessness is unmistakably at work – wait passively for someone else to come up with an idea, a solution and then jump in a rail against it!

  13. It will be recalled that all these people wanted was a discussion on the state of the nation.
    Luminaries called them names and then went off for visites privees to Switzerland. Well here we are. A failed state.
    Ambazonia must be free

  14. @bobjazz Typical of maquizard.U still have not told us what a majority of anglophones support for the past one week…
    ”Biya declared war on Ambazonia terrorists”…Of course we all know that Biya declared war on the Ambazonia terrorist who do not support his ”one and indivisible” LRC.Who do u think i was reffering to? anglophones that support his ”one and indivisible” LRC? of course we all know Biya can’t declare war to those anglos that support his ”one and indivisible”LRC …That is why i say that let Biya fight the war and defeat Ambasonians.We have heard of the word war!war! war! for too long.Let Biya and Ambazonians settle this matter once and for all. .Now,can u show me where the country,South Sudan is found on the world map? that is another assignment i am giving you.

  15. My comment went to the graveyard of the unmarked.
    These same administrators are deceiving parents to send their children to school in a war zone just to remain in power.
    They and the rest of the regime suppporters are in denial that the incompetenct government has failed to guarantee peace and instead abuse it’s by declaring war on the minority Anglophones.
    You can blame the Diaspora for abject failures of a government in power since 1975 but until the people rise a la Togo or Burkina the blame will not resolve the war.
    All the government elite and their collaborators mostly like have plans to run to Europe, Canada, USA, Dubai, South Africa or Australia when things fall apart.
    Until the majority confront the truth blaming Diaspora instead of the people in power is just a waste.

    • @Lum,

      that à la Togo or Burkina can no longer work simply cos the Anglo crisis has helped in making people more scared of war than before. When one goes on youtube and sees how our youths are exhibiting themselves with such brutality and madness, who’ll want 2 open a second front, even a peaceful one?

      I thank CHINEKE that I was never tempted 2 contribute a cent to sponsor drugged child soldiers. Only hope those who contribute would have the courage to face their conscience when the real massacre is going 2 start.

      The Diaspora should go ahead and keep on wiring money!

      CHINEKE go mek sure sey IG leaders dem go chop da money without any sorry, and na dat same money go helep for chakara IG, then save Anglo pickin dem wey dem dong tek dem hostage. Meanwhile, dem di enjoy dem own pickin…

    • @ Lum. Why can’t you guys listen to Boh Herbert? He is one of the few wise men I have seen in your Ambazonia organization. You can never ever resolve a political problem with arms especially when you are the minority. Although I don’t support his separatist ideology, I respect his wisdom. Like brother Zammy said. It’s too late for à la Togo or Burkinabe. This was the moment but your Ambazonia thugs have screwed up everything. Biya will win again and will be emboldened. I feel sorry for those living in the SW and NW villages for this man will destroy them after the elections. As I said before Boh Herbert’s stupid minority (as the con ones call it) would have had more sympathizers than Chris Anu’s intelligent majority that is out to destroy the anglophones with their madness.

      • @Zam
        After 57yrs you the visionaries could never come up with any strategy to beat Biya anywhere but you want us to believe it is because of the bogey Diaspora you the active majority have been unable to defeat Biya
        Who is fooling who?
        Biya has and is still wasting millions of dollars in state money and you don’t have the courage to fight him but you keep telling us the bogey Diaspora is the problem.
        Yes Biya can even kill 6 to 8 million Anglophones and it will be the fault of the Diaspora according to some
        How many Tutsis did the Hutu majority kill?
        How many Jews did the Nazis kill?
        How many Black South Africans did the Boers Kill?
        Those who kill innocent people do so because they want, blaming the Diaspora is a cop out
        We hope Biya stays in power for 14more years

        • “After 57yrs you the visionaries could never come up ..”

          Hahaaa, Lum.

          When some of us were fighting to put an end to this fiasco, the Fon Angwafors and Fako chiefs were doing their best to prop up the system. Some Fons in Bali were even using bullets to defend their grand master at Etoudi.

          Today, all the progenies of such ogres, who were all sent to White man kontri with such stained money from the system to learn big book, are the very same elements that are hiding in USA, EU, SA…and fooling kids of CDC labourers, who have never benefited a dime from the system, to go and die in the forest, so such progenies of ogres would later come in and become a second Biya in SC. And thus satisfy their fathers’ wishes, who are so much in-love with their god, Biya.

          I am not yet amnestic, Dear…

        • @ Lum. And you think this your Ambazonia madness is going to make Biya blink? Minalmi. All your foolishness does is destroy the anglophone economy and lives. Wait after the October elections then you will see de quel bois Biya se chauffe. You are hiding in the diaspora and deceiving innocent kids to their early grave. Why don’t you sacrifice your own kids to go and fight if you care about Ambazonia that much? Con woman/man.

  16. @Zam-Zam A person like u have no vision.U are just out there to discourage visionaries and courageous people who have the guts to challenge the statust-quo.Word for Word,Fire for Fire.U are out there to fight,so that we should not go with the petrol that u badly need.So,if u think that u are making any sense,then go and revise your strategy.Every year u are planning to get Biya out of power.When will your plans materialise?I have told u,and i am still going to tell u.We are fighting for anglos rights in that your Republic,we are not fighting for the entire Cameroon and we are going to achieve it by carrying arms.Every thing that have a beginning,definitely have an end.We are now in a war,lets see if Biya and his gang will be the ones to laugh last,or the IG. wata na wata

    • @Kongosa, hahahaha !

      Na loss sense pipol dem for Etas dem need da mbrassi, then turn-turn become rich overnite. Na why dat wey dem no want for hear anything. But, yi find so as dem no di want for hear tok. Forsika sey, the more time di pass, the more all man di discover dem nyash. Sep poh-poh Anglo remé dem go soon disown the barga scammers dem, dem too dong di understand the coni pipol dem, sofri-sofri. Dem bin be di mimba sey na Popol be di wahala, but some da new youtube videos witi big-big arguments daso forsika yari and power mongering, dong di mek Anglos dem hearts for start for cut.

      Wuna no fit win dis wuna organised jambo—money eyes dem ova plenty for wuna mindrow—pipol dem wey dem dong deny dem jacks dem go leak all wuna secré, sofri-sofri.

      For join wuna na loss sense…

    • @ Kongosa. Which anglos are you fighting for? The people you are kidnapping, beheading and preventing their kids from going to scholl? We are Africans and not East Europeans. Don’t you dare refer to us as Ambazonians with your colonial and slave mentality. The majority of the people of the SW and NW have nothing to do with Ambazonia. You can continue to kidnap, behead and intimate the majority of the anglophones who don’t support your foolishness, they will never crumble.

  17. @bobjazz ”It looks like I’m wasting my time with a C student. Bye Bye”…..Ha ha ha ha..Bye bye for what?U still have not told us what a majority of anglophones support,Maquizard…I also beg u to show me where the country,South Sudan is found on the world map.Please! i need answers…..

  18. @bobjazz Those ”anglos” that are being kidnapped are not anglos.They are francos.
    ”Which anglos are you fighting for?” Of course,we are fighting for anglos like Mancho Bibixy and the many anglos that are in LRC’s jail for protesting.

    • Do you also include the anglos who are running to Douala and Yaounde for safety and a better life? Hah Hah Hah Hah! You must be a very useless man like your name Kongosa man.

      • Be coherent young man…is Kongossa no longer a C student?
        What is clear is that one and indivisible with people who burnt down my village with my great grandma inside is impossible in this generation and will be impossible in the next generation. Maybe layer, for now Ambazonia must be free.