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Cameroun: nouvelle vidéo d’exécution d’une dizaine de personnes à Achigachia

Une nouvelle vidéo montrant des hommes en armes et portant l’uniforme de l’armée camerounaise exécuter une dizaine de personnes désarmées et habillées en civils a fait son apparition sur les réseaux sociaux au Cameroun.

Selon un communiqué d’Amnesty International publié ce 10 août, cette vidéo, tournée avant 2016, corrobore de précédents témoignages d’exécutions extra-judiciaires commises par les forces de l’ordre dans le village d’Achigachia dans la région de l’Extrême-Nord du pays.

Dans son communiqué publié sur Twitter, Amnesty International décrit les images de cette « vidéo choquante »: : des hommes armés qui tirent avec des armes automatiques sur des personnes face contre terre ou assises contre un mur.

Amnesty demande une enquête « immédiate, approfondie et impartiale » : « Voici encore des preuves plus crédibles à l’appui des allégations selon lesquelles les forces armées camerounaises auraient commis de graves crimes contre des civils et nous demandons une enquête immédiate, approfondie et impartiale. Les responsables présumés de ces actes odieux doivent être traduits en justice ».

Dans une interview à RFI, Ilaria Allegrozzi, chercheuse sur le lac Tchad à Amnesty International explique qu’Amnesty International a analysé cette vidéo et a pu découvrir qu’elle a été tournée dans la ville d’Achigachia et qu’elle pense que cette vidéo décrit le massacre qu’il y a eu lieu en janvier 2015.

La vidéo montre des soldats camerounais qui exécutent sommairement au moins une douzaine de civils non armés. Amnesty International a analysé cette vidéo et a pu découvrir qu’elle a été tournée dans la ville d’Achigachia et nous pensons qu’elle décrit le massacre qu’il y a eu lieu en janvier 2015. Nous pensons qu’une opération militaire a été lancée pour récupérer les corps de soldats qui avaient été tués par Boko Haram fin décembre 2014. Et quand les militaires sont entrés dans Achigachia, ils ont également exercé des représailles contre la population. Parmi eux, il y avait beaucoup de personnes âgées. Le gouvernement a annoncé que 7 soldats impliqués dans une autre vidéo d’exécutions extra-judiciaires ont été arrêtés. C’est une première étape que nous saluons toutefois si les autorités ne veulent pas prendre ce problème à la légère, nous leur demandons de prendre en compte l’ensemble des abus systématiques de l’armée camerounaise.


Amnesty: Cette nouvelle vidéo d’exécutions à Achigachia «décrit le massacre qui’il y a eu lieu en janvier 2015»

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  1. These are not Cameroon soldiers. I am sure these are amba boys posing as our soldiers. Terrorists ambazozos.

  2. Yes is ambazonia a terrorist organization with the fake propaganda usually.

    Ambazonia equal Igbo tribe “Nigeria “ with the director SIsiku descendants water na water who is fooling who hahahahahahahaha

  3. This is the normal modus operandi of the barbaric lrc military. Instead of condemning such acts of violence and barbarism be it from lrc or amba boys, we see already our francophone forumites above who are biya’s apologists siding with the lrc military.

    This “vivre ensemble” and “le cmr est un et indivisible” b.s. is more of a myth than reality. It’s never ever gonna work out no matter how long it takes. The different mindsets and ways of thinking between the cameroons doesn’t align. We clearly see francophone lrc military executing unarmed francophones in northern cmr and yet forumites are saying they’re amba boys.

    It has now come to the fact the francophone is ready to condone violence and genocide just because of his hate towards s-cmr. It’s quite pathetic and very pitiful.

    • i amnot francophone or anglophone I am just speaking the language bastard learn how to respect people opinion.


    No patriotic Southern Cameroonian can ever support a “Vivre ensemble” with such evil people.
    Patriotic Southern Cameroonians will therefore continue to fight until the last man standing in order to free themselves from these evil people


      This extrajudicial shooting of at least a dozen unarmed civilians in a military operation in the village of Achigaya in the Far North region by the BIR was the last straw that provoked the wrath of the United States of America and led to the PREMATURE termination of all military contracts between the United States of America and LA Republique Du Cameroun.

      Thank God the Far North is very far from SC. LRC can therefore not tell the world that the SC so-called “terrorists” committed the war crimes in the Far North.

      The ICC has already updated the case file of Dictator Biya and his crime syndicate with this credible and compelling evidence of war crime and crimes against humanity


      Once more, the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC has proven to the world that that country is indeed an ISLAND OF EVIL.

      Dr. Endeley warned that:

      “Who amongst you would like to live in a country where your life and property are constantly in danger? Who amongst you peaceful citizens of the Southern Cameroons, will like to live in a country where you may be shot at as you move along the street, or your wife killed as she toils the farm?
      Who amongst you would like to live in French Cameroons, a country red with the blood of thousands of innocent victims killed by terrorists and the Ahidjo regime?
      Who amongst you, good citizens of Southern Cameroons, will like to live in a land where people’s houses and shops are burnt every day and looted; where you can be arrested without a fair trial?”


      A “Vivre ensemble” with this ISLAND OF EVIL will be hell on earth.

      Southern Cameroonians should be prepared to fight until the last man standing so as to free their fatherland from the evil hands of this ISLAND OF EVIL

    • this is lrc web side u can manufacture your raccoon.

  5. Fighting BH, was the joint responsibility of the countries around and some international
    support, that we all know. If civilians are killed like this, then it is time to fight back
    and blow the whole area up.
    No one and for whatever reason, has the right to kill the other with such disdain, we are
    often told and so, it is folishness, to continue to allow the damage to be done for whatever
    It is time to blow up the whole region, and flush out tyrany, established by a few greedy
    despots. Or for how long, can it all continue to last?

  6. The majority of Cameroonians shall one day come to regret the excess of the supposed republican army.
    No one in West Cameroon is surprised about these killings by the army.
    We came to accept brutality from the army as a government policy and since 2016 their brutality on West Cameroonians is being described by some as patriotism, professionalism etc!
    When a people become indifferent to the killings of innocent civilians, the nation stands to pay a heavy price.
    We are waiting to see how the programmed overwhelming win package as elections in October 2018 will advance Cameroon in the next 7yrs.
    Young soldiers kill civilians with smiles and happiness as if it is a movie.
    Ministers of defense and communication make false statements to the public without Shame!

  7. For the past 35years,Some Cameroonians have been making excuses for those that are in power,whenever they kill civilians during political manifestation.When Sisiku and Co,told West Cameroonians to come out on the 22nd of September and protest with peace plants,some civilians were summarily executed.Instead of blaming the gov’t for sending the army to kill civilians that were protesting,some Cameroonians blamed the people that sent them to manifest,and justify why the gov’t should send the military to kill the civilians.Cameroonians have been used to gov’t’s policy of killing civilians that manifest.So, it became an acceptable way of governing Cameroonians-reason why till today,instead of blaming the gov’t for killing anglophone civilians,some Cameroonians are instead blaming the diaspora.

    • @KONGOSA

      ambasonias are killing civilians too, beheaded law enforcement, kidnapping people for money, sexually young children, burning churches and more.

      yes, I am blaming the diaspora especially people like u “kongosa”; why why why why you cant come and join the fight too , therefore I invited all ambasonia members in Cameroon to join the fight kikikikikiikikikikikikikik water na water

      • Kill 2 terrorist LRC soldiers a day in al 13 counties of Ambazonia and that’s 26 per day. Within 2 years that’s 18,720 terrorists six feet deep. Given that they only have 15,000 terrorists as soldiers, we will be picking Biya up with our barehands if we stick to this modus operandi given that even their special forces would have been eliminated. Again kill 2 a day in all counties.

      • BamendaBoy wannabe, I am with you. Can you give me the names of the ambaboys who were found guilty of rape so that I can stick it to those diasporians who are supporting them? #go LRC. Ambazonian must eat garri.

  8. Does Cameroon really have any friends out there? What good is all the gift-giving (Gold Statues) if the beneficiaries cannot act as our barometer to the worsening internal situation? SG Guterres, SG Patriciia Scotland, President Macron, President Faki Mohamed from such diverse backgrounds cannot all fail to see that we are drowning !!!!
    Even the military generals can advise the government that things are not going well. Who wants a Pyrrhic Victory in the 21st Century???????????????

  9. Amnesty International, you Keep Pilling up evidences of a brutal and evil cameroon gov,t. How many people will Biya kill before you Arrest him for Trial.There is massacre in cameroon on daily Basis. Should Biya kill all the minority Camerooninans becuase of greed???

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