Campaign kicks off for pioneer regional elections in Cameroon

cgtn | campaign for maiden regional elections started in Cameroon on Saturday.

The campaign will last for two weeks and end at midnight on the eve of voting day scheduled for December 6.

A dozen political parties will try to win the votes of some 10,000 municipal councillors and traditional rulers who constitute the electoral college.

The ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) has submitted candidates in all 58 electoral constituencies and is running unchallenged in 35 constituencies.

Cameroon’s two main opposition parties, Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) and Social Democratic Front (SDF) have boycotted the elections, citing a “biased” electoral code and insecurity in the country’s Anglophone regions.

According to Cameroonian constitutional law, the regional council is the assembly for the affairs of the region. The regional elections, contained in the Constitution for many years, have however never been organized.

Cameroon has made the first-ever regional elections a cornerstone of the decentralisation process which some local observers say will help appease the separatist crisis in two English-speaking regions.

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  1. The whole political situation in Cameroon is one where I think we are reaching a baffling point where it is perhaps useless trying to comment anymore. It is utterly waste of time trying to enlighten the minds of people who have an ape-like mentality, the selfish, self-centred scum that run Cameroon, the so called elites. They are simply staging another stunt that will end in violence and the consumption of ordinary lives. Why is the wretched regime in Yaounde so focused on organising deadly elections that are sure to end up stoking more bickering and hate? Why can’t they use the limited resources to first of all put order in the house, to put out the ravaging fire before embarking on elections? This is simply pouring kerosene into the raging flame that has consumed so many lives!

    • Boy, you have just said it all. Kudos. Traditional rulers who have become civil servants,
      to constitute the electoral college, is very laughable. The international community that
      has allowed Biya and co to turn that country around to please France, should know that
      the people shall get back that country some day.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Ernest, rest assured that the BIR will continue to annihilate the Ambazombie nyamfukah terrorists until the last terrorist standing!
      There is no way this elections can increase Ambazombie terrorism!

      The solution to Ambazombie terrorism is to annihilate all Ambazombie terrorists! The BIR will continue to do their Work until they get to the last Ambazombie terrorist. Regional elections will goahaed!

      There is nothing your uncle Nfor Ngalla can do to change the direction that we the Black Legs have taken! BlackLegs wuna mash faya with BIR make we annihilate these terrorists!

  2. @Kumkum Pass Garri Elections or no elections,Cameroon is a failed state,just like Libya….CDC is down Pamol is down.No timber is leaving Ambasonia to LRC for exportation…It is the petrol in Ndian that ae are carefully strategizing to send a seroius explosive there. U can organise even 20 elections for all we care.Keep consoling yourself..As it stands it is only petrol that LRC isstill stealing from Ambasonia.
    Their army in Ambasonia is army of occupation..Let LRC spend money to keep them there.

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