Chad to Repay $100M Debt to Angola With Cattle

WASHINGTON Reuters | Angola has agreed to receive 75,000 cattle from Chad as payment of a $100 million debt from the cash-poor north central African country.

The cattle will be delivered over the next 10 years as repayment for the 2017 debt.

Local news report said the first installment of 1,000 cows has already arrived in Angola’s capital Luanda and has been delivered to the Ministry of Agriculture.

Another shipment of 3,500 heads of cattle is expected later this month.

Reports say the agreement works for both sides because Chad is short of money and Angola needs cattle.

Angola is a southern African country rich in oil, but still struggling to recover from the ravages of the protracted civil war following 1975 independence from Portugal. Parts of Angola are prone to droughts that kill its cattle.

Chad is a landlocked north central African country with an abundance of livestock. While oil is its top exports, the former French colony also exports cattle.

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  1. Very good idea, trade by barter…wish many African countries could revive this form of business.

    @L’enimi-e, this is how we can help each other in LRC…you can supply Y’dé with some Pinyin potatoes and/or Bamboutous avocados in return for some bobolo and mboh, and life moves on without war…

  2. ZAM ZAM,,,, the way we have been brainwashed and alienated by the shame called anglophone and francophone education to look down on anything associated with agriculture the base of building a solid industry is beyond discription. using the example of cows, a whole industrial sector could be build from it.going from growing BRACHARIA GRASS as part of cow alimentation to producing milk, cheese ?, yourt, glass, etc are products that can be developed from cow. Not forgetting KANDA which we now eat is used in manufacturing leather shoes, bags, etc.With favorable wheather from NKAMBE TO MBENGWI. this industries can be developed and rationalised in a chain that goes from growing cattles organically to producing finished products. Millions of jobs will be created.

    • Oh yes, Ni Bah…that’s the easiest way for us to generate huge capital in the long run with little or no efforts, and no help or reliance on multi-national companies like Boloré. But do we like to be independent? No? The master’s house is too comfortable, so we think.

      Ok, that said, meik we cam back for ma arda question wey you di poum for answer.

      How do you analyse Ouattara’s move to quite things b4 things quite him? Would, your fake-panafricanist, Gbagbo done the same to spare his folk trouble? Can we now say, without any fear of contradiction, that those who are clinching to the cfa are found in French central Africa? Can one not conclude that the likes of Biya and/or Debby know that the end of Cfa would also trigger the end of the famous cooperation militaire,

      • and it is in their best interest to keep French troops close them, so they can die at the helm of power?

        Why would Ouattara be quitting, were he a Cfa advocate?

        Well, like I told you many years ago when Gbagbo was being rough-handled by France. Gbagbo has always been a French poppet, he has never been a pan-africanist per se. People like Blé Goudé were the ones even forcing a bit of pan-africanism in Gbagbo. This explains why Paris never digested Gbagbo’s 360° U-turn.

        So let’s put it this way, “Gbagbo is not a born pan-africanist in the likes of Sanka, Ouandji, Lumumba, Touré, Paul Bernard kemayou, Ntumazah…

        You name the rest…

        • ZAM ZAM, without cretical, global and complex is impossible to see beyond what is presented to us by the enemy. The level of mental manipulation through disinformation is such that if one is not lucid enough to be one against one million. We have absolutely not the slitest chance to see things from the angle of our interest.the first thing is that if an African does not understand that elections in Africa is a farce organised in advance by actors in London and Paris who know the result of the filme before it starts. Then it is impossible to have a lucid discussion with such an African.watara was not the president and will never be. Since he was put there by aryans. It is normal for them to replace him with another fool in oder to give the masses illusion of democracy.

      • —quit things b4 things quit him? —

  3. In oder to be competitive, we will have to invest heavily in research to come out with cattle varieties that produce at least 30 litters of milk a day without being injected with growth hormones that have cancer cells. by concentrating on everything organic, we distinguish ourselves, if we can not compete on pricing with alien companies, we will compete in high quality and maximum pricing. But from my experience we can compete in pricing because of our comparitive advantage over Europe. We have more than 350 days sun a year which enables us to make four harvest while our adveseries can only do one. With this advantage and mechanisation, cost of growing BRACHARIA, ALFAFA, SOY BEANS FOR CATTLE FEED WILL COME DOWN DRASTICALLY. the same applies to pig farming, fish farming etc.

  4. Superficially attractive as such a deal may seem, it is reticent on one small but not negligible point – the cattle is private, not the government property! A Ponzi scheme of this nature is bound to hurt some innocent, ignorant persons.

    • ZAM ZAM, the objective in abijan is to avoid the worst scenario for france, which is seeing BAGBO back in ivory Coast and taking part in elections.they known that he would win a crushing victory. So to avoid such a catastrophy, it is better to tell watara to stand down so that they can replace him with another watara, who is awnsering another name? Like this they will manipulate the masses to believe this is the democracy they outed BAGBO to bring. But in reality it is France and the same group of collaborators who cotinue to pillage the country. Why did they refuse BAGBO to return to ivory Coast? has watara industrialised ivory Coast like they said 10 years ago? For your information, water, electricity, agriculture, telecominucation, there is controlled by french groupe orange, Bouygues.

      • Ni,

        do u really think Ivorians still believe in that Gbagbo-hoax?

        Go to CI and see what Ouattara has realized there in just 2 terms, despite all the cautions that were levied on his behalf by Gbagbo’s sympathisers, including the majority of CMRs. Even, Ivorians would soon be crying 4 Ouattara.

        Anyway, I had seen in him a force 2 reckon with right up from the time u and our chum Ras Tuge were about to throw him in the bins of history. Don’t be surprised to see Ivorians rallying en masse in coming days to beg him to stay.

        All those Sorros, Goudés, Affi N’Guessan…are politicians that would not hesitate to follow the direction of the wind, they have little or no conviction of theirs. En tt cas, I respect the wish of Ivorians that we CMRs should handle our own #### and leave them alone…

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