Chinese-built highway inaugurated in southwestern Cameroon | A major Chinese-built highway in southwestern Cameroon was inaugurated on Friday.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Minister of Public Works Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi said the opening marked the completion of the first phase of the Kribi-Lolabe Highway.

The highway will facilitate the movement of vehicles and persons from any part of the country to Kribi Deep Seaport. “This is a jewel of development which will boost Cameroon’s industrialization process,” Djoumessi told reporters after a guided tour of the road.

The road, constructed by China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd (CHEC), is the fruit of the close cooperation between China and Cameroon, said Minister of Finance Louis Paul Motaze.

The main line of the Kribi-Lolabe Highway is 38.5 km long, with two-way six lanes, of which the two lanes in the middle are reserved for future use, said Zhang Wenfeng, deputy general manager of CHEC Central Africa Division.

“Cameroon is a great country with many favourable conditions for development. The opening of the Kribi-Lolabe Highway today is a key step in breaking the bottleneck of economic development. The operation of the highway will greatly improve the business environment in Cameroon, increase employment and create an economic corridor that radiates around the country,” Zhang said.


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  1. how is it possible that aliens still build roads in our land?where are our industrialist?

    • Our industrialist are right here on the internet. Running away from our democrazy, lack of meritocracy and tribalism. We lack faith and believe in ourselves. The chines are not stupid. For every Yen they plant there, the take back home a thousand fold. Why we cannot see this beats my imagination. Not too far from now we be asking for VISAs from the Chines go visit our home.

      • fon,,,,i have never seen an industrialist from the diaspora,have you?without exception all diasporans are salaried workers who destroy thier capital every month and then start all over again.most of them are hugely indepted which mean even little savings they can not be an industrialist one most have capital and then strategy.diasporans posses none of many diasporans understand the meaning of industrial espionage?an industrialist is some one capable of operating in the most hostile environment.we have land and rivers for irrigation yet our diasporans keep complaining.what do they want?

    • Ask graduates of civil engineering in any of the numerous universities in Cameroon. I have even seen Chinese build houses in Cameroon not to talk of highways.

      • timbu,,,,,having graduates of civil engineering is not enough.without captains of industry with the economic capacity to deploy capital and use this is qs if they have nothing.those who organise plan and structure society are captains of industry.they dictate where residential areas should be and the rest of spaace is reserved for industrial production.we just build houses back home any how without proper planing,a sewage system,pipes to bring and evacuate water from houses to a treatment center.this is because we lack captains of industry to build new cities and industrial parks where city dwellers work with a decent transport system.