Douala Grand Mall and Business Park

Construction of Douala Grand Mall and Business Park in Cameroon nears completion

CR | The completion of construction work at Cameroons Douala Grand Mall and Business Park is due in weeks according to the developer, a consortium led by Actis, a leading British global growth markets investor in private equity, energy, infrastructure and real-estate, together with Craft Development a local company specializing in Urban Designs, as well as Government Buildings and Residential Properties.

The team explained that on the site, Raubex’s Group Limited, one of South Africa’s leading infrastructure development and construction materials supply groups contracted the Douala Grand Mall and Business Park project, is working round the clock to make the project a success.

“From afar one can see the beautiful rear and front facades and on a closer look, the finishing touches are being put on the terraces, driveways, parking lots and green spaces. Inside the facility, the shops are ready, escalators and lifts have also been installed while the air conditioning system is being installed and the tiling work is in its final phase.”

The project was officially started on April 11, last year but one.

The expected Douala Grand Mall and Business Park

The eventual Douala Grand Mall and Business Park will reportedly be the region’s largest mall comprising of 18,000 square meters of retail and leisure space. It will also include multiple restaurants, a children’s play zone, a five screen cinema, a supermarket and retail shops. There will also be underground parking in its basement area.

Due to its proximity to Cameroons capital city and immediate vicinity of the international airport with a primary catchment of 1.5 million people, the facility is expected to revolutionize retailing in Cameroon due to the high number of visitors it is set to attract.

The over US$133B project is a fruit of the cooperation between Cameroon and Great Britain and the private company Douala Retail and Convention Centre (DRCC).

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  1. Our mistake is not understanding that without a strong manufacturing industry. Economic development does not starting from where we should start in line with fixed priorities. We should start from the farm where raw materials are grown, then add value in factories through transformation, and then commercialisation. It is here that commercial centers can be build because we have something to sell. Building commercial centers without industry is equal to enriching others because what will be sold is imported goods enriching people where the goods are is as simple as that. We do not need a magician called good president to do this.

  2. Camerbeleiver (Colby)

    Let’s wait till the completion” trop parler ç’est maladie”.

  3. No roads, no water and a dose of intermittent power supply is putting the cart before the horse. Who cursed this nation with such inept rulers?

    • Kumkum Pass Garrri

      Ignorant terrorist Nyamfukah Dot!

      Take your Ambazombie Economic to the citizens of the Delirious Republic of Ambazombies!
      The operation of this mall will boost government revenue and generate funds for the government to carry out other projects in the Country!

      There are countless road projects underway in Cameroon. Ambazombie terrorists have been attacking and killing construction workers and burning down heavy construction machinery. Ambazombie terrorist even stopped Hysacam (Refuse collector) from cleaning the streets of Bamenda!

      No, this Terrorist Nyamfukah dot comes out to pretend that he is a civilised person! You are a Nyamfukah terrorist dot!

      • Camerbeleiver (Colby)


      • When you have nothing of substance to add this is the result, what has that government done with the revenue it has had before, where is a completed road, construction has been underway for a lifetime now, plus what will be sold in that mall that is produced in cameroon? It’s a pity to have people who have eyes but are blind, this continued head in the sand approach will only continue to render your children’ future bleak

  4. Britain went out the front door but is stealthily coming back in through the back door. Afraid of a haunting past? The “Barren Rock” given to General Charles de Gayle is still there. Let HRH Queen Elizabeth II know so.

  5. Mbong Patricia

    I have worked in almost all the malls in Dubai and presently I’m working in Dubai Mall.

    It will be a privilege for me to work in my country.

    Kindly contact me if my service as a sales Associate is needed.

    God bless Cameroon

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