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Controversy over the “Christmas gift” of President Biya to the episcopate

vonews.net | The statements of Cardinal Christian Tumi, archbishop emeritus of Douala during the program “The Truth in the face” broadcast, Sunday, December 29, on the Cameroonian television Equinoxe TV aroused great controversy.

In this issue, the Patriarch of 89 years spoke on several issues including the Anglophone crisis and relations between the Church and the government.

“For Christmas, all the missionaries I think Protestants catholiques- receive gifts from the head of state: a million for bishops, archbishops 2 million and 3 million for the cardinal,” said on 29 December 2019, the Cardinal Christian Tumi, archbishop emeritus of Douala.

This statement made on Equinoxe TV, a Cameroonian private television, has provoked many reactions in the press and social networks including putting into question the moral integrity of the members of the Bishops of Cameroon. “We understand why the Church is silent with respect to certain evils of society”, and ironically a user on Facebook while another launches “Cardinal confessed publicly, it is absolved publicly

In this program, Cardinal Tumi also came with journalists on the large number of priests, bishops murdered in Cameroon, particularly the death suspicious of Archbishop Jean-Benoît Bala, Bishop of Bafia (center) in 2017. “the Church has denounced and will continue to denounce the killings but we can not do anything without proof and we do not know who did it and why,” he replied to the insistent questions from three journalists still adding: “I have always taken position in all fairness, this is perhaps why I am still alive. ”

The conflict in the northwest and southwest Cameroon

native of Kikaikelaki in the Northwest region, Cardinal Tumi, 89 years has been involved since 2017 in a fight for the resolution of the crisis by advocating English inclusive dialogue. In October, he was one of the main actors of the Grand National Dialogue convened by President Paul Biya. In November, with Bishop Andrew Nkea, new Archbishop of Bamenda (North West), he went to meet the English speaking populations to send them the recommendations of the national dialogue.

When questioned on 29 December, on the English attack, he felt that “the causes are many,” and “the first is the poor governance of everything public.”

Cardinal Tumi, which is based on a 400-page study analyzing the English attack through interviews with more than 1,000 English-speaking personalities believes that the majority of Anglophones want secession. He said that “federalism is the solution” to the crisis. Addressing the rebels, he advised them to form a political party to lead a political struggle and disarm. “Many separatists have become bandits without a vision,” if he grieves, hence the increase in kidnappings robberies in the far west.

Legislative and municipal elections

Archbishop Emeritus of Douala which displays its skepticism about the country’s electoral system has finally expressed his concern on the eve of parliamentary and municipal elections. “I doubt that the elections of February 9 next can stand in peace in Anglophone regions,” he said before lamenting: “I have never attended a transparent election in Cameroon.”

Lucia Sarr

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  1. Take bribe and look the other way or head to prison on false charges. This is biya’s way of governing. Giving away tax payers money aimed for developing the country as his own. lrc is so broke and has no shame to beg for help from tiny Equatorial Guinea. SAD!

  2. This Cardinal, doesn`t talk straight.
    The church in cameroon, can not stand to truth against Biya, because they have so much
    interest, in business than human spirituality. Thay can not allow their schools, hospitals,
    bookshops etc to stop running. Hence, their lukewarmness and even inaction so far. If
    they can not meet Biya, why not Atanga Nji? When Ekema opened his mouth, this Cardinal,
    went into his shell, like a snail. Is this how the church, should be? Aren`t those being
    slaughtered, christians? Can this church and the Cardinal, not take this complaint to the
    pope? Those who continue to rely or look at the church in the old context, are fooling

    • The giver and the takers are all guilty . The representative of the catholic church have blood on his hand by taking bribe pure and simple. What has happened to the real catholic church that used to say Holy Mass in Latin and they say it in ewondo by asking for bribe in the name of the Lord! I de cry for the Church.

  3. U guys should know by now that Biya is not a good politician..
    he was never one..
    One of the curse and troubles Cameroon have today is the name BIYA..
    This man is the worse thing that ever happened to Cameroon..

    he only knows how to use money on people..
    We are humans and a leader should be there to direct the people and not corrupt them..
    In southern Cameroon today:
    – all chiefs and fons have been bought and corrupt by Biya and his regime..
    – church people bought..
    -.Opposition bought..
    – Every body who gets strong is given money to be quiet..

    And he wonders why his ministers and managers are only stealing?..
    This man have also spoiled a complete generation and should be held responsible for everything going wrong in the country – BAD LUCK MAN

  4. Money loses value and even meaning when substituted for everything everywhere! It usually begins with inflation – a wheelbarrowful of cash for a loaf of bread – and ends up with a church full of it but no salvation.

  5. Cardinal Tumi lamented: “I have never attended a transparent election in Cameroon.”

    The same Cardinal Tumi, ” Addressing the rebels, he advised them to form a political party to lead a political struggle and disarm”

    How can any sane person reconcile the above-mentioned school of thought????

    Cardinal Tumi should be ashamed of himself for acting in breach of the trust which the oppressed people of SC had placed in him. He is now acting as an accomplice of oppressors in exchange for marginal and ephemeral favours. He has misused his moral ascendancy over the oppressed people of SC to reinforce further the state of subjugation into which they delivered themselves and their descendants years ago.

    • Man, i said it before, that the Cardinal, doesn`t talk straight. This is the man, who said
      on equinoxtv, that 400 people were killed in his home area at that time. This is the Cardinal,
      who said his survey, came out with the results, that the majority of SC, prefare separation.
      But he still, refuses to stand by his own people, but by Biya. If you remember when his old
      mum was still alive, this cultic Biya, had given her favors. Since one good turn deserves another,
      one should not doubt his crookedness.

  6. They say Anglophones have given up and since rigged electIons are their idea of democracy they want one.
    Well we will never yield.
    Aluta continua
    Victoria Ascertia

  7. The giver and the takers are all guilty . The representative of the catholic church have blood on his hand by taking bribe pure and simple. What has happened to the real catholic church that used to say Holy Mass in Latin and they say it in ewondo by asking for bribe in the name of the Lord! I de cry for the Church

  8. Don`t doubt the Cardinal`s behavior. He is a typical graffi man. They can not change,
    even if one is made pope. Is Fru Ndi, Achidi Achu or Yang, any different?

    • This Ndian disease called @Joshua.

      You have descended to the level of a typical idiot. As a graffi man I have started a campaign that there shall be no Ambazonia without absolute separation of territories so that you hateful forest dwellers can forever remain in your SW and let the graffi hard working people remain in their NW and exploit their own hidden resources like the Oil in Ndop, Bauxite and forest in Nkambe, hydroelectric in Menchum and the vast fertile land in Santa. We graffi people can never unite with you tribalists that have auctioned ur oil to Beti people yet not stopping to blame us. You had a spy Nambere embedded within who is now with his bosses yet you still blame graffi people. Joshua you are cursed with hate for failing to see the dementia in this cardinal.

      • Joshua

        We graffi people are tired of your laziness and corrupt arses. Today you prefer to use Cardinal Tumi and condemn the over 7,000 graffi children slain already and the over 900,000 idps as deserving their fate. Didn’t you run your big mouth here you are a nurse? Can’t too realize the advanced age of this cardinal and his flip flopping are signs of dementia? You corrupt bribe takers always looking to blame the graffi man for your laziness. Was Nambere the corrupt BIR inserted to rat for Biya for over 4 years a graffi? Sako who is collecting money from Mussonge and having meetings with Biya through his messengers yet blaming an innocent prisoner to be killed so that he eternalize himself in power is he a graffi? Hateful disgusting Joshua. There’s a lot of us that will cure you.

    • Lazy Joshua

      The graffi man is not a beggar. He is a taker and a forger if his won destiny. That is the reason they remain a nightmare to Biya up till this day. The fact that your ancestors worked and helped the Whitman to catch them em masse as slaves gives you no authority over them. It is no secret they settle in your own land and build houses for you to escape your Carabot and pay rent to them. That’s the foundation of your hatred and jealousy stemming from the fact that you can’t stand their fighting spirit. Tell me if you where Biya will you prefer to negotiate with firebrand Cho Ayaba or with the lacklustre lazy thieving IGNORANT corrupt Sako? In a new Ambazonia power shall be rotating and you tribalists shall be banned from the entire Ambazonia. Hateful idiot.

      • Older folks who know what i write is the truth, don`t bother arguing.

        • Your comment is awaiting moderation.
          You devil. And the truth that Chris Anu is airing false images from Congo as coming from Ambaland to give his Biya employers evidence of fake news and destroy the struggle internationally is what? Humpty Dumpty corrupt Ndian man just like Sako and the Nkonghos.

    • Why always this foolish fight among you guys? No CMR can live without the other, I hate all this tribe bashing it brings us back to nothing but the stone age.

      You guys should know that recent findings have shown that almost all Regions have good something beneath the ground. It is no longer like before that just a few Regions had an underground that was confirmed, now even Western Region has got something beneath, talk less of Agriculture and tourism. NW too is having something beneath the soil. Once Etoudi would be crushed, every region would just be fine. Some Regions are even going to beg for manpower from other Regions.

      Boyz let us leave that tribe thing plz, it aches some panafricanists to the marrow…

  9. The sale of indulgence revisited.The strategy of Mr Biya is to make the church silent and look the other way.But unfortunately for him the Church has not been.completely silent.

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