Coronavirus: Age and climate seen as behind Africa’s low cases

BBC | Younger, less dense populations and hot, humid climates are being cited as key reasons why Africa has been spared a surge in coronavirus cases.

As Europe and the Americas battle high case numbers, infections have been declining in many African countries.

On top of social and environmental factors in the continent’s favour, the World Health Organization praised the “decisive” action by African nations.

Some countries, however, are still seeing rises in cases.

According to the WHO, in the past four weeks in Africa, 77,147 cases were recorded, down from 131,647 in the previous four weeks.

“Africa has not witnessed an exponential spread of Covid-19 as many initially feared,” said Dr Matshidiso Moeti, the WHO’s Regional Director for Africa.

“The downward trend that we have seen in Africa over the past two months is undoubtedly a positive development and speaks to the robust and decisive public health measures taken by governments across the region,” she said.

In a statement, the WHO said “a mix of socio-ecological factors such as low population density and mobility, hot and humid climate, lower age group, interacting to accentuate their individual effects” were most likely to be behind the decline.

Latest tallies show that nearly 1.5 million people in Africa have been confirmed as contracting coronavirus, with around 35,000 deaths.

The US – the world’s worst affected country – has had nearly seven million cases and over 200,000 deaths.

Low levels of testing remains a concern in Africa, with a handful of countries responsible for the bulk of those carried out.

The WHO is urging African countries to maintain public health measures and warns against complacency, with Ivory Coast and Cameroon bucking the trend by seeing a slight increase in cases.

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  1. By this report, it is now clear that COVID-19 is not a tropical disease… end of discussion

  2. Corona is definitely a whiteman disease.

  3. This is not a mathematical scientific way of thinking, but Ideology. To my knowledge Brazil has the same tropical climate like us, but it has recorded thousands of deaths?

  4. But Brazil hasn’t got the same age demographics like Africa where for example in Cameroon, 65% of the people are below 16 years of age. Also there is greater to and from rmobility in Brazil compared to many African countries, with stronger influx of Europeans and American tourists, compared to many African countries.

    • Does your argument withstand the slitest scientific examination? let us see, according to brazils census bureau in 2018 more than 69 percent of the countries population was between 14 and 64 and even more than 80 percent in urban centers.this mean brazil has a population as young as ours if not more. but why has there been more deaths in Brazil? the awnser may be provided to us by the Brazilian center for desease control. in thier latest study, more than 60 percent of its urban population is obessed because of the high consumption of fatty foods which leads to deseases that weaken the immune system like daibetis, hypotension, etc. contrary to Africa where encient eating habits have not changed.

      • in Africa nearly all food consumed even in cities is made up of legumes,NJAMA NJAMA, BITTER LEAF, ERU, etc. this legumes contain nutrients that reinforce the immune system explaining why our population has been least affected. the areas where cases have been reported in our cities are populated by people who consume imported from from aryan super markets, abobo in abijan, and twane in south Africa. even in cameroon all reported cases were in areas with Western oriented populations.we should also say that obesity is present in Africa mostly in south Africa where the population lost land and means of producing sane food. What about the aryan system of seperating the old from the young through prisons called old people’s homes?

        • We know from thier own reports that the highest number of deaths has been recorded in this prisons due to fast infection rate among the old all put together in one place. our superior civilization values of taking care of the aged,keeping them withen the family circle seems to be what humanity need. The argument that our population travel least does not stand because we know more than 9 million people take public transport in lagos alone. By US infection rates, lagos will have at least ten thousand cases with not less than four thousand deaths. But nothing. your error is falling victim to aryans who proceed by Ideology not practice base thinking. They are afraid to say that our system is superior and sustainable than thiers.

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