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Court Declares Deportation Of Cameroonians From Nigeria Illegal

Sahara Reporters | A key Cameroonian separatist leader, Julius Ayuk Tabe, and 46 others were deported from Nigeria after their arrest in Abuja. However, in her judgment on Friday morning, Justice Anwuli Chikere, the presiding judge, agreed with Mr. Femi Falana (SAN) that the Nigerian government lacks the power to deport refugees and asylum seekers from the country.

The Federal High Court sitting in Abuja has declared as illegal and unconstitutional, the deportation of 47 Cameroonians from Nigeria on January 26, 2018. 

A key Cameroonian separatist leader, Julius Ayuk Tabe, and 46 others were deported from Nigeria after their arrest in Abuja.

Ayuk President of a self-declared breakaway state made up of the Anglophone regions of majority-Francophone Cameroon, was one of 15 people whom Cameroon issued an international arrest warrant for in November 2017.

Cameroonian Communications Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary liked the move, saying “a group of 47 terrorists, among them Mr. Ayuk Tabe, has for some hours been in the hands of Cameroonian justice, before which they will answer for their crimes”, and praising Nigeria for joining Camerron in “never tolerating their respective territories serving as a base for activities that destabilise one or the other”.

However, in her judgment on Friday morning, Justice Anwuli Chikere, the presiding judge, agreed with Mr. Femi Falana (SAN) that the Nigerian government lacks the power to deport refugees and asylum seekers from the country. 

Apart from awarding N5 million in damages to each applicant, the trial judge ordered the Federal Government to ensure that the deportees are brought back to Nigeria forthwith. 

Details later.

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  1. Ah yes there are still countries in Africa where judges still do their job.
    Larepublique is an international embarassment

  2. The satanic ritual republic of CameroUn is sick. It has seen that kidnapping Ambazonia leaders and paying the Nigerian operatives billions of CFA was the wrong move. Rene Sadi fooled the banana Republic and huge amount of money is in her account

  3. Donc ces terrorrists benificient de la nationalité Cameroinaise?
    Ils devraient etre déchus de cette nationalité. Apres tout ils se disent ‘Ambazoniens ‘…
    Qu’ils soient donc reffoulés au Nigeria ainsi que toute la jungle du NW .
    Le Cameroun se porterait mieux sans ces barbares!
    Ils ont déja assez couté à l’Etat du Cameroun.

    • Me myself and I

      @Bikitsi: Donc ca existe une état camerounais ? ? Who is the leader of said etat, jackass?!?

      @David and Joshua: There is no such nation as Ambazonia!!! You lousy bums sit in the comfort of your living rooms in the US and call for some nonsensical idea and encourage others to die for it!?! Hypocrites! Cameroon as a whole has one problem, named Biya! We come together as a people and get rid of that wrinkled bastard and then we will have a nation representative of us all.

  4. French?+???????

  5. Ambazonians, let`s sing along sing along, pam pam param pam ram, pam ram
    pamram pam. Great Lapiro, you don hear dis wan? Erreur 4 mbuttuku, na dame
    4 ndose. Weh ndinga man, nak we dat ndenge from place wey u dey.
    Signs of the ordained victory for the people of the Repubic of Ambazonia.. Amen.


    Amba boys welcome the good news from Nigeria. The promised to defend the homeland from the aggression of LRC terrorists.

    They vowed that in SC there will be:

    1. ZERO governance
    2. ZERO elections
    3. ZERO disarmament
    4. ZERO Ministry of decentralisation
    6. Zero commission on bilingualism
    7. Zero commission on disarmament
    8. ZERO Island of Peace
    9. ZERO 20th May celebration

    This judgement of the INDEPENDENT Abuja High court will surely increase the momentum of the struggle by at least 40%. It is a morale booster for Southern Cameroonians. It is now on legal record that the abduction of Ayuk Tabe et al. was ILLEGAL. The legal and moral ramifications of this historical judgement cannot be overemphasised.

  7. And the Hague, will be another victory for Ambazonians.
    We don`t now care, if the judge in y`de, has his hands tied. That, is his problem.

  8. Yes sir!
    Good observations. Nigeria and Cameroon must not compete only in football. How about legal practice and the respect of citizens’ rights, free speech, free assembly, free debates?
    Hopefully, when these amounts of compensatory damages shall have been paid, some persons will realize what a liability it is to arbitrarily arrest and detain citizens and deprive them of their fundamental freedoms. “Might makes right” in governance is costly and wasteful and crude in the 21st Century.

  9. Hahahaha Biku
    ” ainsi que toute la jungle du NW …” et du SW. Never forget that.
    Lapiro told you : Touche Pas a ma constitution and you refused.
    Now you see the result.
    Who will refund the bribe which was given to the Nigerians?
    Now if you don’t respect the Nigerian ruling Americans and Europe will come for you. ICC à la Gbagbo….You see the plan now?

    • J’ai dis la jungle du NW. Précision. Le SW reste Camerounais.
      Continuez à vous embrouiller.
      Le Cameroun reste et demeure UN et INDIVISIBLE.
      Mon souhait est qu’on retire la nationalité Cameroinaise à ces terrorrists et qu ‘on les envoie au Nigeria. Ils sont plus Nigerians que Cameroonais.
      Le nomn Sisiku Ayuk n’a rien de Camerounais.
      Faut bien interpréter les écrits.

      • Vous etes vraiment bêtes ces ‘Ambazoniens “…
        Depuis 2 ans que vous vous entretuez au NOSO, les Européens et Americains ne sont pas au courant??
        Qu’est ce qui leur fera intervenir aujourd’hui?
        Ils n’ont rien à foutre, tant que Biya travaille pour la France/l’Europe!
        Pourquoi dois- je encore t’expliquer cà en 2019?

  10. kill all those ambasonias leaders

    • What you desire for others shall be done unto you.The death that you are wishing for Ambazonia leaders may it reverse and come back to you.until.your bitter end.Amen


    you re a good comedian ” ambafools” what the fuck Nigeria government will do hahahahhahahahhahaha.

    all igobs descend will remain goat meat in Nigeria

  12. A Kenyan Supreme Court ordered a repeat presidential election based on irregularities during the election and the son of Kenyatta was one of the candidates.
    An independent Nigeria court has ruled that the actions of the executive branch to deport refugees and Asylum seekers was illegal and unconstitutional.
    The South African court is trying an ex president Zuma for corruption.
    The Francophonie colonial tax paying, CFA controlled plantations have no such independence because they depend on France to make Elementary decisions about national issues.
    It is obvious by this ruling that judges in Nigeria still have Independence as opposed to the Equatorial forest tribal courts where citizens are arrested, never tried and convicted by a tribal Judge with no Legal education.
    Very of Low IQ!

  13. Why don’t you also go back to the jungle of Gabon and Equatorial Guinea you Bulu tribalist called Bikutsi. The Yaounde people don’t like you I know that for sure. The last time I visited Nnom Ayos and Oveng the villagers said you Bulu people with your wicked president are a disgrace to the Beti people and don’t want to associate themselves with you. They call you Bulu people bush people.

  14. @ Bikutsi, You Bulu people with your ape president and the most ugly man in the world called professor Mendoze should be the ones to go back to the jungle of Equatorial Guinea and Gabon where you come from. You are not from Yaounde or Ewondos, you Bulu people are from the jungle. Stop soiling the names of the Yaounde people for you are not one of them. They call you Bulus bush people. Your names are Gabonese and Equatorial Guinea names and your language is the same as theirs and not that of the Ewondos or what most Cameroonians call Yaounde people. The Yaounde people hate your f’cking president. It’s funny how all the 2 presidents Cameroonians have ever had are all foreigners. Ahidjo was also a Nigerian just as Biya is from the jungle of Equatorial Guinea or the jungle of Gabon.

    • Hihihi @Bobjazz!
      Nice try there…
      I will come back to you and give you some history lessons about the Ekang/Fang/ Beti people.
      The difference between you guys and us, is that we Know our history. Our elders tell us our story from the day we are born.
      We are the real Bantou people! You can find our likes even in Zimbabwe!
      Do you even know how proud we are about our forest? That ‘s where our strenght come from!
      We value our forest, we don’t kill each other there…
      You are very funny…
      Of course, the Gabonese and Equato- Guinese are our blodbrothers! We will never denie that!

  15. This is a clear example of Separation of Powers as enshrined in most constitutions (the Judiciary, the legislative and the Executive.) In La Republique, the Executive has usurped or hijacked the other branches and when the Ambazonians got too much of Biya’s stupidity and opted to leave, you Francophes whom have never known what freedom is, star running your mouths and calling us separatives.See what a judge could do in Nigeria? Its the law, as exercised under Juris Prudence, and not the Kangaroo brigade being run by military ass kissers. Grow up and join the world community and get the cob webs out of your heads. You are a disgrace to humanity.

  16. Sickseku is being judged for stealing at Sonel. For that only he will be jailed for life. So, brotherly nation Nigeria, your illegality déclaration may help others, but not suckseku. He will die in prison

  17. @bobjazz.
    Listen Biafra man.
    No need to even try that $&@ with the EKAN people.
    It will never work.
    The ekan peopel speak same languages and have the same ancestor.
    They are united reason why their land mass or the area occupied by that group is so HUGE.
    It is a waste of time to attempt to divide the ekang.
    Will never work and the ekang work together.
    As for grassfielders, you can see by the small area occupied by your ilks, you are in a bad situation.
    I agree with Sisten Bikutsi, the NW region with a portion of the west region should be given away and Cameroon should be in total peace.

    • Mbappe
      Ce sont des gens qui ne connaissent pas leur histoire.
      Pour bcoup d’entre eux, leur histoire commence avec l’arrivée des colons.
      Au lieu d’etre fieres de leurs origines Nigérianes, où ils ont plus en commun avec le peuple Igbo, ils les rejettent.
      Ils n’ont aucune fierté, aucun sens de direction.
      Je parle des gens du NW. Des barbares.
      Tout ce qu’ils savent, C’est la violence et la barbarie…ils ont des coutumes ancestrales tres bizarres…
      Chez eux par exemple qd un chef traditionel mourrait, on enterrait ses sujets vivants aupres de lui, meme ses femmes!
      C’est aussi la bas qu’on repasse tjrs les seins des jeunes filles etc….
      Les gens du SW ne sont pas pareils. Leur traditions sont semblables au SAWA.
      Pourquoi st ils obligés de s’acrocher au SW pour survive?

      • Cette région du NW ne sert à rien au Cameroun ,apart fouttre la merde.
        Toutes les richesses se trouvent au SW.
        Que ce soit dans le sous-sol, et meme culturellement. Limbe, Buea etc…C’est le Cameroun.
        Pas Bamenda. On devrait vendre le NW au Nigeria…
        Meme gratuitement, je suis partante..le Cmr serait en paix.

  18. No statement yet from any cameroon minister or the Lion king on the latest.
    This, must be called a shocker. There is surely much grumbling and blame
    game in y`de now. And yours trully{ Paul Bi Nvondo}, has been briefed
    already and the BP must be killing him. Sad enough, the verdict has not
    reached the Minister of Communication or Atanga Nji, reason why, no counter
    claims have surfaced. Rene Sadi, should be fired for not acting smart like
    the lying Mr Tilapia Tchiroma. Wonders shall never end, sir. I am aware of the
    fact that everyone in their circle, is doubting if a message of congratulation
    should be sent to partner Buhari. No, Buhari is Mr. fight corruption with his
    `war against indicipline`. Fake, he has been caught pants down. Atiku, is also
    behind him seriously. We gu hear more


    **** BREAKING NEWS ****

    The writer has advised the First lady of SC, Mrs Ayuk Tabe, to apply for warrants of arrest for Rene Sadi and ex-convict Atanga Nji.
    Sadi and ex-convict Nji were accomplices to the crime.
    The First lady promised to contact the Nigerian lawyer, Falana.

    The last chapter of the abduction of President Ayuk Tabe et al. is yet to be written.


  20. Bikutsi your ignorance is without measure.
    Now for the education of those who do not know much about Ambazonia…no attempt to divide NW and SW will work. The battle in Lebialem (which is in SW) and in Manyu (From where Sisiku hails) is as solid as the battle in Bafut or Bambili.
    Now to those who don’t know the meaning of Sisiku…it means leader and it is definitely a language from British Southern Cameroons. At Ayuk like the first name reflects answered prayers while Tabe another typical Manyu name again reflects household leadership.
    I continue to educate you but it may be unnecessary as you will only be able to come to our country soon with a tourist visa

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