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Court Declares Deportation Of Cameroonians From Nigeria Illegal

Sahara Reporters | A key Cameroonian separatist leader, Julius Ayuk Tabe, and 46 others were deported from Nigeria after their arrest in Abuja. However, in her judgment on Friday morning, Justice Anwuli Chikere, the presiding judge, agreed with Mr. Femi Falana (SAN) that the Nigerian government lacks the power to deport refugees and asylum seekers from the country.

The Federal High Court sitting in Abuja has declared as illegal and unconstitutional, the deportation of 47 Cameroonians from Nigeria on January 26, 2018. 

A key Cameroonian separatist leader, Julius Ayuk Tabe, and 46 others were deported from Nigeria after their arrest in Abuja.

Ayuk President of a self-declared breakaway state made up of the Anglophone regions of majority-Francophone Cameroon, was one of 15 people whom Cameroon issued an international arrest warrant for in November 2017.

Cameroonian Communications Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary liked the move, saying “a group of 47 terrorists, among them Mr. Ayuk Tabe, has for some hours been in the hands of Cameroonian justice, before which they will answer for their crimes”, and praising Nigeria for joining Camerron in “never tolerating their respective territories serving as a base for activities that destabilise one or the other”.

However, in her judgment on Friday morning, Justice Anwuli Chikere, the presiding judge, agreed with Mr. Femi Falana (SAN) that the Nigerian government lacks the power to deport refugees and asylum seekers from the country. 

Apart from awarding N5 million in damages to each applicant, the trial judge ordered the Federal Government to ensure that the deportees are brought back to Nigeria forthwith. 

Details later.

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  1. Y’all should look at facts and state valuable ideas. The non return of the scnc leaders to Nigeria is a fact. They will be judge in Yaounde, and that is a fact. Some who called for killings and if any proof is brought (like A yuk Tabe) may face capital punishment if found guilty;and that is a fact. There is a good chance all of them will be found guilty.
    Also, remember that the laws of reciprocity govern relationships between countries, not country laws. So, you disregard the Abuja court ruling, that bears no consequences whatsoever now, and in the future. Even Igbo independence leaders know that if they flee to Cameroon, they could be arrested and deported. It takes 1 MN to cancel a legal visa, so forget about your legal status in any country and use the politics of your means.

  2. Epee,
    I will be the chief immigration officer and he/she will not be granted entry. His language speaks volumes and I do not think he can pass the literacy required to complete an entry visa to Ambazonia.

    • Lol!
      I’ve Never visit the jungle called Bamenda..never been intressed, so what the H. I’m going to do there when we sell you guys to Nigeria?
      Live Limbe and Buea out of your madness…
      Why do you have to drag the SW people in the mudd?
      Why can’t you Bamenda people create your own Country and call it what ever you want?
      No one will care if you decide to kill each other there….that’s what you are best at anyway…
      You contribute nothing to Cameroon! Only barbarism…

  3. “Ambazonia Rising,Rising,Rising Ambazonia Rising to Fall no More” Our Victory is on top of the mountain coming. I don’t know what Buhari was thinking when he ordered for the Deportation of Asylum seekers in his country. God has intervened.


    The KANGAROO courts in LRC do not judge people. They play to the gallery until they receive instructions from Dictator Biya.
    It is therefore imbecile nonsense for anyone to say the courts will judge H. E. Ayuk Tabe et al.

    Biya masterminded the abduction of President Ayuk Tabe and company. Biya will deide their fate, not the kangaroo courts

  5. @Armando ”’Y’all should look at facts and state valuable ideas. The non return of the scnc leaders to Nigeria is a fact. They will be judge in Yaounde, and that is a fact. Some who called for killings and if any proof is brought (like A yuk Tabe) may face capital punishment if found guilty;and that is a fact. There is a good chance all of them will be found guilty.”…Ha ha ha ha…Keep consoling yourself.Did u say Ayuk Tabe called for killing? well, i have not read somewhere that he is been charged for murder.
    A Nigerian court have given their verdict that Sisiku and Co should be returned to Nigeria.It is a judicial decision waiting to be executed by CMR and Naija gov’t.So,it is now known by all asundary,that Y’de is keeping them illegally,and Y’de will be doing so at their own risk.

  6. What’s the matter, I totally agree with Bamenda people they have never Cameroonian instead of holding them back against their will, we should be helping them to stay secede and be on their own.
    They should be a complete independent state, this the will of the majority of them so let them go !!!
    We will just be like India and Pakistan .
    I am trying to see as Cameroonian citizen from littoral Region what I ever benefitted from Bamenda? I mean the impact of that region in Cameroon economy .
    I don’t remember but I will have to think again.

    • Exactly!
      We should get ride of Bamenda! They contribute nothing to the nation. Only terrorism.
      We keep the SW. We have more in common with them.
      There is a big difference between the 2 regions!

  7. U dis woman call @Bikutsi our ancestors and close friends has always been people u called grassfield people, we have share the same cultural interaction for centuries even before the British arrived our shores , together with the doula people, add the bamoun if u like never have we fought each others as different tribes but cohabitation with intermarriage taking place peaceful until u , bulu/beti people came to exploit our natural resources u evildoers brought hatred/ division pain and suffering among us and now deaths to our children only a deranged egoistic person will wanna continue associate with your people, if we have are referendum today %99 of the population will want out of la republique union because of equatorial forest people that’s the gospel truth u guys are wicked different

    • Forever young
      You are probably from the SW region, and I can conclude that because of the moderate ton in your writup.
      The sad thing about people like you is that you are so hypocrite, or you are just affraid to se and tell the truth.
      People from those 2 regions can’t stand each other.
      If this your ‘Ambazonia ” become (by magic) a reality, you will get a real civil war.
      I talk to many people from the SW, many high profil people, and let me assure you that your Republic of Ambazonia is and will remain just a dream.

  8. The military, should now learn that they are fighting a lost battle and that punishment
    is around the corner. They have seen good judgement delivered in Abuja court by a
    judge using her brain and the texts necessary to pursue the case, rather than jungle
    justice. She looked at the case and sighted judgement based of facts from the Holy book,
    the law and her human experiences. No one, even Buhari, pushed her or tied her hands
    behind. That is matturity and growing up. It is the type of dispensation that the lawyers
    are clamouring for in SCameroon. It is called civil law and not some concoction practiced
    in francophone law courts.
    If the court in Abuja is wrong, i therefore challenge LRC, to fire back directly or go to the
    AU / UN or ICC and fight. We shall win again, in Banjul. Bravo Abuja.


    **** BREAKING NEWS ****

    Lt. Colonel Maigari Alioum Brice, 41, was NEUTRALISED by Amba boys on Tuesday in Awing, Nothern zone of SC.
    The neutralised terrorist was the assistant BIR commander in Santa sub-division.

    There will be ZERO disarmament in SC


    **** FOOD FOR THOUGHT ****

    «L’option de la guerre n’est pas la meilleure solution. Le Président parle d’entrepreneurs de guerre, mais nous constatons que les véritables entrepreneurs de guerre, c’est le régime de M. Biya et lui-même. On n’a jamais vu un Président de la République qui déclare la guerre contre son peuple»

  11. Even the biafra igbo and bami cheat even though they like money and can do anything to have it, still show some compassion to other tribes from times to and has a sense of pride which comes with development for the future, thus we don’t mind dealing with them compared to equatorial forest people are wicked like to steal all, and chop broke pot not having a sense of pride that comes with development, reasons the regime of Biya cannot even develop his region despite stealing the people wealth for decades, when the northerners was in power they may be selfish towards others but have a sense of pride that comes with development,thus all other stuff u people taking pride as drunkenness, immorality is not the best trait for human development and can be find within every ethnic groups in humanity

  12. The only reason u wicked people hate the grassfield people is because of their resistance to fight for what they believe is true , even the colonial masters has difficulty with those Bantu tribes in their war of conquest and economic exploitation in Africa

  13. @bikutsi we aren’t going to have any civil war l abovementioned our ancestors has interaction for centuries even before the British we never fought each other as tribes the equatorial forest people brought division/ hatred among us and we start to forget our similarity bangwa and the grassfield people traditional culture is the same batibo and part of manyu has same similarity but above all our cohabitation to share and trade peacefully has existed for centuries even before the white man came for natural resources crude oil and minerals exploitation , the only time division/ hatrad started with the wicked equatorial forest in our mindle and now death every where u bad people leave the problem ,Ambazonia peace and prosperity shall return whatever disharmony shall be healed in Jesus name

  14. For liliputian brained larepublicans another UN ruling this week asked Britain to correct a decolonisation error and return an Island to Mauritius. That island is called the chagos islands, it has military bases belonging to the U.S.
    It is a matter of time before the UN gets to Ambazonia.
    Tic toc tic

  15. `The future is pregnant` indeed,@ ZVE. Not just the 1st lady alone. It also has to be
    individually and severally. My happiness, is that there is a strong term of Lawyers
    What folks sometimes ignore, is the fact that the hunter can also become the hunted.
    It is all getting to Mr, Biya et al syndicate gradually. We don`t need church men or
    Bible verses at this time. Time for this, was long gone.
    When everyone, said that it should be dialogue, they refused because they have the
    dumb military to perpetuate jungle justice and scare us away.
    Time to wake up and fight like never before.Thank you Abuja for setting the pace.

  16. The lack of insight with low IQ tribalist is that they believe tribalism and incompetence is a system of governance
    Even if you carry the entire SW and implant it in Yaoundé failure will continue. The mentality is the problem, which president lives in Switzerland more than the forest?
    The Senegalese and Gambians are more cultural and genetically related than the Equatorial forest wannabe French Africans and the Sawas but the realized their unfortunate colonial experience made living together impossible so they separated like non greedy people.
    One man one vote in the local government area by the indigenous people really frightens those who see power only as an opportunity to enrich self and tribe no vision for the nation.
    Adhijo was okay, Kamto will do better!
    Self rule Our Mantra

  17. That is when you realized that the judges in Nigeria are not like the ones in Cameroon who are like robots put in place and their remote controls stationed at the unity palace in Etoudi. That is the law and no one should be against the law and no one should abuse the law for their personal gain. You cannot grant asylum to someone because he has political issues in his country and again arrest him and send him to the same country you gave him asylum to safeguard his safety. What is the sense of that. It is a complete violation of the UN concept for grounds of asylum. These people have to be sent back to Nigeria. Buhari and his boys think they can bypass the law and abuse power as an accomplice of Biya’s atrocities. Hell NO! Thank God other African countries are not as backward as we are.

  18. @ Mpappe I know the truth hurts, what you are saying is bull. Number one I’m not from Biafra, Number two I grew up in Njong Melen and spent most of my childhood holidays in Oveng. I speak Ewondo very very well and your f’cking Bulu language is different just as your names are different from the Ewondos and the Ewondos hate you guys. They call you bush people. Stop deceiving the anglophones that you are Ewondo, you are not. You are from the forest of Equatorial Guinea and Gabon and most of you guys are ugly like your uncle the most ugly man in the world Professor Mendoze.

  19. You Bulu people are also very short. The Ewondo people are tall.

  20. @ Bikutsi you said the NW people don’t contribute anything. What do the people from the South contribute apart of stealing all of our resources? The only thing that comes out of your bush is timber and Frank Biya owns it not Cameroon. He sells all the timber from your bushes and hides the money in Europe not Cameroon. You bush Bulu people are a disgrace to Cameroon and Africa. Your old diaper wearing president who has lost all his bearings is not a Cameroonian and that is the reason he doesn’t give a damn about Cameroon and spends most of his time in Europe. A real Cameroonian cannot do such evil to his own country.

    • [email protected] Bobjazz
      What ‘s your point? Relax and take a glas of water and watch how the Beti will rull over you for the next 50 years!
      There is Nothing you can do about it.
      You have shown us how incapable you are to be in charge.
      The Beti have no choice but to continue to rule!
      We are born leaders.
      Your desperate attempt to bring confusion (Bulu/Ewondos) is a waist of time.
      You sounds like someone who has been deceive by a bulu woman. Don’t hate all the bulu because of one person!
      Have you ever wonder why others can spend a fortune just to marry a bulu woman?
      Get over it, we don’t associate with trash!
      I’ll come back to you and give you some history lessons about the Ekang/fang/Beti people, as I promise earlier.

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