Covid-19 au Cameroun : une clinique de Douala fermée pour factures illégales [+vidéo]

Au Cameroun, le ministre de la Santé a ordonné la fermeture la fermeture de la plus grande clinique de Douala pour facturation illégale du traitement du Covid-19 alors qu’il est censé être gratuit. Les explications de Marcel Amoko, correspondant au Cameroun pour France 24.

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  1. Monsieur Le Ministre Manaouda, there is so much to do that closing Polyclinique Marie O should be the least of your duties! How do you explain to the world the logic of opening bars and night clubs but closing a healthcare facility???

    If you truly believe that Dr. Roger Ngoulla and his staff were overbilling patients, especially the Lebanese patient, why not let market forces do their job and put the clinic out of work? Ever heard of supply and demand relationship in economics? Why send armed military men to put doctors, nurses, paramedics out of work? Why forcefully eject patients into the unknown???

  2. Camerbeleiver (Colby)

    This minister have been doing a great job till date he is in his role that was to send a strong message to crooks of your kind who spend all their time collecting patients money in such occasions we all know that whenever there is panic in the air like now with the Corona stuff all Cameroon’s health practitioners want to secure their 3rd generation future with the hard earnings of their unfortunate fellows if he could do so till the next cabinet reshuffle i will like it.

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