(COVID-19) Cameroun : 66 cas de coronavirus confirmés et un décès depuis début mars

Xinhua | Depuis l’annonce du premier cas de COVID-19 le 6 mars, le Cameroun a enregistré jusqu’à ce mardi 66 cas confirmés,dont deux guérisons et un décès, selon les autorités saniatires du pays.

Mardi soir, le ministre camerounais de la Santé publique Manaouda Malachie a annoncé le prermier décès au Cameroun dû au nouveau coronavirus.

Selon les déclarations officielles, ce patient décécé était un Camerounais de 56 ans qui résidait en Italie. Il était arrivé au Cameroun le 7 mars via Paris, et avait été testé positif à COVID-19 le 14 mars.

Dans la nuit de lundi, le Cameroun a enregistré dix cas supplémentaires de COVID-19, portant le total à 66, selon les autorités sanitaires camerounaises.

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  1. Please block out all intercity buses and cars. This virus is devastating. We do not have the resources to combat this on a large scale.

  2. I sincerely hope fellow citizens are getting reliable results!!! Please do not let one positive result+ or a negative one- depress you unnecessarily. Get another one, preferably at another institution. Two heads are almost always better than one.
    Your test result could be a biological false positive or false negative, depending on the quality and quantity of test material, chemical or biological reagent and savvy of the staff handling it.
    If you or your good friend ever went in too soon for a pregnancy test, you will understand that a negative signified a low, undetectable level of HCG(pregnancy hormone). Similarly, after an abortion, the test result will still be positive for a while as HCG levels diminishes.
    Whatever the case, monitor also the clinical signs – runny nose, coughing,

    • elevated body temperature, respiratory distress, etc. It may just be the common cold. Good for you!!!

    • MR Dinga @ from the 7 of march to last Friday all passengers on all flights should be given a friendly phone call and invited ( with whoever else they have been living with )to attend a immediate test in the middle of a large field prefebly in the areas where they are , with a couple of doctors in those space suits .No public transport either using their own transport or driven by who they had close contact with and they can be tested too.WITHIN 24 hours anyone who dosnt comply gets a immediate fine of 10,000 dollars and their car and passports taken away for 6 months and a police guard outside their quarantine house for the next eight weeks .The folly of a few can have dire consequences for everyone else .On no account should they be treated in hospital unless a separate ward

  3. Biya`s war and the virus, equals a devastating situation for our people. Even then,
    Biya is bent on assimilating SC. But the two put together, Ambazonia, is not going
    to surrender. Those who elected themselves to become parliamentatians / senators,
    have now gotten what they wanted and that is all. Where are they in the field to
    educate and support those they claim they are representing?
    The Ngole Ngole, Gerald Ngala, Otte Mofa etc etc etc. are missing in action. Even the
    pm ie. Dion Ngute as chief, will not visit his rural villagers, to tell them about the
    coronavirus. But when the dust would have settled and appointments and positions
    are open, they will come pretending.
    Being a fools paradice, these idiots, remain so dear in the hearts of the people. Wao.

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