Covid-19: Port of Douala starts bi-monthly thermofogging of port space for the coming 6 months

Business in Cameroon | In Cameroon, the autonomous Port of Douala has joined the fight by using Thermofogging to sanitize the port on March 25. According to the port’s management authority which reveals the info, the process will be renewed bi-monthly for 6 months.

“The economic operators and the actors of the port of Douala-Bonabéri (…) have agreed with the PAD and the authorities of the Littoral region that the activity will continue at the port of Douala-Bonabéri. It will be combined with the measures prescribed by the Government of the Republic to effectively fight against the Covid-19,” the port authority explains.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Cameroon has closed its land, air, and sea borders since March 18. It, however, allows vessels transporting essential goods and consumer products. With the Port of Douala being the main supply point for some Cemac countries, Cameroon exceptionally decided to continue trade exchanges with them (Chad and the CAR notably).

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