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Crise anglophone: deux tiers des déplacés internes bénéficiés de l’aide du gouvernement (ministre)

Xinhua | Depuis le début de la crise anglophone au Cameroun, un peu plus de deux tiers des déplacés internes enregistrés par les autorités camerounaises ont bénéficié de l’aide gouvernementale, a indiqué mardi Paul Atanga Nji, ministre camerounais de l’Administration territoriale.

“Sur un total de 152 000 déplacés internes dus à la crise anglophone, le gouvernement a déjà apporté assistance à 104 000 d’entres eux”, a-t-il précisé.

M. Atanga Nji s’est exprimé à Buea, chef-lieu de la region anglophone du Sud-Ouest, lors d’une visite d’évaluation de l’aide humanitaire. Il est en compagnie de la coordonnatrice du système des Nations Unies au Cameroun Allegra Maria Del Pilar.

En juin 2018, le gouvernement camerounais a lancé un “plan special d’assistance” doté de 12,7 milliards de francs Cfa (environ 19,4 millions d’euros) au profit de la population anglophone. Novembre dernier, un centre de coordination de l’aide humanitaire d’urgence a été crée pour la mise en oeuvre de ce plan.

Représentant 20% de la population camerounaise qui est majoritairement francophone, la minorité anglophone s’estime marginalisée et francisée par le pouvoir central depuis des décennies. Une mouvance sécessionniste armée y est née en octobre 2017.

Cette crise a fait plus de 430 000 déplacés internes, selon les Nations Unies. Au moins 170 soldats ont été tués dans les affrontements avec les séparatistes, d’après l’armée camerounaise. Il n’y a pas de statistiques officielles sur le nombre des séparatistes abbatus.

Début mai, le Premier ministre camerounais Joseph Dion Ngute a annoncé que le gouvernement était désormais disposé à initier un dialogue inclusif sur toutes les revendications politiques sauf “l’indivisibilité de l’Etat.

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  1. we all know the cause of this conflict..
    The failed government is talking now for 3 years about dialogue but still we dont see any intention..
    Poverty and political, social, and economic inequalities between groups will prevail as long as we are not honest…
    Many groups of people who fight together perceive themselves as belonging to a common culture (ethnic, cultural or a group as a result of colonialism), and part of the reason that they are fighting may be to maintain their cultural , social and political autonomy.

    Lets talk openly and honestly..
    Chase all the old thieves and put our heads together and build a strong, rich and better cameroon for all..
    We need equal rights and justice…

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      This conflict was started by Biko and his ambafool friends! Sicksiku, Ayaba, Akwanga, Tapang, Baretta, Sako, Nick Santos, Boh Herbert, Biko, L’enemie, Zero, Devil Tataw and co started this war.

      Poverty, political, social, and economic inequalities are challenges that can be tackled without violence. You terrorists made a conscious decision to take dane guns and attack “black legs” and the government with the goal of making the country ungovernable!

      Now that your comedy revolution has failed you expect us “black legs” that you have been killing for the last 3 years to come sit on the same table and dialogue with evil, criminals who have killed hundreds of our people for absolutely no reason including Aaron Animbom Akiambom?

      We will prosecute you for your crimes!

      Nyamfukah! Shumbu

    • Shut up!!! And stop this insanity. Stupid Cameroonians.

  2. Stop the killing..
    stop all military action…
    This is a political war that can never be won..
    Open an honest dialogue..
    Pick out the topics…
    Be open, listen, and Analyse the issue of marginalization and discrimination..
    Accept mistakes..
    All parties should be listened to…
    After a war or political uprising with many killings, you dont chose the people to talk to..
    You dont dialogue with your friends but with enemies…..

    Enough is enough as we want all parties to again seat together and wipe out all issues at stake…
    All grievances should be looked into..
    No arrogance, no pride, just a peaceful solution to the problems of cameroon..

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @Terrorist Biko

      We will not stop killing terrorists! We will kill any terrorist who refuses to put down his weapon and seek amnesty.
      The terrorists are also helping us by killing each other.

      This was started by jobless and wretched scammers in the diaspora who manipulated the youth to pick up dane guns and terrorise the people of the NW/SW not to send their children to school and not to go to Work.
      Biko and his friends labeled people from the NW/SW who do not agree with their secessionist objectives like me “black legs” and encouraged illiterate youth to kidnap and behead us.
      Thanks to the government for protecting the masses.

      I refuse to sit on the same table with people who have stolen 3 years of education from the children of the NW/SW.

      We will dialogue without terrorists!

      • @Kumkum Pass Garri.
        I dont know where you get your basis of judgement to classify people the way it suits you..Again let me take the chance to say this..The country is sick, the country is at war, many people are being killed, innocent women are being raped, and you simply think its caused by a small group you brandish as terrorist?
        Do you know the cause of this problem?
        Do you think you love Cameroon more than others?
        So you think that when you join the failed government to brandish some people as terrorist, you will get a post or be given money?
        I dont call you a black leg but simply an uninformed dude.
        CAMEROONA today is a failed state that political body has disintegrated to a point where basic conditions and responsibilities of a sovereign government no longer function properly-True ?

      • @Kumkum Pass Garri
        if you were given the chance to dialogue, who will be the people you will talk with from southern cameroon?..Atanga Nji?..or you will chose your own people you dont call terrorist?- DO you even have a clue how we came to where we are today?
        What will you change in this dialogue?.
        To open schools?..
        Do you really know the history of cameroon?
        Do you want to live in denial in 2019?..
        Do you know that Cameroon is a bilingual country?.A union of two countries?.
        have you ever had the chance to read the terms and conditions of the union of the 2 cameroons?..
        Lets try to talk sense here and stop this childishness..
        Do you think people just had fun to go to the bushes ?
        So you believe in good faith of Mr Biya and his thieves?
        Seems like you are a dreamer …Sorry to say so..

        • Kumkum Pass Garri


          Lets not pretend that there are no legitimate leaders in the NW/SW of Cameroon who can negotiate for the people of Cameroon.

          Atanga Nji is a member of CPDM and if the CPDM supporters of the NW/SW select him to negotiate on their behalf that is their choice.

          The legitimate leaders include: parliamentarians and councilors, leader of political parties, traditional rulers and business elite in the NW/SW Cameroon.

          We got here after some losers/scammers in the diaspora manipulated the youth to pick up dane guns and kill “black legs” like me, enforce the abolishment of education and attack the military.

          I won’t change anything in the dialogue. All the legitimate leaders will bring their ideas to the table and out of that we will form a position and negotiate for that.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          @ Biko

          Opening schools in not negotiable. Education is an inalienable right and anyone who attempts to stop this must be killed.
          Inalienable rights are non-negotiable and it is the duty of the government to annihilate anyone who attempts to stop children from going to school.
          The terrorists can continue to try to enforce the abolishment of education while the BIR will continue to hunt and kill the terrorists for the forseeable future. No one will negotiate with these beasts. I will not seat on the same table with the killers of my brother Animbom Aaron Akiambom. I do not believe I can stop myself from killing Ayaba cho, Sisiku, Sako Tataw, Tapang, Baretta with my bare hands for the thousands of people from the NW/SW they have killed including my brother

        • Kumkum Pass Garri


          I understand the Cameroon History I learned in school. I am not driven by the history of Cameroon. I am driven by the amazing opportunities available to Cameroon today and the future. You can focus on history while I focus on opportunities and the future.

          I do not live in denial. The SCNC has existed for decades and I know that there are some people from the NW/SW who want to secede. There are lots of Cameroonians from the NW/SW who do not agree with the views of the SCNC. I want to remain a Cameroonian.
          The SCNC have a right to their opinion and I have a right to my opinion. The SCNC cannot impose its opinion on me! The secessionist cannot force the population to succumb to their ideas just because they have dane guns!

          Cameroon is one country and not two countries.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          @ Biko

          I know Cameroon is a bilingual Country with 10 provinces. I do not know that Cameroon is a union of two countries. Cameroon is not a union of two countries.

          I have never read and do not plan on reading the terms of the union between the two territories. I am very sure that when the legitimate leader of the people of the NW/SW come together to negotiate we will have lawyers in the mix who will bring their ideas on that to the table. We will review all ideas and form a position for negotiation.

          The secessionist can not kill other people of the NW/SW because they have different opinions from them and then expect to be involved in the negotiations. They are criminals and they must be held to account for their crimes!

          I believe I have answered all your questions.

      • I see as you a person that lacks intelligence, understanding, reason, and common sense..
        You are just constitutionally incapable of thinking outside of the terms of this kind of logical fallacy..
        You unfortunately lack simple reasoning:- I define reasoning here as the capacity of consciously making sense of things, establishing and verifying facts, …
        It seems like you have a Mental disorder..Again I define this as a wide range of mental health conditions or disorders that affect your mood, thinking and behavior..
        You cant just be bullying people you don’t know:- Bullying again here is defined as Unwanted aggressive behaviour..
        You don’t know me but you call me a terrorist….
        If you need help-ask for it and u will be helped.
        Dont insult people u dont know. Learn and grow..

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          Now Biko

          I see you have so much intelligence that you believe that the inalienable rights of children should be negotiated. Unfortunately for you he rest of the world thinks that there is no logic to your behavior and you have failed to explain the logic to your behavior.

          I do not come here for validation. I do not care about the opinion of people who have been declared DELUSIONAL and INSANE by the US and UNHRC.

          Why are you so stupid to assume that I have to know you personally to analyse and expose your stupidity? Anyone who claims that education is a tool for political negotiations is a terrorist. Biko you are a terrorist because you and your friends abolished education. You have stolen 3 years of education from children and now you want to use that for negotiation?


        • Kumkum Pass Garri


          To call you a terrorist is not an insult. You are an ambafool terrorist!

          Why do you have the right to insult people you don’t know and I don’t?

          I do not need help from terrorists. I am a terrorist hunter. I am hunting down the terrrists who killed Brother Aaron with the BIR. I will continue hunting and killing them and I do not need help from you.

          I will never think like a delusional and insane person. I get my validation from how coveted my services are world wide.

          I get my validation from basic common sense which you lack. I consider you to be sub human until the day you justify stealing 3 years of education from children.

          Answer this:

          If you are fighting for autonomy why deprive children of the NW/SW from education, kill the teachers and burn the health facilities?

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          I see you as a delusional person and a liar!

          The government is in the NW and SW to protect people like me from you! You terrorists have been kidnapping and killing people like me for 3 years now. The only reason I have not been kidnapped and killed is the fact that I am armed and capable of defending myself anywhere in the world if attacked.

          We proud Cameroonians of the NW/SW will never sit on the same table with criminals like Ayaba Cho, Sisiku, Sako, Boh Herbert Tapang Baretta Tataw etc. If we see these guys in Cameroon we will take them straight to jail.
          All ambafools who donated money to support the killing of “black legs” are banned from Cameroon. We will seize your property auction it and use the funds to rebuild the schools and hospital you destroyed!

          Wandyfoolish idiots!

    • @ Biko, @ Kum Kum
      Shut up!!! And stop this insanity. Stupid Cameroonians.

      • Kukum Pass Garri

        @True Kamer

        You are either insane or a terrorist!

        What is stupid about calling out criminals who have stolen three years of education from the children of the NW/SW!

        Why are you so stupid to think that your comment above has any bearing on me? Why are you so dumb?

        I am here on a mission and you are too negligible to affect my mission.
        I will continue to expose the scams of the ambafool leaders in the diaspora, the stupidity of the ambafools supporters and donors, and the terrorism the ambafool terrorists have been dishing out to people of the NW/SW for the last 3 years.

        If my comments irk you go fill your head with shit, because I will remain one of the chukuchukus in the kanda of the ambafools until they are completely eradicated.

      • @TrueCamer

        Call them all out. Both sides have mad people. Witchcraft has taken over the country from Biya lunatics and Amba fanatics.

  3. Atanga Nji and his traumatised president have forgotten, that they have to take
    care of the refugees, that are in Nigeria. Biya`s declaration of war against them
    and the attendant destruction by the dumb military, requires, that the tyranic
    regime of dymented paul biya, do the required obligation.
    To be honest to the facts, Dion Ngute {PM}, should be ashamed of himself, that
    his mission to the NW / SW, woefully failed infront of his `cro cro` eyes. Like his
    predecessor Yang Philemon, the history books, will make them both silly and big
    disappointments, when the kids of tomorrow, will read the happenings of their
    times. Shame on them.

    • Camer beleiver (Colby)

      @Tuberculosis Joshua aka terrorists masterminds what can you do now to help your people you mislead with your stupidity promising them better life they have never seen for the past two years this is the question you have to ask yourself.

      • All dictatorships lead to the same goal, destruction. Nigerian military dictators, Buhari, Babangida, Abacha, Obasanjo, did the same things.
        Shehu Shagari was peacefully handed power by Gen. Obasanjo until Gen. Buhari decided to overthrow, hijacking the elections. The “Only Me” mentality.

        Biya survived a coup from the Northerners which shouldn’t have happened. However, he was soundly defeated by the SDF twice and he teamed up with his octogenarians soon to be nonagenarians to hijack the will of the people in exchange for lifetime ministerial jobs.
        Cavaye, Chiroma, Achidi, Musonge, Fame Ndongo, Owona, L. Esso etc. have been there since 1992. Those who loved Cameroon like Sadou Hayatou left Biya’s REGIME for good.
        I am not on board with Amba but Cameroon’s problems are not new. Africa!!

  4. @ Colby, know it that after the genocide in Ruanda, under Kagame, it is well
    and better for the people and there is fanfare. If Biya will take back his dumb
    military, Ambazonia shall be great. This is the only hindrance for now. So, do
    you now have part answer to your childish question?

    • Camer beleiver (Colby)

      @joshua the terrorist Coward the government of Cameroon is fighting terrorists and not the so called “Anglophones” therefore the use of the words like genocide have no place or meaning here anyone uttering such statement is a fool and will remain a fool.The government cannot fold legs and be looking at the terrorists causing havoc the army as I have said is still acting with extreme restraint cause these youths were mislead by desperate lazy drunkards thugs like you .

  5. All this rants am reading here will lead to nowhere. Caption of the story. 19.8 million euro has been allocated, really. My good question here is, in which bank account did this liquid cash banked too? Any account on how much had been spent? Or is just a hoax which is not new with Langa Republic Of Cameroon and Preach All Useless Lies Bamenda Is Your Answer(Paul biya) and his Cameroon People Drink Mimbo party (C.P.D.M)? Le Cameroun toujours en derriere avec ses aveugle government qui n’etendre rien du bon.

    • Camer beleiver (Colby)

      @kinsley you have no proof to challenge the government say they have been giving out some stuff for months now to internally displaced brothers even if it is just fake pictures at least the whole world is watching.An intelligent person will bring proofs rather than sitting behind a faceless forum to spread rubbish i was expecting you to say your contribution was stolen or disappeared unfortunately I know that you are just a lazy Coward terrorist drunkard who have failed in all aspects and is against those who want to succeed.

  6. Victoire incontestable pour l’Ambazonie

    • How? Shut up!!!

      • Amba Land shall be FREE against all odds.

        Vive lq détermination sans faille des Ambazoniens.

        The francophone criminals and their slaves are to be taken to the international court of justice.

        We shall prevail against all odds, chiwawas, anglo caniches, blacklegs and the lost souls.

        Ambaland OYE

        • @colby

          Don’t mind those terrorists here , they don’t believe of freedom of speech.

          No negotiation with terrorists “ambasonia “ pls don’t drop your weapon the mercy is coming.

  7. @ Colby, when bullets are flying and killing, any one who dies, is not a terrorist.
    Also, when the dumb military burns down houses, steals etc, it is not only about
    terrorists. So, i doubt if you understand what is happening and why you can not
    stand by the truth. Equally, when it is the sufferings, you are not out of it. When
    it comes to not benefiting from the resources of the country, you are just
    not counted etc etc etc. Why then are you seeing the rogue regime as good and
    a thing to die for? Because as a bastard, you can not be indifferent. Ask your
    self or background, if you are really, not a bastard. Bastards, reason and behave
    just as you do. This is a fact and it can not be disputed. That, is all about you.

  8. Camer beleiver (Colby)

    You are a fool +++++ for not understanding that the youths you sponsored to stand against the cameroon army even for the next twenty years will be defeated cause they have no training you are a fool for not understanding that The Republic of cameroon have boundaries that no one can reshuffle or change, you are a fool for not understanding that no civilized country can back an idiotic claim of the so called Anglophones marginalisation therefore you will be and remain a fool all your life long…

    • Shut up Colby!! Lunatic!! You are as foolish as the Amba idiots.

      • Ta gueulle akwara lazy pikin

      • Kumkum Pass Garri

        This wandyfool international idiot called TrueCamer is so stupid that he thinks when he says “shut up” he has made a point.

        You are so stupid that you do not realise that your comments have no impact on anyone.
        I am confident that through my comments I am exposing the scammers/thieves in the diaspora called amba leaders; I am exposing the stupidity of the ambafools who believe that the abolishment of education is the first step to independence and the terrorism of the amba fighters on the people of the NW/SW.

        I can assure you that your comments only communicate your own stupidity. Why are you so stupid to think that I will obey your order to shut up?
        I dare you to enforce your orders. Nyamfukah!

        • Kum Kum, be quiet !!! And shut up!!!!

          My GOAL is to expose the fraud and lies from Biya’s “pikins” and Amba “pikins”.

          Kid brains!!!

  9. let sleeping dogs lie.
    Cameroon has disintegrated to a point where basic conditions and responsibilities of a sovereign government no longer function properly.
    Still some dreamers who don’t want to accept the reality and truth claim that it is an uprising caused by a small group of people that have been fooled. They have been suppressed , oppreseed by a colonial master to the extend that they are even afraid the fact they have been treated as second class citizens since the union of the two states..
    Those retarded few have accepted the unfair or cruel use of power to control southern Cameroonians and are even ready to fight southern Cameroonians who try to come out and speak..
    In the state own television, Francophones come out every evening to discuss the Anglophone crisis -what a joke

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Terrorist Biko

      “You wrote: Cameroon has disintegrated to a point where basic conditions and responsibilities of a sovereign government no longer function properly.’

      Did you abolish education in the NW/SW to reverse the disintegration of Cameroon?
      Are you killing people of the NW/SW who do not agree with your views to reverse the disintegration of Cameroon?

      Biko you continue to demonstrate that you can not think logically. Whether or not the country is disintegrated can not indicate to you whether it is an uprising by a small or big number of people.

      These stupid people who claim to be oppressed have decided to oppress anyone who does not agree with their opinion and have abolished education in the NW/SW. Now Biko wants to use education as a tool for political negotiation?


    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Dumb Terrorist Biko

      I am glad that you feel bullied by my comments. That tells me that I am a true and effective internet warrior against the ambafools!

      I know that you are more concerned by my comment than the people that you and your terrorist friends continue to kill. You guys killed my bbrother Aaron Akiambom Animbom and I can assure you that his death will not go unpunished.

      I dare you terrorists to step foot in Cameroon again and see what we will do to you. You have a righ to your opinion. You have a right to think that secession is the way forward but you do not have the right to impose your opinion on me, and I am strong enough to defend myself against all amba fools.

      I will never let dumb terrorists like you impoes your opinion on me or my friends and family!


    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Dumb terrorist Biko

      Apparently your comments here are just to express your frustration with life.

      My comment here are aimed at neutralizing the ambafool internet warriors! I have an objective and my objective is clear in every comment I post. The ambafool comedy revolution must be neutralized on the internet and on ground zero so that proud Cameroonians like me can live in peace and security, and children can continue to pursue their education.

      Biko, I consider you a dumb ambafool internet warrior and I enjoy every opportunity I get to neutralize you! When I am in Bamenda I am always ready for your terrorists! I have the capability to neutralize both internet terrorists and the terrorists on the ground.

      Ambafool terrorists better drop their guns or be neutralized like Biko!

  10. Who cares about terrorists organizations “ambasonia “ kill them all . All those traitors should be eliminated

  11. Long Live to the courageous and brave people of AMBAZONIA.

    La victoire est en marche.

    • Kikikiki, the IT expert himself !

      Sisi has been impeached. Dictator Sako is not ready to throw in the towel, 10K per month is greater than Amba.

      Anyway, let Sisi taste his own medication, when he stole Ba-lla’s show he surely thought he was Moses…

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Wandyfool international idioot terrorists

      We sent about 65 ignorant, illiterate dumb misled terrorist to Buea on first class Bores tickets this week.

      These illiterate, manipulated, amulets(odeshi) cladded, drug intoxicated walking dead are the people this Wandyfool international idiot calls courageous and brave.

      We will neutralize any terrorists who refuses to drop their weapon and eek amnesty.

      My Kontri Pipo Dem has already neutralized 65% of the ambafool internet terrorists. I have personally neutralized internet terrorist Biko! I expect Biko to go join the ground zero terrorists now that I have neutralized him. Ipray for Biko to go to Cameroon as we(BIR) are ready to send his type to Buea on first class wheelbarrow ticket.

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