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Dangote cement reports 6% YoY fall on sales during the first nine months of 2019

Business in Cameroon | During the first nine months of 2019, the Cameroonian subsidiary of Nigerian cement giant Dangote recorded a decline in its performance.

“Our 1.5Mta clinker grinding facility in Douala sold approximately 866t of cement in 9M 2019, a 6.0% fall on the 920Kt sold in 9M 2018. We estimate our market share to have been 40% during the period,” Dangote Cement PLC indicated in its Q3, 2019, result statement.

This drop in performance, the Nigerian explains, is mainly due to persistent security problems in the North-West and South-West regions. Indeed, since October 2016, economic activity has slowed down in the North-West and South-West due to combats between secessionists and defence forces. Several companies (CDC, SABC, MTN, Orange, etc.) are at a standstill in this part of the country or have relocated their headquarters or agencies.

In the first half of this year, Dangote was already complaining about the decline in its activity due to the socio-political crisis in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon. During that period, the cement company reportedly sold approximately 0.6 million tonnes of cement, a decrease of 7.1% from 0.64 million tonnes sold in the first half of 2018.

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  1. The situation in the North West and South West is returning to normalcy.
    Rene Sadi, 2019.

    Paul Biya is a national hero and the west is against him because of his strong nationalistic views. That is what the criminal junta in Yaounde is trying to sell to blind Francophone Cameroonians, the remaking of the image of a man who is an ardent French stooge!

  2. At this time of mass killings etc of Southern Cameroon citizens, it looks very absurd, for
    anyone, to be talking about business / money in or from that zone. It is a gross abuse
    to the spirit and integrity of the peoples of that region. Why not report on other things,
    knowing, that tons of other stories are sitting unreported around the corner?
    Aren`t we dying there etc, because of our resources?

  3. Dangote’s mentor Buhari support the War in Southern Cameroons and it is time for his Business to fall in LRC. Southern Cameroons should start boycotting Dangote cement and look for although alternative sources from his competitors. Furthermore, Nigeria has closed its border with Cameroon since 2 months ago and it is going to affect negatively LRC revenues from the Border in Mamfe with Cameroon. The worse is yet to come to LRC and as they say, it is easy to declare war but difficult to stop it!Address
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