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Death of Nigerian Asylum-Seekers in Cameroon Shocks UNHCR

Business Post Nigeria | The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has expressed shock over the tragic death of six Nigerian asylum-seekers, among them three children, who were killed in a blast in the far north of Cameroon.

In a statement issued by the agency, it said, “This tragic incident is a disappointing testament of continuing forced returns (refoulements) of refugees and asylum-seekers from Cameroon, despite numerous appeals by UNHCR to the Cameroonian government to respect its obligations.”

Speaking on the matter, the Director of UNHCR’s Regional Bureau for Africa, Valentin Tapsoba, stated that, “The forced return of refugees and asylum-seekers is in violation of the principle of non-refoulement which constitutes the cornerstone of international refugee law to which the Cameroonian State is party.”

Business Post reports that UNHCR learnt that on July 29, about 12 asylum-seekers were being forcibly returned to Banki, Nigeria, in a Cameroonian army truck which drove over an improvised explosive device that exploded.

Six Cameroonian soldiers and six other asylum-seekers were also injured in the incident, which took place in Homaka, Mayo Sava Division.

Over 800 Nigerian refugees and asylum-seekers in Cameroon have been forcibly returned to Nigeria since the beginning of 2018.

UNHCR has once again called upon the government of Cameroon to refrain from carrying out further forced returns of Nigerian refugees and asylum-seekers.

It also reminded Cameroon of its obligations under international law relating to the protection of refugees and asylum-seekers and the commitments it made by signing the Tripartite Agreement for the voluntary repatriation of Nigerian refugees from Cameroon in March 2017.

“UNHCR reiterates its appeal to authorities to provide Nigerian refugees with unhindered access to asylum and stands ready to support Cameroon to ensure all individuals seeking safety have access to efficient screening, registration and documentation procedures,” the statement obtained by this newspaper disclosed.

Some 96,000 Nigerian refugees have sought safety in the Far North region of the country, with more than 8,000 new refugees registered since the beginning of 2018.

Cameroon currently hosts more than 367,000 refugees and asylum- seekers.

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  1. Asylum seekers face a catch-22 of their own – either they die from the indiscriminate shooting of soldiers this way or that way. Those shootings in the Sandpit in Buea might also have involved some Nigerians, n’est-ce pas?

  2. Nigeria refugees are not welcome to Cameroon go back .

    • please assume ur real identity. You are no Bamenda boy. Bamenda boys have respect for humanity which is something u do not possess. You are Beti, be proud of ur ethnicity which is full of abominations.

      • Thank you my brother, He preparing his case to seek refugee in Amba Land, hence Bamendaboy is his asumed Name.

      • @ACHU SOUP

        my real identity is ambasonia son of a bitch “igbo”

        • Navigating the Internet presupposes a degree of maturity which comes with language use, none of which you display!!!!! There is no point counting the years forward but performance backward in time.

    • How could you say such a thing?? Have you ever been a refugee? Have your community ever been involved in a conflict that has forced you to take refuge in a neighboring community? Sending a refugee back when you know that where you are sending that refugee to is not safe enough for the refugee to return is one of the most inhuman thing a government can do. The government of Cameroon should stop forceful repatriations and allow refugees to go home at their own will. Forcing them to go back home will only be sending them to go and perish in the crossfire between Boko Haram and the Nigerian security forces.

      • The government of Cameroon is an abi I nation. A scar on the conscience of the world. The despicable acts which they commit will not go unpunished and they certainly do not speak in my name or for the millions of Ambazonians whom I know treasure human rights.
        He embarrassment must end and Ambazonia must be free.
        Wata NA wata

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  3. This is time for the UN to know that La republic is an Outlaw country .there,s no respect for international laws nor human rights

  4. see me those rats, what make you think Cameroon is an outlaw country. what happened in the USA where many blacks peoples or colors are getting killed by whites peoples or laws enforcement for free. water na water

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  5. Nigerian never took refuge in Cameroon. Thus it was about seven Cameroonians whom took refuge in nigeria that had a tragic dealth .

  6. How about the 2 refugee Nigerian mothers and infants murdered by soldiers Cyriaque Bityala and Barnabas Donossou? Are their lives not worthy of recognition?Bull crap!!!!!

  7. UNHCR @ could review their policies in general, vast countries with big populations can nationaly care for their citizens in other safer parts of the country rather than accepting people should become stateless unemployed and penniless in a next door neighbouring one .Spread out small rural populations like in CAR would have a much harder time taking back refugees but diferent states within Nigeria could have the decency to help citizens to stay inside their own country until its safe to resposibly repatriate to their original area, paperwork,timing and costs would be alot less .This also wakes up their general public to demand solutions are made by their goverments when seeing at first hand the misery of the events wittnessed by less fortunate tempory citizen refugees.

    • Phyrne,

      it is perhaps cos of our culture of ostracism and the constant tagging of our immediate neighbor as an OTHER, an OTHER who is not of the same njangui house, to the extent that we feel more an ease with foreigners(let’s put that way) than with our immediate neighbors. Imagine a Northern NGR, who has grown up in an environment where parents have spent time dispensing gratuitous lies about Southern/E NGRs, and vise versa. That said, do you see a N NGR seeking refuge in S NGR, and vise verse?

      Imagine somebody like Firefighter, seeing himself compelled by circumstances to seek a safe harbor in Bamboutos, a people his parents have put it in his psychic that they are subhumans. In fact, FF would prefer to run to Chad or NGR than be his immediate neighbor’s guest.

      • Any wonder why our own first wave of refugees from SW chose to be refugees in NGR rather than be with their bros in their “country”—Kumba, Limbe, Buea, D’la, or even Y’dè?

        Well, if that is the case as I am seeing it, I hope all the tribalists in AFR/CMR are learning from such unfortunate events. Namely, the neighbor/bro you spend your time tagging as Bassa, Beti, Bami, Anglofoo, Frog…might end up being your very KIND HOST tomorrow.

        And some would now understand why some in this forum try as much as they can to rise up above tribal/colonial identities(Anglo/Franco) in favor of a unified/collective ensemble, where village and/or njangui affiliations have virtually zero relevance…

      • —more at ease with foreigners(let’s put that way)—

      • Zam-zam @ fine or sack the politition,teacher,doctor,clergyman,policeman who does not accept dsplaced internal citizen refugees in times of terrible carnage such as this in the north of Nigeria .Fine the parents too .Mental charity and goodwill is in reach of all citizens .Its not just or fair to so easily allow goverments and cotizens to ignore their responsabity just because someone ended up through no fault of their own in another country maybe without documents and not even have support by their goverment to get back in again and settle if they want in other parts of their territory ,if they so choose….UNCR should start getting this done instead of putting host soldiers and refugges lives at risk passing war theatre zones with mines.

  8. Every time when I read about people dying or murdered in east africa it’s like In the movies.. how free and happy i am in my peaceful country …..why are our african presidents doing this…why cant countries in east africa come together to eliminate boko haram…every day boms.it’s normal in east Africa for people to be mudered very day….when is this going to stop…my heart is always sore from reading or hearing about people being murdered