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Décès de Jean Foumane Akam, ex-conseiller juridique du président Biya

KOACI.COM Dimanche 13 Janvier 2019– Jean Foumane Akame et ex- conseiller juridique du président Biya est décédé ce dimanche à Genève en Suisse.

L’ancien conseiller technique chargé des affaires juridiques au secrétariat général de la présidence de la République a été rapidement évacué par avion médicalisé ce weekend après un malaise.

Magistrat hors-hiérarchie, et ancien chancellier de l’Université de Yaoundé, Jean Foumane Akam est présenté comme la cheville ouvrière de “l’Epervier” (opération d’assainissement des mœurs dans la gouvernance).

Militant de la première heure du Rassemblement démocratique du peuple camerounais (Rdpc, parti au pouvoir), Jean Foumane Akam a défrayé la chronique lorsque son nom est apparu au bas de la signature d’une motion appelant Biya à se porter candidat à la présidentielle d’octobre 2018, un parti pris dénoncé par l’opposition contre un membre du conseil constitutionnel supposé impartial.

Né le 31 août 1937 à Ndonkol dans la région du Sud du Cameroun, Jean Fouman Akam qui est nommé membre du conseil constitutionnel en février 2018, occupe les hautes fonctions, depuis 1969 (Vice Président de la cour d’appel de Dschang de 1969 à 1970).

Il est présenté par la presse comme celui qui fait et défait les carrières dans la magistrature Camerounaise.

C’est un proche de la première heure de Paul Biya qui tire sa révérence.

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  1. They will all leave the terrain, but the rock lives on.

  2. So this is one of the guys who advice the lazy dictator?

  3. No matter how much money you have, no matter what positions you held, when death comes knocking, even evacuation to the best hospital in Switzerland will do you no good. The kill the country and make people useless and frustrated. The rule and die in power because they simply sit, do nothing, embezzle money and watch the country crumble. You might be above people but when God says it is time to go, you won’t have time anymore available. Biya needs to think and leave power as well because power left him a long time ago. We only have walking corpse in the name of country officials. God help us

  4. C’est un chien! Qu’il aile en enfer! Bande des criminel d’etat!

  5. RIP ale pater.
    Tu as servit la nation


  7. The King makers are going one by one. I wonder who is Next?

  8. Que la terre de nos ancetres te soit légère.
    Merci pour tes oeuvres à la Nation.

  9. Did someone just read this guy was born in 1937? What the heck was he still doing in the public service, especially giving the rising youth employment?

    • To continue supporting the lion king, who has plundered the country and is
      using the dumb military to kill, destroy etc. His judgement will fall on his family
      left behind..

  10. A stagnant country that stinks of corruption. Cameroon is slowly eaten by margots from the inside out. Biya keeps digging up and recycling corpses of his friends and classmates from the early 1900s and props these suckers up in positions of power. Truth is, nobody will live forever and even Biya should feel it coming. Time came for Mugabe, Omar Bongo etc. As Cameroon rots, Rwanda has risen from the ashes of genocide. One of the most developed countries in Africa now both economically and politically, so has Ghana, South Africa and others. Infact, Cameroon is dead!! Rest in peace until a visionary like Paul Kagame leads you. Such potential, yet so corrupt.

  11. R. I. P.
    Perhaps his death will finally open the eyes of Cameroonians to President Barack Obama’s admonition that strong institutions are by far better than strong but mortal men in governance. Life must go on, n’est-ce pas???????????????

    • @JD, `life must go on`, but those who make it difficult for others, especially those
      they should help better their livelihoods, should be rebuked openly and seriously.
      Let`s keep our fingers crossed, waiting for Mr. Biya`s day.

  12. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
    Evil man, evil regime and may the ancestors give him a taste of what he made us endure here on earth in a manner overflowing beyond measure.
    Needless to say this is foreign news to those of us Southern Ca.meroonians



    By his decree No 001 of 4 February 1984 Biya single-handedly declared the name of the country as The Republic of Cameroon which was the name it acquired at Independence in 1960 before Joining with Southern Cameroons in 1961.
    Simply put, Dictator Biya inadvertently separated his LRC from SC. He technically put an end to the INFORMAL union

    His FOOLISH decision also:

    1. facilitated the creation of several opposition groups
    2. sowed the seeds of Division in the Country
    3. Created many enemies against the regime
    4. destroyed the spirit of patriotism in the Country

    Biya will NEVER be cleared of blame for this blunder of all blunders.


    The SDO of Lebialem and several of his BIR bodyguards were NEUTRALIZED on the 12.01.2019 by the Red Dragons.
    However, LRC media outlets have been forbidden to inform the citizens of LRC.
    Dictator Biya’s so-called Commission on Disarmament has been humiliated by the Red Dragons.
    Eight million Southern Cameroonians are now prepared to fight to the last man standing to defend the land of their ancestors.

    1. Amba boys will NEVER EVER disarm
    2. 11th Feb. celebrations have been banned in SC
    3. ZERO municipal elections in SC
    4. ZERO legislative elections in SC
    5. ELECAM is banned in SC
    6. Commission on Bilingualism banned in SC
    7. Commission on Disarmament banned
    8. The so-called Ministry of Decentralisation will NEVER operate in SC

    The war will decide the fate of this INFORMAL cohabitation

    • With so many wise Patriots dishing out knowledge on this forum, one would expect that some of their counsel could be directed to the heavyweights who rule the manor. They too need counsel, don’t they?

      • The heavyweights, can only be compared to the stubborn fly. They have
        failed and woefully too, because they see our free counsel as useless. Take
        the example of Paul Biya, how long will it take him to say yes to the clamour
        for dialogue?
        Such folks, need to be hung on poles and left to die there.

        • Lol
          What they do in larepublique frankly should not concern us as it is foreign news.
          On the local front when does IG intend to begin our own educational system?

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