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Des cargaisons d’arme de guerre saisies au large de Bakassi

Africtelegraph | La marine nationale du Cameroun a intercepté le week-end dernier trois bateaux transportant du matériel militaire, et une importante somme d’argent.

La marine nationale du Cameroun a intercepté au large de la péninsule de Bakassi, dans la nuit de samedi à dimanche, trois bateaux transportant du matériel de guerre.

En plus de ce matériel militaire (armes et munitions), les éléments de la marine, lors de la fouille, ont découvert dans chaque bateau une importante somme d’argent. De source sécuritaire, on apprend que les trois navires se trouvaient dans une zone interdite en mer au moment où ils ont été surpris.

Ces trois navires ont tenté de s’échapper, mais la marine les a finalement rattrapé, maîtrisé et conduit au chantier naval de limbe, une ville balnéaire au Sud-Ouest du pays. Les membres des trois équipages, 43 au total, ont été remis à la gendarmerie nationale.

Les premiers éléments de l’enquête parvenus à notre rédaction ce matin, indique les membres de cet équipage sont en faite des mercenaires venus du Nigeria en renfort aux sécessionnistes ambazonien des régions anglophones du Cameroun.

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  1. Kill these ambazorsts with no mercy

  2. This is fake news from LRC

    • See your head

    • Pure fake news. But let me assure LRC (so called Marine) that it is just a matter of time when the Igbos emancipation people would join SC to revenge what the Ahidjo/Biya regime did to them when they wanted gain their independence from Nigeria which was at the time supported by the French Government. The arms would be pouring like (from Taraba, Cross River, Enugu etc) water from a natural stream to SC territories and that is when the real war would actually start!

      • hahaha you guys are hilarious..when you do not like a piece of info..u call it fake news to console yourself. lol
        so the igbos are still to join abi? so you dont know they were those who were being hired from the onset by your so called AdF force to start the war? you hire mercenaries to fight for you..I wonder who will lead if u gain the never coming “independence”
        I just feel for us because biya is ready to wipe us all than adhere. I know idoits will be pointing to other countries but mind you, look at their history well and planification. anyway God help us all because even our so call ADF force is killing us…so u are not diff from the so called LRC

      • In you dreams.when you are loosing, this is fake news, when you kill innocent people,you clap .God will punish you.

      • you are a liar.you ignorent you don’t just know anything.in the contrary france were supporting igbos.you have to read you history book well!



    The so-called “one and indivisible” LRC is a country ruled by deceit, deception and terror

  4. The French have a military base in Man o war bay, they have infiltrated bakasi for years now.
    Given all their military might they have not been able to fight Boko Haram in the north but they are able to confiscate weapons coming from Nigeria.
    Campaign season propaganda to keep brainwashing the masses that Biya and France are their saviors.
    When was the last time the Marines interrupted Chinese vessels fishing aggressively on the coast of Cameroon?
    The can’t catch Chinese with huge vessels in their face but they want us to believe they intercepted weapons from some nobody coming from Nigeria.
    We in West Cameroon stopped believing the propaganda, we are waiting for the predetermined winner of the October 2018 elections to be above 90% including in war zones.

    • Probably a crude attempt to create electioneering fever to beef up a stale venture with preordained outcome.

      This venture is reminiscent of the famous plebiscite election to choose between “YES” and “OUI” to tell the world that the people had jettisoned Federal Republic for United Republic.This time the choice is between Paul Biya and Biya Paul.

  5. @lum…Chinese own Africa now whether u like it or not and in return they need something,not only in cameroon.so if its fishing they own, so be it… or now u want us to believe and your ADF forces say bullet no dey kill them? what is the logic of destroying your own property to show your neighbor you are angry with him?
    my point is, I’m not denying your cause, but it should be done in a civil way and not terrorizing the very pple you claim you want the better for them. now every day more and more anglophone are getting fed up with your tactics as the ADF force now is being used to settle personal scores amongst us..

    • When the civilians in West Cameroon in 2016 through civil disobedience called the Yaoundé tribal government to find a political solution to the problems plaguing them what happened?
      The government sent the army into university of Buea students were beaten , raped and killed.
      Lawyers on the streets were beaten, dragged in mud, jailed and killed
      Balla and Fontem were incarcerated labeled terrorist.
      The entire West Cameroon was militarized,
      The internet was cut for 109days!
      Today 2018 when there are 400,000 displaced Anglophones,
      70,000 refugees in Nigeria
      Over 10,000 missing
      Over 10,000 killed
      @ WilliamS you are taking about a civil way?
      Has the government been measured and civil in its approach towards Anglophones?
      War is ugly even worse when started by the government.

  6. Ambazonia for life.
    Matter of time before weapons get In

  7. [email protected] stealing is stealing ,The boats should have crews arrested ,boat impounded in our port and the catch sold to recover the Costs borne by the Cameroon state.Senegal did it we can follow their example.Most of those illigeal fishing boats arnt even registered as Chinese,so its not even a diplomatic/trade problem either.

  8. Le kamerun c’est le Cameroon !

  9. Ambazonians are Nigerians, so no surprise

    • The ‘péninsule de Bakassi, belongs to Southern Cameroons and was wrongly given to LRC. After we get rid of Buhari 2019 the agreement (Green Tree Agreement) with LRC would be considered null and void. It would be a gift from the Igbo people to their brothers and sisters of Southern Cameroons. Furthermore any change of Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria would support Southern Cameroons and the Borrorors like Tchiroma and the rest would run back to Northern Nigeria for sure. LRC- a French colony would remain same-underdeveloped. Nigerians are 6-8 million in Southern Cameroons and some parts of LRC and wait when we start giving full support to Southern Cameroons, the end of the LRC would end very soon.

  10. SISIKU people

  11. Paranoia.
    Larepublique now sees weapons caches everywhere…Kribi…what’s next? Ebolowa, Sangmelima? Ngaoundére? So Ambazonians are now everywhere?
    Time is up, Ambaland must be free

  12. LRC has kidnapped Nigerian fishermen and is claiming they had weapons. Its pure manipulation