Despite CDC’s activity shutdown, banana exports have been more dynamic in 2019 than in 2018

Business in Cameroon | In 2019, banana exporters operating in Cameroon shipped 204,320 tons of banana to international markets. Compared with the 203,721 tons exported by the same exporters by December 31, 2018, this volume is up by 599 tons, according to the banana exporters association ASSOBACAM.

The conclusion from these official figures is that the exports of the two operators that remained in the market after CDC stopped operations have been more dynamic during the period under review than they were in 2018.

Indeed, the overall volume of banana exported in 2018 integrates the 34,944 tons exported by state-owned agribusiness CDC till August 2018, before its disappearance in September 2018.

PHP, the local subsidiary of French Compagnie fruitière, exported 187,423 tons of banana during the period under review while in 2018, it exported 156,593 tons. This reveals a 30,830 tons year over year increase.

As for Boh Plantations, in 2019, its banana exports rose by 4,713 tons year over year to 16,897 tons.

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  1. No surprise, coming from a place where logic is turned upside-down in every aspect of life.

    • Stop commenting if you don’t have positive things to say. As of 12.31.19 Cameroon was the 13th largest economy in Africa, With GDP per capita surpassing that of Nigeria. In 2015 we were the 16th largest economy, which means we are growing despite the crisis in NWSW FN. The hopes of Ambazozos was to see the country’s economy collapse. Sorry we are growing. Oh by the way when are you going to die, old man? You’ve been around too long.

      • Mbappe the shethead! It’s only dogs like you that can endorse this nonsense. Monkey gorilla cross.

        • Your ban from this club of intellectuals must be upheld. You chose a Facebook Rep. to the detriment of Pinyin.

          You must live with it, no retreat no surrender…

      • Zam-Zam cite your source, if it is from LRC, or some surrogates then forget it.

      • Augustine Enow Agbor

        This is a dumb comment for many reasons:
        1. The premise of the argument is banana export, and not the size of the economy.

        2. Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa; larger than all CEMAC economies combined.

        3. Even if Cameroonian economy moved from 16th to 13th, it might also, be because competing economies contracted.

        The 2019 budget for Cameroon was $7.2 billion, just enough to build an average nuclear power plant.

  2. Then, there is no need to revamp CDC, afterall, there is enough for{in} the market.
    A gov`t that tells lies like a dog, can always embarass its peoples.

    • They definitely get what they want and this is reflected in the daily operations of sonara. Closing or disrupting CDC hurts us more. The consequences of wrong decisions and complete lack of judgement.
      The cost is high and it will continue to increase till when must of us decide to accept facts and reality.
      No amount of meaningless comments will change the Situation untill we decide to change ourselves through our way of thinking.

  3. @Tara u must be one of dis la republique clowns on the internet spreading misinformation, Cameroon nominal GDP in $ billions 2019 39.219 ranking economic 14 in africa per capita 1537.61 compared with Nigeria nominal GDP in $ billions 444.9.16 per capita 2233.45 ranking economic size1 even ghana and cote d’Ivoire has a bigger economic than Cameroon ghana nominal GDP in$ billions 68.2258 per capita 2262.57 ranking 9 and 44.962 $ billions per capita 17226 for ivory coast ranking 12 , only wicked Biya moronic corrupt clowns has destroyed Cameroon for 37 years taking once prosperous nation envy by its neighbors and across Africa under the former regime of Alhaji Amadou babatura Ahidjo into a laughing stock of poverty ,under development, murderers , corrupt thieves etc

  4. The conclusion from these so-called official figures is:

    “trust the ELECAM statistics from LRC at your own peril”


    • As a corollary, ELECAM already has the “OFFICIAL” election figures for SC despite the fact that the PHONEY elections will take place in February 2020.
      The figures were simply fabricated in Etoudi and transmitted to ELECAM.
      Thousands of LRC terrorists have been sent to SC to vote in order to deceive the international community that everything is under control in SC.

  5. Dieu veille sur l’AMBAZONIE.
    Ambazonia is not and will never be part of Ripoublique.

    Gardez votre statut de M.E.R.D.E pour la poubelle. NOUS n’en voulons pas.
    20,000 morts, des villages rasés, des maisons détruites, des boutiques pillées pour des clopinettes ? NAN.
    We shall fight to achieve a full update of the newer version of the next gen software. TOTAL FREEDOM.

    Anglophones are people from the Southern Cameroons. Speaking English
    does not make you an Anglophone in the context of the CAMEROONS. Le
    fait de m’exprimer en français ne fait pas de moi un Francophone.
    Un Anglophone = From the Southern Cameroons (The Federal Republic Of Ambazonia made of 13 counties)

    Un Francophone = From French Cameroun and its provinces.

  6. While the stats are very correct however it only goes to show numbers donot tell the true story. Its a pity a country which exported close to 250,000 tons in 2006 and was geared to increase its output to 400,000 tons by 2015 and in 2018 output is barely 200,000 tons. The people and the gorveemwnt donot see an issue. Pity…… my heart bleeds.

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