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Detained Anglophone separatist movement leaders make first court appearance

YAOUNDE, Nov. 1 Xinhua | Ten leaders of a separatist movement seeking independence of the English-speaking part of Cameroon appeared at the court of appeal of Yaounde on Thursday after a 10-month detention.

“They (separatist leaders) have never appeared in any court since they were arrested in Nigeria on the 5th of January. So this is the first opportunity for them to tell their story to a court,” the accused’s lead counsel, Fru John Nsoh, told reporters Thursday after a brief hearing of the case.

Among the leaders was Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, president of the self-declared breakaway state called “Ambazonia,” made up of the Northwest and the Southwest, two English-speaking regions of Francophone-majority Cameroon.

Nsoh argued that the detention was illegal.

“They were abducted not even arrested, taken from a foreign country and brought into Cameroon and detained incommunicado for about 10 months. Those are the issues that we raised,” Nsoh said.

Tabe and 46 other separatist activists were arrested in Nigeria in January and extradited to Cameroon, but only 10 of them have appeared in public, according to Nsoh.

The case was scheduled for ruling on Nov. 15, said Nsoh.

Cameroon government forces and armed separatists have been clashing since October 2017 after the separatists declared the “independence” of the two Anglophone regions.

Over 150 security forces have been killed, according to the Cameroon army. The number of civilians and armed separatists killed in the clashes is not immediately available.

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  1. Not only illegal, but despeakable, shamefull etc. Only in dictatorships, can things
    like these, happen and look right.
    Shame to Buhari and Biya.

    • At least we don’t have Guantanamo where people are detained indefinitely without trials.

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      There is nothing illegal, shameful or despicable about arresting a terrorist leader!

      Congratulations to all those who were involved in arresting/abducting/kidnapping and transporting these terrorists to the Kondengui prison to be tortured, tried and annihilated. The world is definitely a better place without these terrorist conmen on the streets.

      The Republic of Cameroon is a sovereign state!

      This will happen in any sovereign country whether dictatorship or demonscrazy.
      Kondeingui show ye no yah ye!

      Only an exceptionally dumb terrorist would assume that it is okay to go create a military base in Nigeria to attack and divide Cameroon without being arrested/kidnapped/abducted and transported to Cameroon to face justice! Dumb terrorist conmen!

      • Little bastard! Your dictator and the illiterate ear patient in Nigeria called president violated international law by abducting persons holding a legal meeting to address refugee crisis. Your old head in yaounde May not have ratified the Rome status but Nigeria has and will answer for this at the ICC once immunity evades Buhari. You illiterates go about signing laws you know little about their implications but chose to observe only that which will put some liquid cash into your treasury vaults having no gold bullions. Your low IQs of a maximum of 5 have transformed you monkeys into the recluse of any civilized society dreaming that rigging elections make you strong. Let me remind you that the time Seseku was abducted, Amba boys had not picked up arms. Go and arrest them let’s see.

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          @ l’enemie the wretched man with a very high IQ.

          Why will anyone arrest the ambazombie boys meanwhile they are helping the government of Cameroon to neutralize themselves?

          Before sick seku tabe the lead terrorist conman was arrested the ambazombies were already terrorizing the population of the north west and south west guns. he lead terrorist conman was arrested with a dozens of terrorists who were training in Nigeria to lunch attacks in Cameroon!

          You can be delusional all you want but no one will ever face the ICC for arresting/abducting/kidnapping, torturing and annihilating sick seku and his ban of terrorist conmen!

        • My brother don,t waste your energy on that idiot call Africans for Donald Trump. I know who he is. Any Moment from now the Amba Boys will serve him justice. He lives in Kumba and running a con church and creating fake Facebook profiles,

    • The Pope, call him Holy SEE, was not voted by all Roman Catholic christians.
      The world, accepts him.

  2. Sisiku the Mandela of the black slaves in Southern Cameroons.
    The enslaved Anglophones listened to your call and rose to say no more to slavery. Yes the slave masters with their Franco-Negro governors will use all their ammunition to prosecute the genocide on the mentally free Anglophones.
    Why would a whiteman from France use French intelligence and resources to go to Nigeria to abduct a simple human like you who is a leader of what they call a Facebook virtual republic?
    Why would black Africans in the Equatorial forest who claim they are an independent nation rely on France to go to Nigeria and abduct a leader of a virtual Republic?
    Who is fooling who?
    Low IQ Equatorial Africans are in bed with France but tell others they are independent.
    Who is a slave?
    Go ask Libya how it ends!

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      There are no enslaved Anglophones in Cameroon. We have some lazy and dumb people (losers) from the North west and South West who have failed in life and are trying to drag down the rest of the reasonable and successful people of the North Wet and South West!

      These losers are not enslaved by anyone.
      People from the North west and South West are free to move, work and create businesses in any part of the Republic of Cameroon. There are hundreds of thousands of people from the North West and South West who are comfortably settled in the French speaking provinces and excelling in their work or business!

      If you had a higher IQ than the equatorial Africans then you would know that your ambazombie dream will never be realized in 400 years.

      • Come and take our guns from us let’s see. Your mami yi pima. Witch man.

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          @ambazombie boy

          Why will anyone take your guns from you when you are using the guns to kill each other?

          The IG supported ambazombie terrorists need those guns to kill your own ambazombie general RK. And general RK’s subjects need those guns to revenge the killing of general RK by attacking and killing the IG supported ambazombie terrorists.

          If anything I recommend more guns be given to you dumb terrorists to neutralize yourselves!

          No one doubts that people who make statements like “Your mami yi pima” as an argument, must be living very wretched lives! Ashia for your eternally miserable life of poverty and suffering.

        • Again Africans Trump your Mami Pima. Why poke your nose in Amba business when you wish them evil? When Beti Asomo set up Jacob Milingui to be fired did you hear us bother? When Kuete silenced Ngole Ngole did you hear us celebrate. Carry your strong kanas like golf ball bounce. Mouth dey smell like bag garlics. Come to Ambazonia and i will kill you myself.

        • @Amba Boy

          u will remain a good dog for the rest of your life. kikikikikikikikkiik

          amba amba amba amba kikikikikik

          your mami pima big time racoon

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          @ambazombie terrorist boy

          You are a coward! You can not kill a chicken!

          I was in Bamenda last week and will return in two weeks time. You can consume you marijuana and tramadol and stay in the forest, however if you dare come near me with your chahvum (dane gun) and amulets, I will fill your dumb head with bullets.

          You are dumb and brainless to the extent that you think you score points when you say ‘Your mami yi pima”. You will remain dumb, poor, miserable and wretched for the rest of your life.
          Poverty go show you pepper!

  3. beheaded them pls ” terrorist “

    • You can’t be beheaded because you do not have a head.

    • Go tell general Meka, Gen assomo and nguelle and even de Gaulle

    • such a brainless human like u should be thrown in a pit..
      Or just be given to wild animals to eat..
      You are not a normal human ..
      No head, no brain, blind and just out of order…

  4. Give them mad kao deseases please and release them on the street of bamenda making sure no one take them away from bamenda so they start walking naked and mad…claiming because u speak english u are not african nor cameroonian…useless things..they will be jailled for life and send to tchollire and come out lile tchiroma….singing CAmeroon name

  5. Play acting is good for a short while and all good actors know so, including those who play the scofflaws of the world. Holding the knife and the yam may attract some applause for some time but its long term consequence may not be so endearing.

    • Incidentally our great lexicographers, ever so ready to coin absurd expressions like “self-declared” to tag Julius Ayuk Tabe and his dream, fail to admit that other hands made it possible just like other hands enabled the 36-year rule of the incumbent president. Giving a dog a bad name so as to hang it is an old ruse passed down the ages. Nelson Mandela was called a terrorist. Recently Prof. Patrice Nganang was labeled an “Anglophone”with the local connotation of terrorist as well. Need one remind of Justice Ayah Paul Abine, Barrister Felix Agbor Nkongho and Prof. Fontem Neba?
      In Absurdistan, it is enough to tag a suitable epithet on an arrested person and the rest is a,b,c.

  6. First the article is pro CameroUnese. Not objective in its report. Sisiku is the Mandela of Ambaland. He was kidnapped and sold to Yaounde

    • Mandela of Africa my head. You are certainly mad. Who was he representing and who elected him?
      You don’t get up in the morning an initiated a war against a government without Zero plan. Vey stupid Action that can only be implemented by idiots. Mamfe People started dreaming of having a president.
      That will never happen. When there is Independence, you will know the potentials of the smart guys from the North West Region.

      • Who elected Mandela or the Holy See?

      • Potentials of an incompetent, diaper-wearing Camerounese Leader with his leaking pipes? is that what you call potentials? Sisiku is more competent that Njat, Mvondo, Nguele and Meka These imbeciles are all a replica of the camerounese an their [email protected] know cameroun is a stubborn spouse. Time has revealed that Ambaland is not controlled by lrc. Going forward they will never control us

  7. What do they want to judge there? who are they judging in the first place? the colonial masters in Y’de are confused.The entire African continent is watching and laughing,to see a francophone state playing colonial masters to an anglophone state in Africa.Which law do they want to use,in judging him? the laws made in the francophone state? above national laws,there is what they called international law…….anuofia

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      You are so delusional that you do not even realize that the entire African continent is supporting The Republic of Cameroon in their fight against the secessionist terrorist conmen!

      How can you forget that Nigeria (the most populous and most advanced country in Sub Saharan Africa after South Africa) had no issue shipping these bandits to Cameroon like pigs to be slaughtered?

      The same law that Nigeria used to arrest/abduct/kidnap these terrorists and ship to Cameroon is the same law that will be used to judge them. Are you so dumb and ignorant that you are not aware of this?

      • Your Nigeria, is fumbling, reason why they are confused as to what to do
        or how to manage Mr. Nnamdi Kanu – just one individual on it`s neck.

    • How do you want other countries and the UN to stand at your side when you cut off fingers, behead, rape, burn houses,….? No country in the world will ever support those Amba fools who are just a bunch of drunkards without brains.


    Stay strong Mr President. Nelson Mandela also experienced the same shabby treatment. However, in the end, he was vindicated. I can assure you that your subjects will soon liberate the homeland to enable you to govern without fear or favour.

    Having said that, my cousin was transferred to the so-called Ministry of Decentralisation. He told me that all the workers have nothing to do. They simply earn their salaries and wait for the day Dictator Biya will defeat the Anglophones and force DECENTRALISATION down their throats. I told him to continue earning his free salary because the money comes from Ndian oil in SC. However, the so-called Ministry of Decentralisation and the so-called Commission on Bilingualism will NEVER EVER become effective functional. They are white-elephant projects.


      November 2018 is one year and counting since Dictator Biya declared his FOOLISH UNWINNABLE war on Southern Cameroonians.
      That evil BULU Dictator was expecting a BLITZKRIEG. That was the reason he disseminated the FAKE NEWS that:
      “The situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing, and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus be able to delve into the crux of the problem;” (Biya, 2018).
      He thought his poorly trained and indisciplined terrorist soldiers will crush the Anglophones within a few months.
      Unfortunately for him, the Anglophones gave him an open-ended war.
      He singlehandedly started the war. He cannot singlehandedly stop the war. The opinion of the leaders of SC MUST be sought.
      The evil Dictator has trapped himself.


      It took the US, despite all its might and firepower 19 years 5 months, and with the loss of 58,220 (yes you read me right; fifty-eight thousands two hundred and twenty) US soldiers, before coming to the realisation that the Vietnam war was unwinnable.
      The USSR, Yugoslavia, Indonesia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, etc., have once all tried to use the military to keep their respective countries „one and indivisible.

      You know what ???

      All of them failed woefully
      Believe me or not, Dictator Biya*s LRC is simply wasting precious souls, time, energy and scarce resources fighting an UNWINNABLE WAR in SC.

      LRC can and will NEVER EVER defeat Southern Cameroonians in SC. That is the reason France, the US, the UK, etc are telling Biya to dialogue with the “secessionists”.


      The so-called policy of “national unity and integration” of LRC was, in reality, a diabolic agenda of annexation and assimilation of the people of SC.
      This diabolic agenda led to the total loss of the identity of SC as a “people” with a right to self-governance now reduced to two regions in LRC, intentional deprivation of development in the regions, marginalization, etc.
      Thank God, Southern Cameroonians have FINALLY taken their collective destiny into their own hands to reverse the diabolic policy of “national unity and integration”.
      No Southern Cameroonians in his right mind will accept to cohabit with the same people who have tried to annex and assimilate them.

      The war will, therefore, continue until SC frees herself from the tentacles of LRC and by extension France.

    • Nelson Mandela was also a terrorist who ordered the killing of thousands of whites.

      • this white man thinking..
        terrorist is anyone who is against a white man, right?

        Do you know how many blacks were killed by the Apartheid regime?

        • Of coarse I do and I don’t deny it, but the truth about Mandela should not be hided neither.

  9. Kill or jail them, Ambazonia is alive.
    No return no surrender. Long live our resolve.

  10. I thought they will never bring our leaders to their kangaroo court. If lrc likes they can hold them incommunicado forever. CameroUn will pay for ever kidnapping these leaders

  11. It is very unfortunate that these people hijacked a legitime fight and made themselves ennemies of the State.
    The “Anglophone” question should not be forgotten because of some greedy and delusional elements.
    For now, the priority should be to stop the killings and destruction in the NW and SW regions of our Country.

  12. @Bikutsi ”It is very unfortunate that these people hijacked a legitimate fight and made themselves ennemies of the State.”….Off course they have to hijack the ”legitimate fight” in order to force u to address the root cause or be ready to welcome Ambazonia.
    So,u have just two choices…..

  13. @Africans For Donald Trump ”How can you forget that Nigeria (the most populous and most advanced country in Sub Saharan Africa after South Africa) had no issue shipping these bandits to CMR like pigs to be slaughtered?”..Point of correc.It is Buhari who had no issue shipping HE Sisiku and Co to CMR after money have exchanged hands,not ”Nigeria”.And let me ask u,Since Buhari shipped them to Cameroon,has it helped to stabilise or destabilise NW and SW? of couse it has contributed the more, to destabilise NW and SW. 120.000 refugees in Buhari’s country,as we speak,and more are still going to Buhari’s country as refugees. Am sure if u ask Buhari in private now,he will tell u that he is regreting of having kidnapped and shiped Sisiku and Co to Y’de.Becos the situation has gotten worse.

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      @ Kongosa the delusional ambazombie terrorist coward

      You are so delusional and dumb that you assume that Nigeria is responsible for the stability of the NW and SW of Cameroon.

      For your information, Nigeria shipped those criminals to Cameroon to face justice for their terrorism crimes. Sick seku tabe and his band of terrorist conmen will never step foot in Buea again!

      The world is a much better place without these terrorists roaming the streets of Nigeria. They are now paying for their crimes in Kondengui. They will continue to be tortured daily until the day they are annihilated!

      • Has Nigeria, been able to give your kind of justice, to the lone
        Mr. Nnamdi Kanu? Look before you leap, boy.
        The Nigerians, will throw your Buhari out of the presidency, like a
        wet rag. Wait and see.

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          @Joshua the delusional ambazombie terrorist

          What has Nnamdi Kanu got to do with The Republic of Cameroon?

          If you think that the Nigerians will throw Buhari out of power because the Nigerian government arrested/abducted/kidnapped and shipped sick seku tabe and his band of terrorist conmen to Cameroon like pigs to be slaughtered, then you are absolutely dumb!

  14. @james2 ”Mamfe People started dreaming of having a president.That will never happen. When there is Independence, you will know the potentials of the smart guys from the North West Region.”…..Just like Bamileke people also dreamed of having a president just to discover the greediness of the Bulu-beti people?…..Go and solve your problem in your country and leave our country to us…..
    Just a reminder,there is nothing like NW and SW in Ambazonia.NW and SW was created by LRC to divide and conquer SC.We have divided Ambazonia into three geopolitical states.Each state will be headed by elected governors. Kumba will be the capital of Equatorial state,Widikum will be the capital of Mitland state and Kumbo will be the capital of Savannah state.There is no NW and SW in Amabazonia.

  15. @james2 Since u love the name NW and SW so much,u can divide litoral and call one part NW and the other part SW….

    • See how fat is this idiot now “SED” is really good when Issa Chiroma said this moron was doing well goats replied here that he was lying we can all see how big are his cheeks now what a shame for a “so called”computer engineer with the same degree Arthur zang and Wilfred Elong are shinning over the world through their prowesses…

  16. @KONGOSA

    Chakaboom Chakaboom Chakaboom Chakaboom Chakaboom

    you will remain my good dog by force kikikikikikkikikikiik now.

    go and protesting amba amba amba amba amba

  17. @Africans For Donald Trump U will cry more.Don’t worry,time will tell.Buhari has never kidnapped Nnamdi Kanu and kept incommunicado for 10 months.And u are here,celebrating that Buhari conspired to kidnap and keep HE Sisiku and his cabinet members incommunicado for 10 months.
    I keep asking u the same question which u are unable to answer.Has the kidnap of Sisiku and his cabinet members helped in stabilising or destabilising the entire region? Of course,u will agree with me that since their kidnap,more refugees are entering Buhari’s country,from Cameroon.I am sure if Y’de gives Buhari another chance,Buhari would not do what he did.

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      @Kongossa the dumb terrorist coward

      Is Nnamdi Kanu a member of the ambazombies terrorist group?

      You are so delusional and dumb that you think that the government will allow terrorists to go free for the sake of stabilizing the North west and South West. Sickseku tabe was picked up with a bunch of terrorists he was training in Nigeria to go destabilize Cameroon. These extremely dangerous terrorists are now being tortured in Kondengui daily and will be annihilated soon! The entire world is a better place with these terrorist in Kondengui pending annihilation.

      Who cares if there are more refugees from Cameroon today in Nigeria than before? The dumb terrorist leader was captured to pay for his crimes and not to stop Cameroonians from running to Nigeria for refuge!

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      @Kongosa the dumb terorist

      You are so delusional and dumb that you now claim to be able to read Buhari’s mind. I dare you to go to Nigeria and hold an ambazombie meeting at the Nera hotel and see if the Nigerian government will not pick you up and handover to the government of Cameroon to face justice!

      You ambazombies are themost delusional and dumbest people on earth! Only an absolutely dumb terrorist leader will assume that they can hide in Nigeria and lunch attacks on the Cameroonian people without being captured and given to the Cameroon government to face justice.

      It is your choice to follow the footsteps of your dumb terrorist leader who is awaiting annihilation in Kondengui prison.

  18. African For Donald Trump, am with you. You are perfectly right. Our people are delusional, leaving in their own planet. When I try to educate them they think am La Republic.

  19. @Africans For Donald Trump HA ha ha ha …and what are u waiting to capture the other terrorist in USA? Why is USA not giving u the other terrorist who are still destabilising Ambazonia despite the absence of Sisiku and Co? U see how dumb u are? i thought that by capturing Sisiku and Co,the terrorism in Ambazonia will cease.Aluta continua….Ambazonia must be free

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      @Kongossa the dumb terrorist coward

      You ask some really stupid questions and you have some really stupid thoughts!

      When the government gets an opportunity to capture any ambazozmbie terrorist the government will act then.

      You wrote ” i thought that by capturing Sisiku and Co,the terrorism in Ambazonia will cease.”
      Note that your thoughts do not represent the objectives on the government of Cameroon.

      Sickseku ayuk tabe and cohorts were captured to face justice for their terrorism crimes! They are in jail and the fight against terrorism continues!
      Right now the ambazombie terrorists supported by IG are preparing to kill ambazombie general RK. The ambazombies are now helping the government in the fight against terrorism by neutralising themselves! The fight continues!

  20. meanwhile their master France just organised an independence referendum in new Caledonia.
    the freedom fighters lost.
    only indigenous Kanak people voted (not recently arrived whites).
    so why can the best student of France not do a referendum in Ambazonia where only Anglophones vote?
    note that noumea was never a separate state from France, they never had their own parliament as we had in Buea.
    in any case Ambazonia is free