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Did a former minister in Cameroon really burn embezzled money?

FRANCE 24 | In early March, a video showing a room filled with stacks of euro bills, some of which were burned, began circulating widely in Russia, Cameroon and Haiti. Social media users in these three countries all made the same claims: that this video offered proof that a politician or oligarch was manufacturing fake money.

It turns out, however, that this video actually shows an art installation in Madrid, Spain. Its creator, Spanish artist Alejandro Monge told us more about his work.

The FRANCE 24 Observers team first saw this video when a few social media users in Haiti sent it our way, noting that the captions claimed that stacks of cash had been discovered in the home of Youri Latortue, a member of the political opposition and former president of the Haitian senate.

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  1. it is illogical to think that we first need to put in place a clean system of management handled by those with talent and competence before kick starting industrialization.it will never be the case because we do not have money to inforce such a system.it is by accepting to sacrefise working 18 hours a day in the farm to produce raw materials that will feed our industries that we will have money to institute a public management system that can rightly be called the african model.without wealth created from the primary sector agriculture ,followed by the secondary,industry,then the third commercialization where public management comes in.it is impossible to reinvent a system that can last for centuries.the british and french system of administration is individualistic,so corrupt.

  2. @Bah
    How many French or British ministers embezzle state funds and are rewarded by transferring them to another ministry to continue the theft?
    The reason wether you like it or not the British colonized many places in the world is because of their work ethic and desire to triumph.
    How many in Cameroon work a good 8hours a day?
    How many hours a day does the average Chinese or Japanese work per day?
    Ministers and presidents steal from their own people and nation, and spend the stolen money on foreign soil and you talk about work.
    Your hypothesis begs the question how did the Emiratis in 40yrs transform the desert into an oasis whilst Equatorial Cameroon plunged behind?
    Did the Emiratis create a new system?
    Vision, hardwork, desire to excel, competence made the difference.
    Low IQ!

  3. Where a state minister declares on national tv that 35 GB old technology = 500 GB new technology without shame or any shred of decency, another minister refutes soldiers killing women and babies are from another country and the defence spokesman lies through his teeth that soldiers who burn down hospitals with patients inside didn’t do it, then know that worst things can happen. I wonder what philosophy all these lying professors took in their PhD courses. They kill everyday, lie to cover it up, squander state funds, burn the rest to cover their track and do nothing to improve the living conditions of those they profess to govern. It is terrible sharing the same country with these primitive breed of thieves. Ambazonia has every right to break away.

  4. LUM,,,,it looks like you did not read what i wrote above.i am saying in oder to posses the financial capacity to craft an administrative system that will put competence and talent in right positions.and you are talking about ministers stealing state money?what is the connection between working 18 hours a day in the farm, and a ministers stealing money?the idea that a single individual called president can transform a countries economy is simply unrealistic.the US ARAB EMIRATES is not a model.taping oil from the ground and employing alien engineers to build infrastructure is not economic development.i am talking about an industrial system that we shall work very very hard to build own and control.it demands a lot of sacrefise which many of us indoctrinated in alien schools do not accept.

  5. Stop bringing in French and English system..
    Look at your country, Analyse it and be honest to yourself…
    Cameroon is a country where tribalism is at its highest level..
    A certain group took over power , and this group is not smart at all..
    With all the money they have stolen, and with all the wealth they have they cant even take the country a step forward..
    The last 32 years no major project was acomplished in cameroon-As yourself the question why?..
    See the group dominating..look at them critically and then you will know..

    To buiuld a nation u need -Hard work..innovation, investment and ofcourse a vision..
    When an old man on diapers talk of 2032 in a country with over 70% young people, then just know something is wrong. Check Rwanda 1994 and today- Hoe many years is that?…

  6. BIKO,,,,the miracle of a messianic leader that will that will transform our economy shall never come to be true.it is simply unrealistic,not even in one thousand years.the truth is,against our indoctrination called education.we must all go from the farm.it is from there that the rest will follow.
    difficult as this appraoch is,its advantage is that it puts us in the position of protagonist.not victims complaining all the time.with it,we know the more effort we put in working,the more things will get better.it does not matter who is president.cater goodwin woodson was right in his book the miseducation of the african in america,when he said history of all times has proved those who learn to do for themselves come out better.the type of government in place does not matter.

  7. @acho,

    Working 18hrs/day is not rational. The economic battle today is not about the muscles, but rather thinking strategic & innovative; improving on institutions and implementing pro-poor growth policies.

    First we need to innovate and modernize our economy by adding value to the goods we produce. It doesn’t make sense to export cocoa bean and eventually import cocoa powder, choco-bars & chocolate. We export timber logs and import paper, pencils, rulers & toothpicks. We export coffee bean and import Nescafé…..Even with the abundance of natural resources, most African economies still have trade deficits.

    Chartering a medical aircraft to fly song bahanag or a gov’t official abroad for treatment cost at least 70million f cfa. Why not construct a clinic instead???

  8. @BAH:_ what can i say about you?..
    You simply refuse to see, even when looking..
    You dont need to go to school to see that Cameroon is a failked state..
    You dont need to go to school to know that the people having a say in big cameroon are fro a particular tribe…..
    If we cant count of the government to introduce innovation , encourage small and medium size business by introducing means to help grow the middle class , lok for measures to bring in economic growth, help reduce unemployment – Then what is this old despot on diapers with his BETI-BULU thieves doing in Etoudi- just to sleep and collect cash from the people..
    Anyway you have been raised to understand that a president is a king- who can say Letat cest moi..
    May be thats the difference with S cameroons.

  9. NASTY….what makes working 18 hours a day not rational?do you know that normal working hours a day is 12 six days making it 72 hours a week?even though many japanese work 20 hours a day.we are talking about a highly technical economy standing on a solid scientific and technical foundation.but let us come back to our situation.what do we innovate without even elementary industries?we were taught in school to think outside the economic potential of our villages,which makes us neglect the oppotunities serrounding us to end up as salaried workers conderming our future.but if we go from agriculture,then industry which is the parth taken by all industrialized countries.we shall succeed through pure logic not luck or a good president.but are you ready to take a hoe and cutlass and follow me?

  10. for a village growing cash crops like coacoa and coffee to extract itself from the vicious cercle of poverty.a lot of sacrefise is needed,and most important very hard work.for example by transitioning gradually to short season high value crops like sunflower,barely,soya beans and upland rice.you need an irrigation system,and a lot of time to invest in taking care of the crops,watering weeding,etc.sometimes you may even sleep in the farm in oder to succeed.this crop take three months to get to maturity.with small chinese machines costing 500 to 1000 dollars,sunflower and soya beans seeds can be pressed for oil and the waste product used feed in animal and fish farming.it is the additional value created in this chain that will generate money,expand production before talking about management.

  11. BIKO,,,,if you take time to think through our situation,you will conclude that relying on government is irresponsible.we must learn to divert an obstacle we can bring down and advance.what i am saying is that we do not need government to creat conditions for economic transformation.we can do it,if we accept the sacrefise that goes with it.hard ,very hard work continuously.it can not fail us,if we work intelligently focusing on the right crops.america export soya beans to china each year for about 20 billion dollars.we should cut down our forest,bring in tractors,do mechanised farming and export the product to china for hard currency.one ton on soya beans sells in china for about 450 dollars.one hectare give between one and a half and 3 tonnes.muliply by 1000 or 100.000 hectares.

  12. @BAH: These are two people from two different regions and from 2 different systems talking about one country..
    If i decide to buy a tractor to go and do farming in the North west province, the corrupt regime made up of BETI/BULU who dont have any clue in governing a quarter will make life very hard for me..They will ask all sorts of taxes from me, frustrate me until i will allow the machine at the port in Douala and run away..
    MAy be you are from the previledge class – ie east Cameroon or francophone and dont even know that such problems exist..
    Why do you think there is war in Southen cameroons?..because the people are waiting for the govt?,,No because they are marginalized..Because there is no equality, because southern cameroonians are second class citizens in this BETI_BULU system..

  13. BIKO,,,,why not talk about the possibility to reinvent a system that is african by going from the farm as i say?don’t you see that you are chained psychologically to the british mornachy like those you complain about?how will government in younde hold you from farming with a tractor in NJAH ETU OR BAMBUI or KUMBO?infact ,in my own farm they do not even know i exist.especially when you settle in a small village having nothing to do with urban areas.since i established my own farm,i have never seen anybody from government asking me whatever taxe?to import tractors,or farming equipment,it is very simple.this is how i do it,pay a transportation company from china everything.they will do the clearance and hand you your equipment in douala.in china you have many cameroonians doing this.

  14. All these old close to dead fools. When you are sick don’t go abroad to change your blood stay in your little den and continue sucking blood. If you don’t want interference build your own hospitals and be independent. When it come to covering your evil dirty arse’s you talk of intervention? Mother fuckers. At 84 you guys keep occupying positions yet you come out every day and say youths at the espoir of Cameroon. Your definition of youths must be different from mine. Old faggots. You time is near and this nonsense must stop. Old men can not continue to destroy a country knowing fully well that they have not got long to live. Wicked men. You guys will understand what it means to put people in misery when your individual family members start feeling the effect of your actions.

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