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Dion Ngute appointed as Cameroon’s new PM

YAOUNDE, Jan. 4 Xinhua | — Cameroon’s President Paul Biya on Friday appointed Joseph Dion Ngute as his new prime minister to replace Philemon Yang, who was in office since 2009, according to the national channel CRTV.

Joseph Dion

A new cabinet is also expected to be appointed soon by the president in consultation with the new prime minister.

According to the government’s website, Dion Ngute served as minister delegate to the ministry of external relations in charge of cooperation with the Commonwealth between 1997 and early 2018. He was appointed as the minister in charge of special duties at the presidency on March 2, 2018.

Dion Ngute was born on March 12, 1954 in the Southwest, one of the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon, a predominantly French-speaking country wedged between central and west Africa.

For more than two years, a separatist movement has been active in the Northwest and Southwest, representing 20 percent of the national population, creating deadly violence. During his investiture ceremony in November last year, President Biya promised the return of “calm” and “serenity” in these parts of the country.

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  1. The ping-pong swings on:
    From Ephraim Inoni (SW) to Simon Achidi Achu(NW) to Peter Mafany Musonge(SW) to Philemon Yang(NW) and on to Joseph Dione Ngute(SW). The rest of the provinces (regions?) and their witch doctors must be scratching their heads in disbelief and wondering …..what is the secret?

    • Pa Johnny, it is called old wine in old skin. the same music with the same dancers just rotating on the dance floor. Qui bono?

  2. This wicked moronic dictator Biya and his thuggish regime has never honor the constitution appointed puppet Anglo prime minister who are answerable to him like a house boy , help continue with his marginalization and exploitation is not an equivalent of what the constitution stipulates ,reasons why Ambalanders should continue the fight until total liberation from la republique, and all dis rejected house slave making a mockery of their people should be banished in a free Ambasonia

  3. He told his neighbors who came to rejoice with him, how he is thankfull to the head
    of state president paul biya. Now, you all can know the rest.

    • But they burnt down the poor man’s home in Ekondo Titi. What a way to welcome a new appointee!

      • The prodigal son, was lucky. He was received with love. Biya`s choices,
        are always scorned, dispiced etc. Look at Yang, his wife suffered same,
        now they too, are worst than the prodigal son.
        But the lesson is hard to understand: don`t owe allegience to the devil,
        the Bible tells everyone.
        Although Atangha Nji escaped with blood money and bought his house
        through his brother in Texas, USA, he should be told that `you can run
        but you can not hide`.
        I still don`t, see the names of diehard cronies like ngole ngole, atango,
        ekema in the list. Can someone check for me because my eyes are
        failing me due to my long time on earth? Those who proposed Balla,
        are scratching their chins now and are still doubting. However, like Fru
        Ndi who had missed it, he can still be backing, like the bull dog.

  4. Another pupet pm in LRC this can’t stop the quest for Southern Cameroon independent
    A Pm añd head of government who can’t appoint a class room teacher kikikikiki Biya and his gang of devil’s

  5. a good man

  6. we mistakenly think that a country can be build by politicians.it is a mistake because they know nothing about long term strategic economic planning.the system in which they were born and brought up makes them useless even to their own selves.for example the notion of democracy is against long term economic planning that is the surest way a country can go from nothing,and build step by step to become an economic power.it does not permit politicians to think beyound four or five years because they need to win votes to retain their position.in the end what we have is people with short term thinking,with no clear strategic vesion for the future.
    this is to say counting on politicians is like chraistians waiting for paradise in heaven.
    all countries are build by industrialist.

    • @ba, you hit it hard. That is the plain truth.

    • @BAH: let me tell you one thing:
      “You can’t have a rich government and poor people.”.
      It is possible only in Africa and Cameroon..

      Think about this statement , then you will rethink..
      Politicians can do a lot to improve and build the economy of a country with measures….

      Your statement is only true when we take cameroon as example, where the people are too old to think and have only focused on stealing


    FOREIGN NEWS. Nothing more nothing less

  8. @ SEPARATIST aka SececReally! Foreign News You say. It has been an agreement that the Monster at Etoudi should always blindfold Anglophones with a prime ministerial position as a means to appease them. But that won’t work. They could be there but we are leaving. Long Live Ambazonia-Africa’s 54th Nation.

  9. Joseph Dion is Right man at the wrong Time. I feel Bad for him Already. Good Luck to him trying to clean up Paul Biya’s mess in Anglophone Cameroon. I cry for our Fatherland and cry for my nieces , nephews , I cry for alk our younger brothers and Sisters missing school and lagging behind intellectually.

  10. Joseph Dion est l’homme juste au mauvais moment. Je me sens déjà mal pour lui. Bonne chance à lui pour essayer de nettoyer le désordre de Paul Biya au Cameroun anglophone. Je pleure pour notre patrie et pour mes nièces, neveux, je pleure pour nos frères et sœurs plus jeunes qui manquent l’école et sont à la traîne sur le plan intellectuel.

  11. We welcome you sir Dion Ngute. You are the prime minister of our Country. The prime minister of ALL Cameroonians.
    Cmr has 10 regions. Your work will be needed in all the 10 regions.
    Good luck sir.

    • You can climb ontop of the highest mountain and scream at the top of your lungs, things as they used to be, will never be the same anymore. Southern Cameroons is out of this your God forsaken union.
      You can never kill an ideology. That is the mistake your government is making.

  12. The lieing tilapia is gone. But if we are lucky the ICC could step in, you will still be
    a person of interest, Mr. Tchiroma.

  13. This president has been very effective in Swiss vacations, election rigging and appointments of CPDM choirboys as ministers.
    Has any appointee ever resigned from the hypercentralized tribal government?
    In 60yrs a government is unable to train 5000 Anglophone teachers, or 800 common law lawyers who can man the classrooms and Courtrooms in Anglophone Cameroon.
    In the same period the government has intentionally trained hundreds of thousands of Francophone teachers and lawyers in accordance with the Francophonization recolonization agenda on Anglophone Cameroon.
    Anglophones in Cameroon can only exist they have no right how they even exist, what can a prime minister do? Nothing just like Foncha, Muna, Inoni, Musonge etc
    This generation is for freedom, apartheid will be ended.

    • @Lum Enganamouit is planning to open a girls only football academy in Cameroon she is a Diasporan you have been living in the US for the past 03 decades as a world class prostitute you would have planned your own (Ashu -jama jama) Academy in the NW/SW instead of preaching hatred towards cameroonians of other regions all day long on this platform.What have being your contribution since our government granted you scholarship to study in the US in early nineties old wrinkled foolish woman?

      • @ Colby Jean De Dieu Momo,
        You think coming here to praise Biya will get you your appointment?
        Go to vision 4 and make your praises there.
        Like a typical your kind you come here to ask me what I have done or doing in Cameroon, will I tell an empty head like you what I am doing or done so you can sabotage it with your tribal government?
        Your mothers prostitution sent you to the desert, you should be the last human on earth to call another woman prostitute.
        This is 2019 you can make your counter arguments as you please, once you come for me I will not spare you so grow up and make civilized arguments or degrade the forum for all.
        Go wash your badluck dorty for placenta.

        • @Lum I am still expecting your achievements as a diasporan aside of course preaching hatred towards cameroonians of other regions world class Ashao!

        • @Lum,
          You must have better use for your wit, energy and time than waste on a psychopath with nothing to contribute than assailing those with contributions to make.

  14. The 5th position in lrc. its a powerless position

  15. Boy boy position



    The Anglophone Question is an ideology.


    Southern Cameroonians are a “people”

    They are a “people” because they manifest numerous characteristics and affinities, which include:

    1. a common history,
    2. linguistic tradition,
    3. territorial connection,
    4. political outlook
    5. they identify themselves as a people with a separate and distinct identity.

    Southern Cameroonians and the People of LRC are two different “peoples”. They can therefore not cohabitate together in peace.
    Dictator Biya can “neutralize” Southern Cameroonians. However, he cannot “neutralize” the Southern Cameroonian ideology. Future generations will continue the fight from where the present generation ended.


      As a corollary,

      the citizens of LRC find it difficult to consider themselves as a “people” with a separate and distinct identity. .
      This is the reason they always want to associate themselves with other “Peoples”, such as Southern Cameroonians and the People of France.

      1. Their “one and indivisible” mentality has made them always wanting to identify themselves with Southern Cameroonians
      2. Their inferiority complex has made them to consider their country as a “département et région d’outre-mer (DROM)” of France. They like to think, behave and act like the French. It is therefore not unusual to hear them boast that “Ça s’est fait comme ça à Paris” or “j’étais à Paris”, etc.


      The so-called Commission on bilingualism was meant to resolve the LINGUISTIC TRADITION ( #2). However, even Dictator Biya does not respect the bilingualism. He gave his end-of-year speech EXCLUSIVELY in French. The Commission on bilingualism can also not resolve the other FOUR characteristics and affinities of the Anglophone ideology:

      1. a common history,
      3. territorial connection,
      4. political outlook
      5. they identify themselves as a people with a separate and distinct identity.

      Francophones who dismiss the Anglophone Question as a linguistic problem are either ignorant of the reality or dishonest people. Language is only one out of five factors.


      Simply put, if Dictator Biya signs a decree making English as the only official language in his so-called “one and indivisible” LRC, the Anglophone Question will still be considered by Anglophones as unresolved.
      SC remains “one and indivisible”. The so-called North West and South West regions are LRC is, in reality, a diabolic agenda of the annexation and assimilation of the people of SC.
      This diabolic agenda led to the total loss of the identity of SC as a “people” with a right to self-governance now reduced to two regions in LRC, intentional deprivation of development in the regions, marginalization, etc.

      Thank God, Southern Cameroonians have FINALLY taken their collective destiny into their own hands to reverse the diabolic policy of “national unity and integration”.

  17. Narrow minds see only a language problem that separates and identifies Francophones from Anglophones; there is a vast range of cultural differences of which language is only a component !!!
    To enter Akwaya from Cameroon, one makes the circuitous trip first to Nigeria soil, a clear absurdity. To solve the problem by providing a direct access road, self-styled first class citizens ask disdainfully “Mais on vacation chercher quoi la-bas?”
    For those tempted to dismiss this as an isolated matter, be reminded that Governor Okalia Bilai of the SW can only access Lebialem by going through Dschang in the Western region. Thus the concept of bringing access road to the enclaved areas is very alien to those who claim to know all. Even inside towns and cities, traders of all colorations must

    • bring their wares and congregate along the main thoroughfare to display, dumping household trashon every available space they see. Surely this is not just a language problem! And of course the Ring Road remains just a light at the end of the tunnel as it was 36 years ago.

    • Have you ever being in the East,Far North, and even the South Cameroon? All of you who only know Dla and Ydé still ignore that the entire Cameroon is facing the same issue of poor road networking your ignorance of cameroon couple with intellectual dishonesty does not allow you to understand that keep raising funds to finance Terrorists in cameroon time will tell.

      • Intellectual dishonesty? Where did this black belly goat learn this few words to repetitively introduce it backward in his macabre subpar English? If the whole of Cameroun has the same problem why can’t they reuse up in their various forest enclaves and demand a change in their lifestyles? Humpty Dumpty baboon why do you think it’s ok for a diaper wearing gerontocrat to steal elections and expect no repercussions? Take your brain out of thy beer bottle and reuse accepting sardines as a legal tender for your suffrage. Monkey.

  18. Ngui mod Amoe i fell sorry you already.I know you are a man of honor.Do the right thing and refuse this position for the seek of our people.

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