Disparition – Stephen Tataw, l’ancien capitaine du Cameroun, est mort

L’Equipe | Décédé à 57 ans, Stephen Tataw avait été le capitaine des Lions indomptables qui avaient atteint les quarts de finale de la Coupe du monde de 1990, en Italie. La Fédération camerounaise a annoncé le décès de Stephen Tataw à l’âge de 57 ans des suites d’une maladie.

L’ancien latéral droit était le capitaine de l’une des sélections camerounaises les plus marquantes de l’histoire. C’est en effet lui qui a soulevé la Coupe d’Afrique des Nations en 1988 et, surtout, c’est lui qui portait le brassard lorsque les Lions Indomptables ont séduit le monde entier en se hissant jusqu’en quart de finale de la Coupe du monde, en 1990 en Italie.

Le Cameroun était devenu la première nation africaine à réaliser cette performance après avoir notamment battu l’Argentine, championne du monde en titre, à l’occasion du match d’ouverture. Il avait accumulé 43 sélections avec le Cameroun entre 1988 et 1994. Il avait fait l’essentiel de sa carrière de club au Cameroun, avant de la terminer au Japon.

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  1. What a death! No diagnosis? No medical evacuation?

  2. He did not have a godfather or tribes men to cry to the almighty, so he can be
    evacuated to Europe for better treatment. Poor you.

  3. Cameroon enjoyed some of her glorious football game under Captain Stephen Tataw, especially the 1990 World Soccer competition. It was so nice to beat Maradona’s Argentina, dismiss Colombia before losing to England.

    Stephen Tataw’s mates Drobga of Ivory Coast and Liberia’s George Weah went on to be elevated and honored in their countries, yet Cameroon blocked his effort to import and sell Japanese cars to earn his keep. What a shame! He could not even be medically evacuated as was done for Song!

    It would be nice to value local talents and compensate them fairly to reduce migration to benefit other countries.

  4. You cant compare Tataw Steven to Song and others who had had the privilages to be treated abroad since the hospitals of LRC boasts of nothing other than Panadore. Tataw Steven resigned from football and did not becone a praise singer of this Evil regime like Song, Eto’e and others are doing. He did not join politics. He went into Business and became an average Cameroonian with all the hardships that we go go through every day.
    Rest in Peace my brother its the journey of every one who has had the chance to live on planet Earth.

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